The Physics of Love – Guest Post by Joseph Gonzalez

The following was shared by my dear friend Joseph, a combat veteran with a brilliant mathematical mind and a huge heart. He’s spent decades working in programming, artificial intelligence, video game design, and blockchain. He understands what it will mean to push natural life into a militarized video game, to turn our world into a planetary computer under the guise of “sustainability.” We talked about this in a webinar we did last August, which can be accessed here.

Today I want to share Joseph’s thoughts on math and physics and love. We’d talked about this a few times, and I really wanted to take his words and read them aloud on public lands near Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland, a center for cybernetics and electronic warfare. On the solstice a small group of us took turns reading his words beneath the willows standing on cracked ground and passing the candle of love and light, expressing our intentions towards healing the trauma of colonialism, globalism, and now transhumanism. A video of our reading is at the end of this post.

Thank you Joseph (you can follow him on Facebook – Bantam Joe). I value you as a teacher and a friend.

I’m not a “woowoo” guy. I’m really a hardcore science and technology guy, but a few months ago, I had an “aha!” moment. Call it spiritual. Call it whatever, but I’ve been thinking about it a lot more and more, and I want to share this with you, if you will.

My question to you is “Is the quantum fabric of the universe constructed of love? Is the physical smallest sub-atomic unit of space, also the fundamental unit of love? Is there an actual physics interpretation of love?”

My argument is “Yes, love is the fundamental unit of action”, the quantum of action, and that without the physics of this action, love, there could be no universe. Here is my reasoning.

Now please bear with me.

In physics the universal constants can be used to derive Planck Units of time, mass, length, temperature, etc., which all represent the SMALLEST unit measurements possible of that type in the physical universe.

In addition, there are other constants that can be derived such as: Planck Area, Planck Volume, Planck Momentum, Planck Energy, Planck Force, Planck Density, Planck Acceleration, Planck Frequency.

These are all measurements at the Planck scale in the physical universe. The smallest possible measurements. Now here is where things get interesting.

If you take the Planck length, which is 1.616×10−35m and divide it by Planck time, 5.391×10−44 s, to figure out the transfer rate speed, you get 299,792,458 m/s (or 186,282 miles/sec) which is the speed of light!

More interestingly, space is transferring light over each point in space at the speed of SPACE’s transfer speed. This spreading of cycling processing, or energy, from point-to-point is automatic and spreads endlessly!

This means that light, as a quantum cycle of energy, transfers from one point in space to the next point in space at one clock timestep. In other words, rotating values of energy, light, travels automatically from one point of space, to the next point of space in one local clock tick.

Every local clock tick advances light to the next point outward in space again and again. Thus, light is propagated out at the speed of space’s transfer rate through out the entire universe forever. It is space itself, like a network of points, handing off to its neighboring points the cyclical process of energy to do work and creation!

What is more interesting, is that at extreme cycling rates, if one extreme light collides with another extreme light at a point in space, this can cause a point in space to overload and reboot. It is this constant collision and constant reboot of the two or more light waves that creates the birth of vibrating standing waves known as mass/matter, namely the electron and quarks.

Mass is “Frozen extreme light” at points in space, vibrating and spreading!

It is this automatic process of giving and then receiving, only to give again to the next neighboring point, endlessly, that allows for light to expand out into the universe and to create life.

It is SPACE itself that is transferring and handing off light to the next. Had the points in space not propagated outward automatically, unselfishly, the universe could not have been created and we would not be here.

So, without the transfer of light, from point-to-point in a hand-off mechanism followed by the collision of these light waves, there would be no universe. There would be no life.

If on the other hand, a point in space were to not transfer these packets of cycling energy, then there would be no light to be seen and instead you would have a black hole or even a completely empty universe.

Black holes occur when a point in space receives light but does not handoff or transfer it to the next point in space. Each light that arrives is also lost in not being transferred. The bandwidth of space becomes saturated and thus no more information can be processed. Figuratively speaking, black holes can be seen as the obese bandwidth overload of space, or the greedy selfish hoarding of light and never giving it to its local peers for creation use, so to speak. The anti-thesis of love.

To make this story short (very short), the giving of the cycles of energy for work and creation throughout all the points of the universe automatically, unselfishly, and continuously manifested into life. It is what one might say is the physics definition of the quantum of action; being “the action of love”.

The universe is in an eternal state of giving, sharing and love processing. The quantum of action was the universe’s first action. The action of giving! It was this first action, that was performed for the benefit of life! Life of the universe and everything in it. Without this act of giving, there would be no time and no physical universe.

Now this is physics!

And by the way, this is something the greedy overlords and transhumanist will NEVER understand!

That Love is way more powerful than their blackhole way of life.

EDIT: I’ve been working on this simulated MODEL of the universe for many years for myself. Thanks to Alison for encouraging me to share this all with you. I hope you all enjoy it. I actually have a more detailed description with simulations, and yes 4D hyperspace is indeed involved as well. Very much so!

Our reading of Joseph’s work at Perryman Park outside Aberdeen Proving Ground, center of electronic warfare of the US Army.

8 thoughts on “The Physics of Love – Guest Post by Joseph Gonzalez

  1. Marta Gillette says:

    Thank you for sharing this. So beautiful to be reminded that LOVE IS ALL THERE IS. It’s easy to forget when confronted with the nauseating “reality” that is trying to impose itself on our beautiful planet, and all who live here.

  2. Sashi says:

    Thank you Joseph for breaking love down to it’s origin in the world of physics. Love is all there is something I have always known and felt in my deepest parts and to hear from you is so grounding and magical. Thank you Alison for your big heart and beautiful mind in sharing these profound works of Joseph. My eyes tear up with joy knowing I’m in the company of such brilliant minds. 🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️

  3. Brian says:

    What a fascinating perspective: the reconciliation of two seemingly opposite “cosmologies”. I am reminded of a certain song by Leonard Cohen called Anthem. It can be viewed here:

    The chorus goes like this:

    “Ring the bells that still can ring
    Forget your perfect offering
    There is a crack, a crack in everything
    That’s how the light gets in”

    and interestingly, one of the key verses goes like this:

    “You can add up the parts
    But you won’t have the sum
    You can strike up the march
    There is no drum
    Every heart, every heart
    To love will come
    But like a refugee”

    another states:

    “I can’t run no more
    With that lawless crowd
    While the killers in high places
    Say their prayers out loud
    But they’ve summoned up, they’ve summoned up
    A thundercloud
    And they’re going to hear from me”

    Maybe love trumps dissociated reductionism rationalism and the “control imperative” always. Perhaps it is a “law of the universe”. Anyhow, I urge readers to experience the song. It’s lovely in its won right.

  4. Lark In Texas says:

    Although I appreciate Bantam Joe’s commentary on Facebook, I’m afraid I’m too uneducated to “get” his meaning, given that I have never been enamored of science… or scientists. In fact, over my 67 years, I have to admit I’ve developed a particularly strong disdain for actors who’ve cast themselves as militarists (warmongers) and/or technologists (techies).

    So I know this is probably unfair for me to assert, but it is what it is. Thank you, though, for what I’m sure was/is a well-intentioned expression of your sentiments. As the tech crazies and the gamblers, the money masters and the masters of disaster seek to literally strangle us with the death grip of a boa constrictor upon our collective airways, I’m still very much appreciative of you, Joe. The same as I am of Alison.

    For your consideration, these words are examples of words which are loosely defined as correlative of “interpretation of meaning”:

    Heuristics – Hermeneutics – Exegesis – Eisegesis – Algorithm – Psychometric – Casuistry – Pilpul*

    *See: Pilpul for Beginners

    But interpretation of meaning can never be fully fleshed out employing only letters and numbers as the preferred means to express, or communicate, it. That’s because they are mere representations; and they always will be.

    “The word is not the thing.”
    “The map is not the territory.”

    ― Alfred Korzybski

    Whenever we read or hear words like “quality learning”, “quality of life”, “sustainable”, “free trade”, “community”, and the like, we tend to perceive these words as innocuous and non-threatening. They are presented as symbols [in the form of words] which are universally understood, of course; but the reality is that these words are actually “terms of art” [most of the time] intended to deceive people into giving tacit approval to “universal buy-in”… in order to advance their communitarian agenda. More often than not, these people have no idea they’ve been memetically engineered to serve as the foot soldiers… for those hell-bent on our acquiescence… to our own enslavement… and worse.

    Because they are what they are – credentialists, careerists, and opportunists – chosen for their facility to advance a cause of which they may not even be fully aware.

    “Only those who decline to scramble up the career ladder are interesting as human beings. Nothing is more boring than a man with a career.”

    ― Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, The Gulag Archipelago 1918-1956

    I will conclude with this – two links which are gentle reminders that “love” itself… is a many-splendored thing… indeed!

    The 7 Types of Love in the Bible

    1. Eros – romantic love
    2. Philia – affectionate love
    3. Storge – familiar love
    4. Pragma – enduring love
    5. Philautia – self-love/self-compassion
    6. Ludas – playful love
    7. Agape – unconditional love

    The eight types of love according to the ancient Greeks,Philia%20%28Friendship%20Love%29%20%E2%80%93%208%20Agape%20%28Compassionate%20Love%29

    1. Eros – passionate love
    2. Ludus – playful love
    3. Philautia – self love
    4. MANIA – obsessive love <—-!!!
    5. Pragma – committed love
    6. Storge – family love
    7. Philia – friendship love
    8. Agape – compassionate love

  5. BanjO—:: says:

    Whoa that is heavy duty. What a fascinating read, thank you for sharing:)
    It reminds me of a quote from Thaddeus Golas, famous 1970’s acid / self help Guru and author of “The lazy mans guide to enlightenment “

    He had lots of gems like the following :

    “Love is the strongest force in the universe because it ALWAYS seeks to include that which is NOT love “

    Bless you all!

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