Moneyball For Government: Poverty Mining in Philadelphia

We finally got a new computer with enough memory for me to be able to edit the talk I gave at Wooden Shoe Books on May 9, 2019. It’s two hours long and covers quite a bit of ground. We had a couple dozen folks attend in person and many wanted to stay after and continue talking; so I count that a win.

Below is the talk. Click here for the slide share if you want to look at it separately.

For context, the week before this event hundreds of impact investors arrived in Philadelphia to discuss how to best capitalize on (read profit from) our city’s deep poverty. A couple of us affiliated with the Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign (PPEHRC) staged an informational picket outside the Duane Morris Building where the “Total Impact 2019 Conference” was held. We leafleted, let passersby know what was happening inside, and even engaged a number of speakers. They are not willing to see horrific techno-dystopic machine they are building for what it truly is. Below is a video from that action.

A sidewalk display featuring many of the speakers was made with help from comrades with #OccupyPHA (PHA = Philadelphia Housing Authority). PHA is one of the leading gentrifiers in the city, particularly North Philadelphia, where they’ve built a new $45 million headquarters. The week after the event a small civil protest was staged in the street outside the headquarters, and a front end loader was sent to run us over.

The stakes are high, people. The stakes are very high.

#OccupyPHA is still out there as of mid July; 90+ days.

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    redqueeninla (Sara Roos) says:


    Wow, that’s a long talk you gave.  Thanks for the slides.

    If you haven’t read it already, you might be interested in this book:

    I’m going to buy Yasha’s book already…  I helped fund the damn thing and I’ll never get around to reading it online.  Doing it now…  🙂


  2. Karen Bracken
    Karen Bracken says:

    you are truly one unbelievably brave and brilliant woman. The good people of Philadelphia are lucky to have you on their side. I am going to sit down tomorrow and listen to your presentation. If this is like the others the 2 hrs. will fly by. Do you ever sleep??

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