The Webinar You’ve Been Waiting For: Alison McDowell, Joseph Gonzalez, and Incite Seminars Present “Level-Up”

This past Saturday Joseph and I facilitated a 3.5 hour seminar about a possible future where the masses are forced to navigate a gamified militaristic panopticon as human capital impact commodities. This shift is being triggered by the mass immiseration resulting from the global response to Covid. We’re now living through Klaus Schwab and World Economic Forum’s “Great Reset.” The Davos billionaires want us to submit and become playable characters ruled by the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals, tiny dots in a real time horror show they call the “Internet of Bodies.”

This was a paid seminar, sliding scale. Joseph and I donated our services. Evidently this was one of the highest- grossing seminars yet. It is extremely heartening to know that even in difficult times, the mutual aid model resonates. Proceeds were split between Incite Seminars and food growing efforts on Lakota land in South Dakota. I am pleased to say we’ve been able to direct $500 so far to Chas Jewett of Cheyenne River Reservation. If you value the information in this post, please consider supporting Incite Seminars as a patron or donor and/or send a gift to @chas-jewett-1 on Venmo.

The gift economy is the antidote to technocracy!

Without further ado, here is the recording of the seminar. Even at three and a half hours, I only made it through half the slides.

You can access the full slide deck here.

You can access a helpful glossary of terms here.

I anticipate there will be a follow up event – something along the lines of figuring out the “cheat codes” to this techno-fascist “game of life.” If you would like to be added to my listserv to receive blog updates or announcements send an email to, and I will add you.

Blessings everyone. We are sharing knowledge and building community.

I’m always pleased when others build on the material we put forward. Everyone has different pieces of the puzzle and different talents, medicine for the bundle. Below I link to a post by a friend and fellow blogger. It offers useful insights into this presentation and is a recommended read before or after viewing.

Timid new world; part 2

The future of class warfare – The 4th Industrial revolution – top down control mechanisms & the widening of the gaps

By Capt. Wardrobe Aug 26th 2020


9 thoughts on “The Webinar You’ve Been Waiting For: Alison McDowell, Joseph Gonzalez, and Incite Seminars Present “Level-Up”

  1. Carol Brouillet says:

    I look forward to viewing this, but I just now finished a marathon viewing of the series of interviews that you did with my friend, Jason, who phoned me the other day and introduced me to your work. We all have come into our “activism” from different areas, but like you, I came in, as a Mom (with 3 kids) and have worked on a range of issues, including tackling the monetary system, and the debt based economy, corporate globalization, and 9/11. When “Shelter -In -Place” kicked in, I plunged into studying what was going on there, and found much of what you unearthed, but not all of the pieces that you found.

    My oldest son is a teacher now, the younger ones trying to find employment. They are struggling, but the “shining happy moments” from their struggles these past few years have come from an amazingly prolific author. I think she has produced the most words in a piece of nonfiction, ever, and continues to whip out 2 chapters a week. The story is entitled “The Wandering Inn,” [] it has humor, heart, but takes place in a distant world filled with magic, although the main character and many others from modern Earth, mysteriously appeared in this distant world, and it is a particularly brutal, warlike world, where people “level” and gain skills (magically) as they level… It does make me think of this “gamified militaristic panopticon” which you discuss in your seminar. Strange how Life mirrors Fiction and fiction mirrors life…

    It is also strange how our lives connect in odd ways, like Jonathan Fluck is a friend of mine, who worked for me when I ran an “Occupy Congress” campaign. And another friend of mine just appeared in a very good documentary on Covid19 entitled “Indoctornation” which dovetails with much that you have said, but doesn’t go into everything, and includes some pieces that you might not have covered. But I am glad to know that, I am not alone, nor are you, nor David Martin, nor Jason; we are part of a much larger community, who object to the destruction and commodification of the human spirit and life.

    I will share your website/work with my friends. At the moment, I have been rather busy with the 16th Annual 9/11 Truth Film Festival ( ) although honestly, I seem to spend more time, being Mom, cooking, washing dishes, doing laundry, household tasks, with 3 grown guys at home.

    My thanks for all your hard work, insights, and for witnessing! You are an inspiration. I feel stronger, just knowing that you exist! I wish you all the best!

  2. Laverne Lindenberg
    Laverne says:

    Thank you for the the work you do. It’s incredible. The days, months, years you have put into acquiring the understanding you have is obvious. I am very appreciative.
    I work in medicine. What a distraction magic rona has been.. 🤦‍♀️

  3. Crypto-path – Kufstein – Hairdressing is what i like to do as my profession. Love my Family Crypto and blockchainberater
    Hermann Troger says:

    It is really hard to read about blockchain here. The description made is a database /in a server. They call it blockchain, but it is not. Blockchain is in contrast to a database, a backend controlled solution, which actually enables sovereignty for the user of the Blockchain because it functions only with consensus between all participants and solves the ‘byzantine general’s problem’ which may occur, (please look up ‘dunbars number’. Bitcoin protocol is anarchistic, free, censorship resistant,…loads of great applications for governance, elections like quadratic voting can be implemented. Perhaps we can come together from the ground up and create the system that works for all individuals before blockchain, as other ingenious and empowering ideas have been, is misrepresented, and controlled by the very few. Love Hermann

    • Elaine says:

      I agree with you completely, Hermann. Blockchain cryptocurrency I feel is the way forward for Agorists and the way out of the fiat money system.
      Much love

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