Guest Post – A Letter To Our Children

To all the children of parents fighting the New World Order / Agenda 2030 / Build Back Better / Techno-Fascism / Bio-Tyranny / Transhumanism,

You are not alone.

Remember, your parents love you very much, and most likely you love them right back. Sadly, the world we knew is gone. Perhaps the parents, the way you knew them, have changed in front of your eyes. Very likely their truths are no longer aligned with your truths, or with what your peers believe, nor with what you learn in school and university. Which is exactly the opposite of how it used to be.

The young are supposed to rebel, not the old. But we live in extraordinary times. Although, this is not exactly a rebellion, rather a human / planetary defense mission. This sounds lofty, but the fact is, we are at war. Your parents are defending humanity. You should be very proud. Don’t worry that you don’t see it now. This is, after all, a war of deception, but later you will understand that you came from parents who stood up to tyranny.

Understand that when children, the elderly, along with other people are being attacked, parents cannot sit idly. They are not wired that way. True, a lot of parents don’t fight this fight. For whatever reason, they cannot, or will not decipher this war. It doesn’t mean the war doesn’t exist. We don’t know the answer to why some people see it, and some don’t. I believe this is a spiritual battle. Maybe some of us come with information that other souls don’t have. Once a parent sees it, they CANNOT let it go. It would be to go against our soul’s mission, our deepest truth, and our deepest instinct to protect humanity.

You will likely feel loss, confusion, anger, and sadness. My heart is heavy that this generation had to experience such a heavy burden at the beginning of their lives. But a heavy burden comes with the promise of light and rewards. When our controllers are removed, you will have your entire life in front of you. We will not, but this is our gift to you. Spend time on your feelings, feel your emotions, be gentle with yourself. Don’t worry, your parents will understand your puzzlement, your confusion. They very likely deeply regret that they only gave you tools to navigate peacetime, and did not prepare you for a time at war. But most parents didn’t know this was coming, and they are winging it, just like you are.

One day, hopefully soon, this will be over, and the conflict with your parents will be just a whisper in the wind. It may feel like a storm now.

Ride the wind, and then let the storm slowly turn into a breeze that will gently pass  by, and all that will be left is a gentle brush on your cheek, reminding you of a parent’s tender touch.

Love to you all.

Hege Solbakken

I am very grateful to Hege for sharing this letter with me today. Yesterday my college-age child cut me out of their life for the present time, because they could not tolerate our different worldviews and my commitment to this work. A few weeks ago, I finished Philip Pullman’s “The Subtle Knife.” The book, part of his “Golden Compass” series features a supporting character, Mary Malone, a physicist who keeps an I Ching poster in her office. I was intrigued, so I went out to FDR park in search of 50 yarrow stalks. I found them dried in a neglected perrenial bed near the parking lot. I gathered all 50, but lost one along the way and ended up replacing it with a feather I’d found on a hike in the New Jersey Pinelands (featured image). Tonight I tried out the stalks for the first time with a heavy heart about what had happened with my child. The number, 36 that came up – Darkening of the Light – felt appropriate. The future hexagram, 63 – After Completion – was more promising. So maybe it’s time for me to stay quiet and hide my light for a time until the signal comes to take a more active role in this great work on which we are all now embarked. In any event, I feel blessed by my small group of close friends who buoy me up and share their gifts, gifts like this letter. As my friend Cliff says, put your intentions out in the world and they will find their way. Perhaps Hege’s words will be a balm for other parents out there.

29 thoughts on “Guest Post – A Letter To Our Children

  1. Julia N Konmaz says:

    Incredible letter. Who is this woman, and where does she live? I think so much of what young people are going through depends on where they are living. It is my observation that the young people living in the US (where I think you are) are MUCH more likely to be under an almost unbearably heavy assault in this war. Over here on the other side of Europe, especially in Istanbul where I am writing from, young people are much more likely to be skeptical about what is going on. Also I am intrigued by the fact that over here, no one thinks or even weighs the idea of injecting their young children with these strange liquids for this strange virus. I’d be interested to hear how others readers here interpret the role of geography in this whole clusterf*** and our reactions to it. Again though, a gorgeous (and sad) letter.

    • Opinionist – Milano, Italy – Stop the NOISE! Anti Technocracy, One World government, etc. The HIV FRAUD killed my husband.
      Opinionist says:

      I do think that geography plays a big role in the reactions to what’s happening. I can only speak about what I see here in Italy. Milano only. The majority of young people here seem to have bought every word they hear or read in corporate and State media. Maybe I’m foolish, but I’ve been hoping that the access to differing viewpoints in the US will help the young people there, especially since they’re able to read so much information in English, on all sides of the various questions. In Italy, the general inability to speak English is a real hindrance to these kids.

      • Jenaya says:

        Unfortunately the truth is censored. If people weren’t already aware of the reality of our world, they were never going to make sense of this fraud, because the learning curve was way too steep and the messaging is constant. It’s impossible to ignore, without a concerted effort to do so. In addition, I think speaking English is actually a detriment, because most propaganda is in English and exported around the world. You can’t be propagandized if you can’t understand the language.

  2. nc says:

    Thankfully my children are too young to shut me out but I felt this so deeply and cried as i read it. Sending love and light to all the parents out there who can ‘see’. xxx

  3. Opinionist – Milano, Italy – Stop the NOISE! Anti Technocracy, One World government, etc. The HIV FRAUD killed my husband.
    Opinionist says:

    Hi Alison! This makes me sad for both of us. It’s written so well that I can’t imagine that the author isn’t speaking from personal experience. This is not only my own story, with three young adult children, but yours and that of so many of us. Little did many of us realize that the indoctrination would’ve worked so well on the young and would’ve divided us so painfully.
    I can’t thank you enough for posting this, despite the fact that it hurts just to think about this subject.

  4. Dawn Blackamore says:

    Alison, my heart breaks along with yours that your child has taken a step away from you. I am so sorry. I have personal experience of the most profound loss – of family relationships, friends, and finally, those I believed were fellow disciples of Jesus. Please accept my sincere thanks for the work you do to educate us about the reality surrounding our childrens’ lives. I have worked in education for 30years and witnessed first- hand the horrors of globalist policy on children and their families. I have done my best to be a light in dark places although my efforts seem feeble and I have fallen so many times in my humanity. It’s really hard to remain unaffected by evil all around. As my relationship with Jesus deepens, the falls are less frequent and not as steep.
    Thankyou again for all you are and all that you do.
    with much love from one human to another. Big hugs,
    Dawn Blackamore

  5. Nathanael Budde says:

    The work is and will be hard, however it is necessary. I tell my children, all 13 and under in age, that the right thing to do is often times the hardest thing to do; doing the wrong thing is very easy – but I EXPECT that they will do the right thing.
    There is always a spiritual battle that rages within, but folks are too distracted to even comprehend a modicum of what is true unfolding in the soul. The lack of not properly nurturing the soul has led to the outcomes and potential future outcomes that we are experiencing in this zeitgeist.
    As a parent, my goal is to not pass my shit to my children and their generation. Instead, I am continuously preparing my children for the darkness that envelopes this world, yet all the while they will be drenched in proper love – first for themselves, and then that love will transfer to others.

    Keep fighting Allison, you are not alone!
    Thanks for sharing Hege’s thoughtful and encouraging letter as well.

  6. Jessica Strauss says:

    The planet needs all hands on deck and grounding all light at all times is critical. It can be more challenging when our family members are not yet in alignment with the mission. Souls wake up on their own timelines and patience and compassion are required at this time. We are not allowed to interfere with others’ timelines. We can and must, however, continue to shine our light in order to keep the path lit and assist the planet. This also calls in more support from the spiritual realms and uplifts the overall vibration.

    There are tipping points where energetic collective vibrations are no longer a match for external possible outcomes. Entire timelines of reality can be collapsed when the collective vibration is high enough. Please continue to do your important work and speak your truth. Your child may not agree with you at this time but that is even more of a reason to speak louder. Trigger points are uncomfortable but they signal awakening because a nerve has been hit….this is usually a point when another begins to reevaluate their thinking. Sometimes withdrawing occurs due to the level of uncertainty and internal processing this will require. It is hard not to take this change personally but others’ choices and actions are not about you, even when it’s family.

    Our loved ones need us to stand up and fight on their behalf. Their disagreement doesn’t mean they no longer love us. It means they’re not yet called on their timeline to awaken. Continue to forge ahead with empathy, compassion and a clear vision of the reality you wish to see in the future. If we envision what we want it is possible to create it. It’s all energetic.🙏🌎🕊

    • Sheila Resseger says:

      Jessica, I greatly appreciate your comment here, and resonate with your insights. Alison, I first met you in the struggle against the edreform agenda of Common Core and mass administered standardized testing, morphing into the struggle against edtechreform, then digitaledreform. All of this has become much more acute with the pandemic. I still follow this issue, but more recently I have been putting my energy into raising awareness of the harms of the ubiquitous wireless radiation we are all exposed to. I am in awe of your research skills and stamina in learning about and educating others about the nefarious intents of those pushing social impact bonds. I haven’t been able to follow all of your postings, but trust that you are a true guide to what we are up against. My heart goes out to you that your adult child is not accepting of your wisdom at this time. I think Jessica has expressed the situation eloquently. Know that you are doing heroic work. There is definitely a need for a spiritual shift if humanity and the interconnected web of existence on this planet is to survive. Nothing can be more important than this work.

  7. Éric Lépine says:

    This made me cry, and shake, and laugh, all in a mere few minutes. Hege’s letter. And your postscript comment…

    We are in the middle of a spiritual war, of this, I no longer have any doubt… and the truth always prevails. So many clichés take on their full meaning, in times like these.

    Like “patience is a virtue”… And ô how much patience we require now, for things to unfold, possibly (very likely, in fact) not in our lifetime.

    I see you as a true elder, Alison, in the sense that Jenkinson attributes to it, meaning, not by virtue of age, but by virtue of wisdom, and this ability to sacrifice so much and share so much.

    I’ve enjoyed quoting Jenkinson a lot this past year (as you’ll have surely noticed), and yet again, his words cut right through the BS…

    “In a troubled time, the willingness to proceed like you’re needed is a radical act.”

    In that sense (and a few others, I might add), you are, Alison, a true elder, and a true radical. One that continually demonstrate a willingness to plant the vine from which you may never taste the wine…

    And for that, I wish to express my deepest gratitude.

  8. Jenaya says:

    The Covid rules in my state are so draconian, I cannot eat in a restaurant without a vaccine passport in my county and masks are still mandated everywhere.

    I have been very surprised and disappointed by the reaction of my lefty friends.

    I can’t work in my field because I won’t get the “vaccine”. I had a very good job in healthcare, but worked for an organization that took as much of the cvd money as they could, which of course required all employees and clients be pressured to go along with the program.

    I was respectful and professional, but did not promote any of this. I believe it is absolutely demonic to further traumatize traumatized people by gaslighting schizophrenics, addicts and trauma survivors into believing this fraud, when their gut tells them otherwise. Consequently my contract was not renewed, despite four years of stellar evaluation‘s every quarter.

    Because I can’t work in my field, my husband and I are moving several states away, leaving the house we recently renovated and thought was our forever home.

    I had to re-home 8 chickens, which I have never in my lifetime had to do. I have never taken on a pet that I did not care for until it died. We are moving a three day drive from where we currently live, to a desert, so could not see how we would get them there and keep them alive once they arrived.

    All of my lefty friends and family are completely devoid of any empathy for me. They all act like it’s my fault for not simply taking the vaccine and going along with this. It feels intentionally callous and smug, like they have won something, because I have lost. 😕

    Our realtor, a long time acquaintance, has been the most understanding of all. How sad is that?

    Again the bright light in all of this, as I’m finding people who are more aligned with me during this time then most I have known up to this point.

  9. Tantramarshire – New Brunswick
    Kata List Productions says:

    Universities and colleges are harmful to the young minds and bodies – I would love to sue the local Mount Allison University for terrorizing our town’s inhabitants for two years almost so far.. they are in fact abusive at this point — the gift that you give them is not saving for their ‘education’ but rather encouraging them to be workers and independant from the nannystate as much as possibe. So sorry your child is selfishly turning on you at this time as you are obviously a very kind and generous soul — you give so much and yes, it is time you rested.

  10. owningcapt – Pacific Northwest
    owningcapt says:

    What does it mean trying to halt an avalanche with a pair of snowshoes? We are witnesses to epic assaults on the dignity and sacredness of a productive human experience. Which matches the changing guard of the end/beginning of a new Epoch. Life doesn’t flow linearly from worse to good. It nests for awhile, sniffs the air and then moves on to virgin territory. Painful to watch, but I focus on fantastic possibilities in the beauty to come. There will be challenges certainly. But they will make more sense based on the insanity we have endured as we lay a solid foundation to restart anew.

  11. Gino Gaiga says:

    “So maybe it’s time for me to stay quiet and hide my light for a time until the signal comes to take a more active role in this great work on which we are all now embarked.”

    Take all the time you need my friend.

    I am forever grateful for everything you have shared. My soul salutes your soul.

    One Thousand Thank Yous

  12. Greene Fyre says:

    @Alison have you been following the way Qortal is being rolled out over the Truth community? It’s being exploded like a series of grenades thrown into all the groups. We need to start barter exchanges and local currencies and Constitutional Banks, and get to food sovereignty by buying farms and starting food growing and purchasing coops. Qortal is just the same old “get rich quick opportunity (while being cooler than others because you are using that edgy outsider “blockchain” – ha what a bunch of BS) It smells like a psy op predicated on base desires, the same greed/self-centered focus that gave rise to bitcoin and other cryptos in the first place. And who wants to be blasted 24/7 with thousands of phones pulsing in unison in your neighborhood creating the Mesh Network web? Ugh hell no.

    Qortal: Massive Equal Wealth Opportunity

  13. Rebbecca Ray says:

    Dear Alison,
    Thank you for your wild in the cityscape. If your child has taken their own wild way for now, I’m sorry for your sadness. It is a fear we all have at this time. But dandelions are so light. They get everywhere. They will catch in clothes and hair and travel wherever your child goes.

  14. Sheila says:

    Thanks for sharing this and your tweets on the subject. Families are being torn apart and it is heartbreaking.

    I’ve been following, but failing to keep up with, your research for a very long time. Became aware of what you were doing when some of us over here were delving into the information gathering/sharing infrastructure (emphasis on children) being constructed behind the scenes in Scotland. My husband thought I was mad at the time, to such an extent that we nearly parted over it…

    Luckily, he saw through the virus crisis right away, announcing that the figures didn’t add up and it was all about control. I have never appreciated him more and couldn’t have made it through the last almost two years without having him on side.

    Afraid our grown up son has completely swallowed the pushed narrative. He now won’t speak to me until I’m ” vaccinated”. My mum still speaks to me but is on side with my son is worried that I am influencing our two resident grandchildren; horrified that the 15yo hasn’t had any covid jabs.

    With love, gratitude and some hope because we have to,


  15. Ian says:

    Was so honoured to receive this post tonight. There was a huge snowstorm outside, so deep on foot and my family also lost our beloved cat who was almost one hundred years old, literally… This was just such an exceptional read, thank you Alison. 🙂

  16. M Zahra says:

    Hi Alison, my heart breaks for you having to endure this distance from your daughter. God sees all your efforts and sacrifice and you will be rewarded abundantly for your difficulties in this transient life. We have a saying; if you save one person it’s as if you’ve saved all of mankind — you are saving countless people with your work so we are indebted to you, and pray for a quick reunion with your daughter, God willing.

    I’m so sorry you feel you have to hide your light and lay low for a while, I will miss your enlightening posts and will use this opportunity to catch up on your YT videos. I was wondering if there’s an email I can reach you at to ask you some questions?

    M Zahra

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