How Privately Funded Recreation Centers Could Harm Children – Human Capital Finance In Brazil, Part One

In a December 2 tweet, Glenn Greenwald questions how a donation for the construction of a recreation center for poor children in Brazil could possibly enrich the donor.

With that door left wide open, how could I resist?

This is going to take a while to unpack, but if I were to try and boil it down into a short-version I would start by telling Glenn this:

In the coming years, the predator class plans to transition today’s children to live in a world where the digital blends seamlessly with the material. They will make it fun, at least at first, so kids and families don’t realize the entertainment skit they’re living in is a video game run by the military and state intelligence. Finance and technology companies are advancing new forms of digital bondage where public services become further privatized, and the debt associated with them is securitized, traded, and even shorted as pay for success deals and social impact bonds.

Education settings, both in and outside schools, will be managed as factories where physical, emotional, and cognitive profiles of children, and their compliance as good digital citizens, are harvested to feed insatiable markets. Children will be predictively profiled and merged into investment portfolios – tranches to be sliced and diced. Global capital must circulate, and it will be made to flow through financialized human bodies and minds and through financialized nature.

This hijacking of natural life will be deemed “green,” “sustainable,” and “equitable.” Children will be made to think the real world can never be made right, so they are better off living in the Metaverse where “social justice” can be coded into the system. The narrative framework being set up is that those advocating that the MATERIAL world be made right are boorish, entitled superusers with “reality privilege,” at least according to Marc Andreessen whose wife Laura Arrillaga helped set the stage for social impact investing in partnership with Stanford University and the Silicon Valley Social Venture Fund in the late 1990s.

Successful implementation of this program hinges on scaled adoption of digital identities, programmable money, ubiquitous computing, and artificial intelligence high frequency trading running on the rails of blockchain. Vouchers like Bolsa Familia will be programmed so its “impact” can be monitored through MIT’s The Secret Network, formerly Enigma protocol.

If data is the new oil, it’s not economically feasible to extract at scale just yet. Infrastructure must first be put into place. That’s where venture philanthropists like Jack Dorsey come in. Billionaires have patient capital to burn. They hire creative debt finance professors working with their MBA alumni at hedge funds and central banks to spin markets out of thin air. The billionaire class plans decades in advance. They have money to buy all sides – governments, academics, think tanks, labor, activists, journalists, even artists – and because of that, they can sit back and wait until all the pieces fall into place. Then they flip the switch.

Establish equations that line up children to have their knowledge and skill attainment engineered, their world view engineered, their mental health engineered, their physical activity engineered, their nutrition engineered. Now you’re talking big money, and the terrible  beauty of the scheme is that it’s been sanctioned at the highest levels by the best and brightest at ivy-league universities, prestigious think-tank figure heads, and Nobel Prize winning economists like James Heckman at the University of Chicago whose human capital investment equation dangles a 13% return on investment in early childhood programs. Those numbers are irresistible to portfolio managers. Chasing the data, to documenent the impact, to meet the performace measures of privatized social services underpins what is about to transpire. His equation and Clive Belfield’s equation for Social Emotional Learning developed at Teachers College Columbia University, headquarters of technocracy during the depression – new and improved with blockchain! The “solutions journalists” have ensured that to even question this agenda, to imply “evidence-based” solutions may actually be a poison apple, will make people look like ogres. The perfect crime!

This is how, within a five to ten-year time horizon, recreation centers could very well end up beoming soul abattoirs where children’s spirits are weighed, measured, and virtualized through ICT and wearable technologies to fuel ongoing hedge fund predation. The terrible truth is by the time all the pieces fall into place the children and their families may not even recognize how wrong it all is. That’s why we must talk about it now. Below is a video about “Smarter Play,” tracking children as speculative data commodities on a rec center playground. Kensington in Philadelphia, the center of the opioid crises, is the equivalent of Rio’s favelas in terms of poor living conditions for children.

This is the audio excerpt where Glenn Greenwald presents his side of the controversy around Jack Dorsey’s donation towards a recreation center in a Rio De Janiero favela with Canadian podcaster Andray Domise.

Greenwald never engaged with any of my tweets to him before or after the podcast other than a snarky comment about where to locate the above discussion within the longer interview. So here is clip of a conversation I had with Jason Bosch of Argusfest where I break out my concerns. A longer post is forthcoming where I will go into the information in greater detail.

To be continued…

11 thoughts on “How Privately Funded Recreation Centers Could Harm Children – Human Capital Finance In Brazil, Part One

  1. signmeuplease
    signmeuplease says:

    These children don’t stand a chance of pushing back against the exploitation of the oligarchs. Their parents are technologically clueless – not their fault – and any ‘gift’ from a so-called benefactor would be desperately needed and welcomed. I despise these economic vampires. They are bottom-of-the-barrel people barely fit to be called human.

  2. cliffgomes1 – Someone who loves you.
    Clifford A Gomes says:

    I don’t know about Glen G, wether he’s aware and being disingenuous or if he’s clueless, but my guess is he can’t imagine a dark wind influencing humanity, something not us that’s in a parasitic relationship with us.

    If you can’t imagine that possibility you’re left ascribing the darkness in the world to bad people. You say to yourself there are good and bad people and the bad broken ones do horrible things. You imagine they’re sick and unwilling to be well, or kind. Something’s wrong with them. Because that’s a difficult weight to carry you look to balance the equation with the presence of good people, yourself maybe, and others who behave well. You hope to find that not everyone is ugly, sick or willfully bad, and often give the benefit of the doubt a high place in mind. I think that’s where he lives, as most do, and so he isn’t blind, but sort of willfully looking away from the possibility that another bad person is what he’s dealing with. It’s hard to carry the weight of the bodies stacking up in the bad/wrong/ugly category. It fogs the glass through which the soul can be seen. To get out from under that hard to bear pressure people don’t want to see because they’re tired of seeing evidence of ugly and want to live in a world where good may someday triumph.

    I don’t think any of the folks towing the line for a dark wind in their mind by capitalizing on misery are monsters. Their actions are monstrous, but not their soul, not the collective soul of humanity. It may be that soul and spirit are impervious to the dark wind and rest quietly waiting for our attention to turn towards them so that they can sing a true song for and to us and so give comfort to our minds. They’re waiting patiently and can lead the mind into an awareness of where it’s allegiance would be welcomed.

    Coercion isn’t a trait of spirit or soul and so the melody is only offered freely, never imposed, never wielded like a bludgeon. There’s a universal song of hope, love and welcome playing softly in the background all the time. There are no good/bad or ugly/evil people, only those whose listening is captured, is enraptured by a sorcerous insanity. The spirit and soul of humanity is perfectly clear, belongs equally to all the living and is your nature, or your natural home.

    Our work might be said to be bringing our own mind into resonant alignment with the spirit of life. That other thing isn’t alive and has only the attention we give it in which to make us believe, and to convince itself, that it exists. Glen’s okay, he’s just tired, and one day he’ll unburden himself of the notions that crush his awareness of the beauty of humanity. We all will.

    • signmeuplease
      signmeuplease says:

      “Coercion isn’t a trait of spirit or soul ” YES! That should be the trigger for people to see the truth of all of this. But it isn’t

      I used to have enormous respect for Glenn Greenwald. I still do. He does come around and is open to new information, usually. But this propaganda campaign is global and the covid narrative seems to have taken hold of even the most brilliant aware and intelligent minds. It’s quite remarkable to behold. Just how much evidence does a human being need to see before they finally snap out of this trance???

  3. Tantramarshire – New Brunswick
    Kata List Productions says:

    Had a few hours on Twitter yesterday before being locked out … cheers from Tanramar… “we are economic units” is what I want people to understand. . . we are pulled away from the lands – heavily taxed in Canada at 40% – and socially engineered 24/7 by the technocrats… today’s youth have no concept of liberty just nannystatism… so they just wait until the dinosaurs like us over 50 are passed on.. they are very patient. So in an attempt to keep the ‘liberty’ ideals alive here in Eastern Canada I began a blog for the region because the local town’s politics are dominated by university culture and when I saw the professor meddling in the schools here with his ‘coding promotion’ training for youth I knew how far this rot goes [ that was a few years ago ] … very happy to continue sharing Alison’s work at my blog [can’t use Facebook or youtube ] and at Instagram [ and I hope you open up your profile there Alison – I’m Censored_babe with liberty maniacs of tantramar ]

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