Spiritful Revocation of Consent at Concentric Sky: We Are Not Data Bits

“We persist in a shared vision of love, compassion, kindness, and collaboration for the good of all.” Ann

I’ve been doing revocations of consent since last summer when I drove back from South Dakota with an armful of sage and a prayerful conviction to speak the truth and refuse this anti-life techno-fascist program from a place of love and being grounded in the natural world. Often I do it on my own, sometimes in small groups. For my birthday we gathered outside the Philadelphia Federal Reserve. More recently I was part of a virtual ceremonial gathering with members of AEVA where I refused the “game” of militarized augmented reality “life” being lined up by hedge funds, many of whom are Wharton alumni.

In my refusals I surface parts of this machine of dehumanizing financialization that would otherwise remain hidden on university campuses and in office parks. My training is in cultural landscape. It seems the banality of this evil is my project to start mapping, to shine a light so we can SEE. I feel in my heart others are going to join in, and with time my weak glimmer will strengthen into a powerful beacon for truth that might help break the poisonous enchantment that has enraptured so many.

Yesterday I was given the gift of a clip shared by two friends doing a revocation of consent at Concentric Sky in Eugene, Oregon. This company has been developing the software that will be used to transition us to a tyrannical gig, avatar, haptic-robotic (globotic) “future-of-work” scenario in which people are sorted by AI by the NFT (non-fungible tokens) in their online skills lockers. Concentric Sky is making the badges in partnership with the United Nations and the World Bank. If we are to be securitized as “stackable” lifelong re-skilling debt on blockchain, they will have played a major role getting us there.

We don’t have to accept that future. 99.8% of people in the world would never want this to happen IF they knew and were willing to look up from their sandwiches. Receiving this video, a simple, earnest heartfelt declaration that we will make a different choice, meant the world to me. Each action contributes to a collective vibration affirming our intention for right relationships and reciprocity in the face of planned colonization of the very essence of our being by mechanistic, dead systems of computing.

We are imagining how to grow this practice, expand the reach, celebrate life, link us energetically during this liminal time. If you would like to riff off this and share a revocation of consent in your own community, I’d be open to featuring it here. Email me at timpsila@protonmail.com.

We have agency.

We are powerful beings.

Thank you Ann and Sharon for putting your minds, hearts, bodies, and the intelligence given to you both by the creator to stand up to the machine of Tech-No-Logic.

In this video I offer an introduction to skills badges and Concentric Sky’s role. Their action is at the end.

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10 thoughts on “Spiritful Revocation of Consent at Concentric Sky: We Are Not Data Bits

  1. Skeye says:

    Great to see people joining in with the revocation of consent, I feel there may be an opportunity to enlist a group of people here in Ashland, Oregon to offer this intention as well, but first I am working on the spreading of awareness to this global agenda. I have been living my life for many years now in this manner of revocation of consent, divestment from this MADness (Machine of Acquisition and Domination) and sharing about this in whatever way I can and with those that are interested in why and how I am, but I may look into what specific place in this area I can do a RoC ritual myself. I feel that So Oregon has been getting infused with the tech sector for many years now, so I am sure there must be someplace like this here.

    I noticed the, to me, odd piece of artwork that was used for Pavel Luksha’s Global Education Futures Agenda page, recognizing it, but forgetting the specifics of the piece, did a screenshot of the art and did a google image search, and found this page that elucidates on the piece well, and perhaps brings some context of perspective that those involved with this global agenda are viewing life through…as well as the metaphorical aspects involved with what we are being faced with collectively.

      • Skeye says:

        Okay finished…I am wondering, has there been a consideration of putting together informative small handout flyers or 3 fold pamphlets to hand to the workers at any of these places where there are revocation of consents happening? Giving the frontline workers who have been sold this technocratic globalizing future an opportunity to see what they are giving their life’s energy to. I could imagine how, after filming this revocation, they could, in the spirit of the intention they set forth, walk inside that door and compassionately engage with the front desk or workers there. I know this would not be possible at the big centers you have typically done these rituals, due to the more secure nature of those facilities, but perhaps smaller venues/businesses like this would be possible. Also, perhaps finding contacts within organizations of this nature to email very comprehensive and straightforward presentations and/or invite to review particular information you have on your website.

  2. George says:

    This is great I have been doing this out here in Toronto Canada thank you for your courage thanks and god bless
    TRUTH – It’s the New Hate Speech: “During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act” – George Orwell

  3. Jessica says:

    It may be worthwhile to begin offering information and presentations to energy workers who are open minded to listening. My boyfriend and I are both Reiki Master Teachers and my partner also has Nahuatl Shamanic training. These would be groups of people who may be more inclined to align to your mission sooner rather than later.

    In addition, they could offer energy healing to our current global situation in order to impact the planetary vibration. With permission, they could also offer energy to your collective of speakers in order to assist your own energetic momentum for this global mission of peaceful resistance.

    My partner and I already support what you’re doing and I often offer energy to our planet to assist in our humanity’s awareness to avoid this corrupt technocratic agenda in the guise of sustainability.

    Seek out the support of energy workers, intuitives and lightworkers. Many are already aligned spiritually with a peaceful path but may need to be confronted with these deeper truths that you’ve uncovered in order to better assist with humanity’s ascension and peaceful revolution.🙏🌎💙🕊

  4. Victor Alan Pate says:

    “98% of the people would not want this to happen…. IF THEY KNEW…. IF THEY KNEW” The web of control over (Mis) Education and commercial mediums by the Global Oligarchy (I despise calling them ‘Elite’ because it’s too closely related to a complimentary term) is so powerful and extremely well organized against humanity. I’m an African-american/Pan-Africanist activist in Dayton, Ohio. I have to fight against a consistent feeling of overwhelming defeatist depression on an hourly level. Watching the high number of African-american people who are ‘believing’ in the pseudoscience officials because of the titles and degrees that they hold is sickening and painful (many are my family members and friends). Trying to get anyone to actually read and research the blatant non-science fallacies in this fake-ass COVID-19/SARS-COV-2 pandemic is nearly impossible. I recognize that we (African-american) suffer hundreds of years of damage to our self-esteem, and anytime someone who looks like us in a position of authority or carries a high-level college degree there’s a feeling of pride… but this has shown time and time again that putting a protective barrier against intelligent criticism around these individuals is a risky behavior at minimum.
    I’m very very concerned at the way the general narrative of opposing the Pandemic platform (as well as the neo-slavocracy of Block-Chain) is being framed as Left-vs-Right, Democrats vs Republican and the various racial antagonisms that surround these worthless social constructs. I continually cringe when I hear so many miseducated people who oppose the neo-facist behavior of the pandemic lockdowns and loss of freedom as acts of Communism and Socialism. It’s equally foolish as claiming that the ‘Founding Fathers’ were advocates of Democracy and Free Market Capitalism for all except the Oligarchs.
    I am appalled that all of the Left-wing, Pan-African & Black Nationalist programs that I have supported that are blatantly supporting this mythical pandemic without any attempt at addressing the science (pseudoscience)! The fact that no one is even questioning the Pharmaceutical and Medical Industrial Complex (as well as the monopolized social media and general media) as potential mischief makers is sickening. The main statement made by those who have not researched the actual science (or lack thereof) when challenged about this SARS-COV-2/COVID-19 phenomenon is “You must not Believe in Science.” The truth is that no one should BELIEVE in Science! Science is not a Dogma or Religion and therefore, BELIEF isn’t relevant. Science is based upon skepticism and empirical evidence… of which every avenue surrounding this Pandemic is Lacking! The very process to claim that there was a brand new Novel Coronavirus (SARS-COV-2) was extremely flawed and suspicious. The use of the rt-PCR Panel test itself is loaded with flaws (the original packaging of the test stated, “Not Reliable for Diagnostic purposes.” The pathetic manipulation of statistics. The vile status called Asymptomatic which violates Germ Theory logic. The CDC’s retraction of a large number of documents that not only shows the ineffectiveness of masking, but the potential health hazards from long periods of wearing masks (which creates symptoms similar to influenza). The blatant Censorship of any Scientists, Doctors and ordinary people who researched this scam Should Be An Alarm To All! The very tactics and weapons used against the Left and Revolutionary-minded people are being deployed full force on those who are crying “Fraud!” How is it that the Pharmaceutical Industry is getting a Pass??? Trillions of dollars and Complete Social Control which includes extreme loss of Rights & Freedom is at your doorstep, and all I hear is Crickets from my fellow African-american/Black/Pan-African and Left-wing compadraes….

  5. tasykes – a seeker, a lover of nature, truth, music and cats unable to pretend otherwise
    tasykes says:

    Your vision of what’s horribly wrong with this corporate capture of world governance and your despair over the general public’s (and especially the left’s) continued resistance to evolve consciously regardless of the historical record concerning race and class is clear. The myth-making that is american exceptionalism is particularly repugnant to me, an historian responsible for interpreting some of our founding fathers to the general public and one unwilling to gloss over the truth of our country’s founding as well as the unspooling across two and half centuries of our country’s crimes. It’s particularly galling to me that when the MSM covers (finally) a vaccination death, it’s that of a Utah mother and not of Drene Keyes, a 58 year old African American woman who lived and died in a rural area of Virginia often described as the birthplace of our founding fathers. Many of the residents are descendants of the Africans enslaved by such prominent landowners as the Washingtons, Lees, Madisons, Monroes, Carters, and Taylors who created the 3/5 compromise in order to maintain the southern states voting block as they diminished the humanity of their enslaved people.

    I believe we will all find our way to contribute to a new enlightening, but we might have to prepare for this moment to vastly dissimilar from the old ways. You will bring something unique to this endeavor, one forged from your intelligence and your passionate search for truth. This belief is what keeps me going during these dark times. We will meet on the barricades, my friend!

    • Betsy Barnum says:

      Alison, I am inspired by the women in Oregon and what you have done in “revoking consent” at institutions and companies that are involved in pushing us into this digital world. I would like to do that where I live in Minneapolis/St Paul. I know the Mpls Federal Reserve is a player, and I’ve heard you mention Medtronic and IBM. What others here are candidates for a revocation of consent ritual? I hope to involve at least one other person, and we will make a video to send you. Thanks.

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