Conversations with Shai Dan On on Israel’s “Green Pass,” Bio-Tech, and Impact Investing

People are growing increasingly concerned about the roll out of medical status “pass” systems around the world. Those who follow my work understand the broader intent behind coerced adoption of biometric digital identities is to link individuals and communities to smart sensor networks, digital currency, and impact investing – human capital futures markets in measurable behavior change tied to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. As a “start-up nation” that is now transitioning to becoming an “impact nation” and a “digital nation,” Israel, along with Silicon Valley, developed many tools in the social impact investor’s tool kit. The paradigm of the good digital e-citizen managed within a global biosecurity state is emergent. There is nowhere to escape it, especially in the countries that played instrumental roles in building it. In Israel financiers like Sir Ronald Cohen are using the cultural framework of Tikkun Olam, to heal the world, to advance stakeholder capitalism tied to surveillance, artificial intelligence, and bionformatics. This is a scorched path. Healing must be done another way. It won’t happen through digital identity and certainly not through “Green Pass” medical geo-fencing.

I am sharing two interviews I did with Shai Dan On. The first is one-hour. Jason Bosch of Argusfest’s “If We Were Honest” series facilitated. Thank you Jason!

The second interview is long, four hours. I did that one with Shai in December anticipating what is unfolding now.

One hour interview. Slide deck here.

Four hour interview. Slide deck here.

Conversation with Kevin Jenkins of Urban Global Health Alliance on Microsoft’s Daily Pass being used in Los Angeles Unified School District. Slide deck here.

Final interview with Shadow Citizen on Israel’s involvement with the Rhode Island Covid reopen program and a shift to digital e-government modeled on Israel’s in that state.
Featuring this map, this map, and this map.


5 thoughts on “Conversations with Shai Dan On on Israel’s “Green Pass,” Bio-Tech, and Impact Investing

  1. Kylie of Darwin says:

    Hi Alison, I just finished watching the interview with Kevin Jenkins – and just wanted to let you know that the “temperature checks” being performed in schools may not be what you think they are for – will send you an e-mail with a link to video on another health monitoring device that may clarify…Thanks, Kylie

  2. Betsy Barnum says:

    I just listened to your interview with Jason Liosatos, and I feel that your energy is getting stronger and stronger. It comes through in this conversation with Shai Dan On also, especially in the last 15 minutes. I want to tell you that you are inspiring me very deeply, first to find a friend or two to do a revocation of consent near me, at the Minneapolis Federal Reserve or some other corporation or institution in the Twin Cities. And your powerful spiritual witness is also speaking to me on a personal level, to my sense of what I am doing on this planet right now. The exchanges in both these interviews about the commitment to life, to preserving natural life, honoring the Indigenous traditions around the land and respecting all the relatives, and protecting the children moved me to tears–and the comment that the technocrats are very afraid of shamanic energy just sent a thrill through me. I just want you to know I am over here in Minneapolis giving you as much spiritual support as I can, and if I’m able to do a revocation of consent I will send you a video (I will do it alone if I can’t find some companions). Thank you beyond words for the profound service you are doing for all humans and all life and all of the planet. –Betsy

  3. dennisland
    dennisland says:

    This is such important research, it really does help to clarify the big picture, thanks Alison. Re: Vaccinations, I have simply sent a conditional acceptance document to government, rather than refusing the vax, I thank them for their kind offer, and state that I would love to take the shot on the condition that they provide empirical scientific evidence of the virus SARS CoV 2, they cannot do this as the virus has not been isolated and purified. My 3rd notice put them into default October 2020.

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