The US Federal Reserve Told Us in April 2020: Expect Universal Daily Testing If You Want to Participate in Society

Some of my posts are LONG. Some are short. This will be the latter, but it’s important. As days and weeks and months blur to a grey smear, it is vital we hold onto an understanding of where we were when the lockdowns started compared to where we are now. I remember seeing this interview three weeks after the pandemic was declared. It was a time when tests, such as they are since the virus has not been isolated, were in very, very short supply. While society was marching through its manufactured hysteria, we have James Bullard, CEO of the St. Louis Federal Reserve, telling CBS “Face the Nation” viewers that the economy will be there for them after it’s all over, but we should anticipate a world where universal daily testing is the norm. He doesn’t say “in-home” tests, but that is clearly the plan. Now we have dozens of app / QR enabled home “testing” kits. We know that based on the centrality of the Internet of Bodies to the Fourth Industrial Revolution this will evolve into biosensors data-mining our bodily fluids from swabs, finger pricks, and eventually smart toilets. I encourage you to spend some time going through the website of the Toilet Board Coalition, launched in 2015. You’ll learn a lot about the “sanitation economy” and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

How long before in-mouth devices and predictive models become normalized?

We are living through an economic event, a colonizing event, NOT a public health event. We are crossing a threshold into a human+ era of smartphone wielding cyborgs. There is some money to be made on the test kits and lab work, sure. The government will subsidize costs, especially for economically disadvantaged, because the end game is to bankrupt the state and make way for totalitarian public-private partnership impact investing opportunities. The BIG money is not in the sale of the tests themselves, but rather in prescriptive behavior management and nudges that will be enacted upon our bodies, minds, homes, and cities through autosurveillance.

I have some friends in my network who are going through the new Fauci book. They’ve told me there is great emphasis on “early treatment,” but not a lot of detail about what that means in terms of the universal testing protocols Mr. Bullard and the central bankers have planned. My understanding is this “early treatment” needs to be EARLY, optimally when people are still “asymptomatic.” Thus lobbying for “early treatment” to keep us all safe from viruses that have never (and will never be) isolated dovetails nicely with blockchain biometric ID, in-home testing, health monitoring apps, 5-6-7G, smart homes, Fed accounts, Universal Basic Income, and social impact pathways where we pour our life energies into manifesting their perverse Metaverse as gig laborers shot up with nano-bioelectronics.

The whole enterprise is nicely summed up in two paragraphs below from Jacques Attali’s book Noise: The Political Economy of Music. Attali is a French social theorist who has been preparing the way for global impact markets for decades. Hat tip to Raul Diego of Silicon Icarus for bringing these telling excerpts to my attention.

So keep this in mind for the new year as you sample the smorgasbord of offerings laid out by pandemic content creators and Covid entrepreneurs. The hivemind keeps track, of course, as it learns us and refines its war-game tactics. Will consumers realize many foundational concepts are at odds with one another? Or will they sample indiscriminately, because they like so many of the personalities delivering the information?

If you do not believe in deadly viruses that spread through populations and kill lots of people, the majority of what is circulating among the social media resistance talking heads and those echoing them becomes irrelevant. Noise, noise, noise nudging you towards the universal testing protocol. If you get to that place, you’ll have a lot more time to spend researching the Internet of Bio-Nano Things, of which the images below are phase one. You have to be prepared to leave your identity as a content consumer behind and step into the role of researcher. Don’t be afraid. You can do it. I believe in us. We don’t need leaders; we can walk each other home as equals, as collaborators.




30 thoughts on “The US Federal Reserve Told Us in April 2020: Expect Universal Daily Testing If You Want to Participate in Society

  1. Éric Lépine says:

    In the French Canadian (Québécois, especially) arena of the “people in the know”, there has always been much emphasis on Jacques Attali, so am glad to see you mention here. He is one SCARY dude!!!!

    We are seeing similar narratives unfold, right here in ‘La Belle Province’. The only political party opposing the narrative is big on telling everyone of how our rights are being taken away from us, but not ONE mention of how he plans to oppose how Québec is aiming to be the first nation in North America to implement full-scale biometric identity.

    We can also now boast of having the first Minister and “Ministry of Cybersecurity and Digital Identity” in Canada. And, what’s worse, that same seemingly “well-intentioned” opposing political party leader is bent on “improving our health care system” by promoting PPP impact investing opportunities… Things couldn’t be clearer (for those that know where to look) 🙁

    • Brian says:

      Quebec is predisposed to this kind of thing. A latent technocratic nationalism has permeated the province for some time now. I should know – I live here. And everyone around me are trained seals. So sad.

  2. Jill says:

    Hi Alison,

    You have proven, time and again, that this isn’t about a virus but about control using a “medical” “crisis” as a way to institute that control. I do recommend early treatment, along with many other people, while telling everyone to stay away from tests at all costs. My reading of most people who recommend early treatment is to treat if you are sick, with no testing. Some people say there is a virus. I have looked at the patents and my own thoughts (so far) are it is a man made spike protein + things I’m not sure of that can make people sick. Certain treatments seem to be effective for what Dr. Chetty calls spike protein disease.

    I only write this because treatment empirically seems to help and most people who recommend it know tests are dangerous and tell others to stay away from them at all costs. To my way of thinking this recommendation does not negate what you have proved so many times–namely what is happening is the use of “medical” “crisis” to institute total control by global psychopaths. I also take what they say very seriously.

    Biden’s handlers have just purchased a great many tests from a German company. It’s clear that governments are ramping up fear w/Omicron to get people to line up for tests. Unfortunately, people are afraid and lining up. Then there are the mandates which graciously allow the peasants to test instead of getting shot! And of course there are paid off venues demanding tests of the injected. So no one is getting a free pass on tests if govts. and their handlers have their way!

    I therefore think your analysis of why there is testing and how testing connects in to a whole agenda is really important. I just wanted to say that I can’t agree that most people who recommend early treatment want tests.

      • Neddal says:

        Apparently, they are treating autoimmune system, hyperallergic responses that seem on very rare occasions to cause great harm and possibly death. I believe hyperallergic responses can be triggered by physical allergens, artificial or otherwise, but also possibly by maladaptive psychological and mental states that can result from the combined synergistic effects of individual sensitivities and mass hysteria/psychosis. Either way, as it seems, the results can be sever and potentially take the forms of deadly pervasive inflammatory and thrombotic effects that are maybe responsive to early treatment and mitigation with pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, and/or herbal preparations.

          • Éric Lépine says:

            They don’t know (by virtue, as Alison alluded to, of their never having isolated the virus, and certainly of their never isolating it through mass testing, and that includes “variant” identification).

            People constantly forget, or omit, to recognize that one treatment being a lesser evil (say, Ivermectin or HCQ vs. mechanical ventilation and remdesevir) shouldn’t be interpreted as “better efficacy”. Sadly though, that is more often than not the case and, in many situations, doing nothing would likely lead to similar results. In many cases, at least not prolonging the suffering 🙁

            Even the alternative online celebrities, always so quick to bash Big Pharma (understandable), end up touting the benefits of Ivermectin and other such approaches (if these are not Big Pharma, then what are they?), making claims that they “got better” within 3 days after implementing such a protocol… Yet even the common cold takes longer than 3 days to treat.

            Irrespective of all this, it is wrong to coerce or force a person to a medical treatment, ANY medical treatment. Yet, the way all this being framed and offered (mass at-home testing), it will become harder and harder to opt out for anyone that wants to navigate modern life.

          • Neddal says:

            As I understand it, in medicine generally, whether allopathic or traditional, far more is typically known, either from culture, experience, or formal testing and analysis, about what works than why or how. That notwithstanding, the following page presents, to my mind, a very succinct and balanced summary of what they target or aim to achieve with prophylactic and early treatments for COVID-19:

              • Éric Lépine says:

                Yes, I’m quite familiar with that site, and even more so with the proposed treatment protocol it lays out.

                But there are a few issues, many of which are rarely addressed or considered (including the baseline status of the individual contracting said disease), both in allopathic and traditional care.

                First though, if by “early treatment” we are implying treatment of (an actually symptomatic–which is how we used to diagnose such diseases) viral respiratory disease, then many of those things, I actually don’t take as much issue with. Over-the-counter medicine that one may wish to use, for any such array of symptoms, isn’t the real issue.

                But some of these are not without problems. Even some of the apparently more benign ones. Indiscriminately prescribing high doses of zinc over multiple days can lead to various issues (especially when not balanced with copper). The same with vitamin C, especially if the source/type isn’t specified (and most commercially available vitamin C products are so full of excipients as to be manifold more oxidation-promoting than its antioxidant characteristics, which are the very reason it’s being proposed. That is why most practitioners using high-dose vitamin C use a very specific product, almost always administered IV).

                Arginine is VERY nitric oxide promoting, which although sometimes useful in the very acute, has inflammatory effects that may likely end up harming the lungs (even long-term), something most treatments for covid are aiming to mitigate.

                Ironically, cyproheptadine, which is recommended only if respiratory symptoms develop, is one of the most well-known antihistamine (50+ years) out there, and along with aspirin, may in fact be one of the safest and better globalized approach.

                I would recommend NONE of the novel antivirals, not even to my worst enemies. These are known to have quite deleterious side effects, all the way down to DNA degradation.

                More importantly, and to tie back into my above remarks about the use of over-the-counter medicine, I think as much as “early treatment” may pose an issue, the bigger problem may very well stem from the push and normalization of mass at-home testing, on the regular, simply to be able to participate in society.

                And the best way for me to summarize what I mean by this, is warmly inviting others to listen to this video (barring having the time to watch it all, I’m sharing it, timestamped at the most pertinent portion: The continued imposition of the medicalized life, where “health” ends up being defined strictly by arbitrarily determined biomarkers set by our public “health” [sic] technocratic overlords, is something that should concern all of us.

                • RogerD says:

                  The official recommendation from health agencies is not to take any repurposed early treatments, but to wait until you are really sick and you have to go to hospital, by which time your odds of dying are quite high.

                  Some repurposed interventions like ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine have been demonstrated by many doctors with thousands of patients worldwide to have an extraordinary success rate at preventing Covid victims from having to go to hospital at all.

                  The exact mechanism of each intervention is open to discussion, but there are a number of very credible theories. My view is that this understanding, though desirable, is far less important than the overwhelming success of the clinical results.

                  If the health authorities, who are by and large sponsored and controlled by the pharmaceutical industry, had carried out proper clinical trials, instead of falsely labelling them as dangerous (or only suitable for animals!) then the number of deaths from Covid could have been greatly reduced, possibly by an order of magnitude. That is a lot of lives saved.

                  I therefore believe that the prevention of these early treatments has been, and continues to be, criminal.

        • Yram4 says:

          So this is why Fluvoxamine seems to work. Or HQC or Ivermectin …And they really have no idea what they are treating. Regardless, all “ early treatments” embed the idea in the masses that there is a single deathly germ to be afraid of. Only there isnt. Life as it ever was. So, even IF an ENP is involved people are lapping up the idea that early intervention is VITAL and its an easy stroll down the garden path to sign up for personalized , individualized and immediate bio tracking and interventions .

      • Jill says:

        I am not certain what is happening. We know nobody has produced a purified virus. 1500 nasal swabs were examined and they found exclusively Influenza A and Influenza B (and this finding was replicated independently). I don’t think we have the true cause of harm nailed down either. So I would say people are treating symptoms that are usually not that bad but sometimes are really bad. When they get really bad (not often) certain treatments work to relieve those symptoms. Some people use homeopathy, others use vitamins/supplements, others use allopathy or some combination of these treatments. I wish I did know and I’m certain the evil people who made it could explain it to us. Right now, the best I know to do is be rabidly empirical with treatments but I certainly agree we do not know what is truly happening. I will read the link.

        • oregonmatt says:

          “We know nobody has produced a purified virus”. That is correct, because there is no virus, nor has there been any “virus” identified in modern medical history, for any disease. All claims to that end can be examined by reading their own papers, and their own “materials and methods” in their experimentation show that their assertion of a virus is fraudulent. This falsification of viral “isolation” has been well documented regarding sars-cov2, as most here know. What some here may not know is that this can be done with previous viruses as well, just by analyzing the “science” they have published.

          Consider the first alleged human virus to be isolated, polio. In 1908, in Vienna, Landsteiner and Popper injected two monkeys with a concoction made from the ground-up spinal cord from a child that had died with symptoms of poliomyelitis. (the monks had already been poisoned, as they had previously been part of syphilis experiments.) The monkeys got sick, and one died. This was proclaimed as the isolation of polio virus. Putting a “wrench in the gears” (pun intended) however, was the fact that the ground-up spinal cords of these monks did not produce disease when injected into the next set of monks…. Not to be dissuaded from the task at hand, though, which was to promote both contagion and the virus, our two intrepid virologists talked it over. They decided that the sickness of the first monks had not been due to some toxicity, but that it was indeed the “virus”, and that the virus had simply lost its virulence between the two sets of monks.

          A couple of years later, Simon Flexner, head of Rockefeller Institute, showed how to effectively serialize sickness in monks (demonstrating contagion, of course). His foolproof method was to inject the “concoction” directly into the monks brains.

          Note that this fraudulent polio monkey business was orchestrated by the Rockefellers around 1910, which was also the year that Abraham Flexner (Simon’s brother) did JD Rockefeller’s bidding by presenting the “Flexner Report” to congress, passage of which effectively enshrined allopathic Rockefeller medicine as king, and marginalized and / or eliminated alternatives. All of this, the pushing of contagion and virus, and the takeover of health practice and schools of health, was the beginning of the second great Rockefeller empire, to join the already existing empire of oil.

          Contagion and virus have been pillars of this empire for 110 years, and never more useful than right now.

  3. Heidi says:

    A lot of people are essentially saying things like, Don’t be a refusenik to McCullough or RFK Jr just because they believe a pathogenic virus exists, or because they advocate for early treatment rather than exposing the whole fraud of virology. But it never occurred to me that the “early treatment” folks are sending health freedom folks right into the hands of empire. That is a super important point. Wow.

  4. Jeffrey+Strahl says:

    Isn’t it charming how it’s people within the “resistance,” in fact luminary figures, who are pushing the testing/contact tracing/”treatment” line? I’m amazed at all the people i know in the “resistance” who still believe in “Covid” and “the virus” and “variants” and think they or people they know got “Covid” because of tests which said so. And even one who believes they had “Covid” even though they tested negative, because “this shows how inaccurate the PCR test is.” LOL, Can’t make this up. All this for a “virus” which was identified via a match to a bat coronavirus via computer sequencing, a match which was less precise than the match between a human genome and that of a …cat. Meow!

  5. Ian says:

    Very important post, particularly this section:>
    “to keep us all safe from viruses that have never (and will never be) isolated dovetails nicely with blockchain biometric ID, in-home testing, health monitoring apps, 5-6-7G, smart homes, Fed accounts, Universal Basic Income, and social impact pathways where we pour our life energies into manifesting their perverse Metaverse as gig laborers shot up with nano-bioelectronics.”

    Any ethical virologist will tell you these things that have and never will be isolated are not transferred person to person but rather are cleansing mechanisms for toxins out of the 7-12% of one’s viral RNA genome at any given time.

    7G smart toilets? Pardon my language but they really are gonna be prodding round our behinds huh? Really informative post. This one for sure needs to get shared around. Thanks Alison.

  6. Amy Harlib says:


  7. tasykes says:

    It seems to me that there’s a sort of elitism at play in whether arguing whether one joins Children’s Health Defense and RFK Jr, for instance, or stands back hoping a more nuanced class-based analysis begins to take center stage. You can make your choice. But I’m telling you that some of that difference becomes useless when it’s about making one-to-one contact with real people, not screen shots and on-line interactions.

    What I’ve noticed is that one cannot come into the lives of community members, for instance, who are employed as lower-paid vassals of Los Alamos laboratories and start telling them about the evils of the military industrial complex. They don’t have a conceptional framework for that. Saying this doesn’t suggest it’s not an objective to work toward nor does it deny the potential of what most of the public is capable of perceiving.

    What they DO possess is an innate distrust of powers and an understanding of coercion when they see it played out in the lives of their family and loved ones. What they do understand is bodily autonomy and how the government is obviously interested in destroying that. What they do see is how their children are being affected by nonsensical quarantine, masking, contact-tracing, and on-line learning. What they do know is someone who has been injured by the vaccines.

    This is called “meeting people where they are.”

    Sure, there are elements of Malone, McCullough, and RFK Jr. that smell a little like “controlled opposition.” But if you’re out there making real connections in real time – whether it’s connecting through home-schooling initiatives, for instance, or in protesting upcoming legislation – you have to put one foot in front of the other and not lose the thread of your own values at the same time. There’s no purity test that relies on isolated samples either.

    • Jeffrey+Strahl says:

      When people like Malone, McCullough and RFK Jr talk about testing, contact tracing and “treatment,” they are legitimating the official narrative. By doing so, all you are effectively doing is setting the groundwork for one form of roll-in of the digital police state or another. That’s what happens when your rap does not question the essentials of Operation “Pandemic.” namely that there is a single disease caused by a single virus which has been definitively identified. This is like back in the days after 9/11 talking about “Saudi hijackers who brought down the WTC towers” and how the US government didn’t do enough to track them, sounded critical of the official narrative but in fact fully legitimated it. Or during the Iraq War, how being engaged in Iraq diverted “us” from dealing with the “actual war on terrorism.”

      • Jill says:

        Does Kennedy say people should test? His lawsuits involve showing that the PCR test is invalid so I would think it would be bizarre for him to tell people to test. I don’t know if the other two people recommend tests or not.

        But to Alison’s original point, the only way I see to stop what is coming is mass non-compliance and coming through for each other as best we can. So for example, if someone is forced to test to keep their job, that is illegal. Masks and tests are both EUA and as such may not be forced on anyone. We need a legal approach and there is some success in that area. We need employers to stop enforcing BS. We need criminal charges against those who do (and against the puppet govt. officials).

        If possible, if you can offer a job/service that doesn’t require illegal “measures”, let people know that. And then try to prepare for living outside CBDC by banding together. This is going to get even worse than now for sure. Just look at other nations and some US states and cities.

        Still, I feel there are many people who are not backing down, no matter what.

        • wrenchinthegears says:

          Much of his book is a set up for it. How about all CHD supporters demand a public statement in writing opposing all testing, tracing, and digital ID and blockchain EHR. If he is genuine that should be NO Problem. I am happy to see that happen, but not holding my breath.

          • Jill says:

            I was curious about this so I went to CHD website: “PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) tests have been widely used across the U.S. and around the world to determine who has a positive case of COVID-19. PCR assays are not designed to be used as diagnostic tools, as they can’t distinguish between inactive viruses and “live” or reproductive ones.

            A persistent sticking point with the PCR test is that it picks up dead viral debris, and by excessively magnifying those particles with CTs (cycle thresholds) in the 40s, noninfectious individuals are labeled as infectious and told to self-isolate. In short, media and public health officials have conflated “cases” — positive tests — with the actual illness.”

            I’ll need to look up the other ones on their site.

            • oregonmatt says:

              Kennedy is misinformed and misinforming. There is no “dead” viral debris, as there is no virus. There is always, however, cellular debris from normal cell breakdown and death, i.e., random free-floating genetic material that exists until it is consumed or discarded. Some of these nucleic acid fragments can be detected, and this picture can be extended to include nucleic acid debris from bacteria and fungus (always present) as well. There is also cellular signaling, both incoming and outgoing, which amounts to another expression of detectable genetic material. There is no room in this picture for “evidence” of virus that is produced by dishonest methodology, a methodology that is clearly designed to promote belief in a fictitious entity.

              PCR, therefore, has zero meaning in this context, no matter what cycle threshold is used, but Kennedy’s continued invocation of virus, as in “dead or inactive”, clouds the issue and helps the viral Rockefeller narrative survive.

              • Jill says:

                From what I am seeing your way of thinking is not the only way of thinking. People of good will have different views on this issue. I think there are real questions left to be asked and answered still. (I realize that isn’t how you think, you think this is a settled issue.)

                What I was addressing is the original issue that Kennedy was promoting testing. I never heard that from him. If someone would please quote something from his book which shows him promoting testing, I would definitely be willing to write CHD over that.

                It just seems like CHD is really clear that testing is a bad idea and Kenndy’s lawsuits in part rest on the fact that the PCR isn’t accurate and can’t diagnose disease (see original quote and link from above).

                Is stating one’s true belief which agrees with something an evil person say the same as being on the same side as evil? I hope not, because I know that I agree with people whom I don’t respect or admire but my thinking is based on my own research and is independent of whether an evil person holds the same view.

              • RogerD says:

                I have to admit to being confused by some of the logic of this discussion. I think we are all fighting tyranny in one way or another, and we all have more or less understanding of what is going on. There is much debate about whether viruses exist, and as I see it this question is unresolved, but either way the PCR test is clearly misleading, and is a tool that the global elite are using to perpetuate fear, medical tyranny and mass psychosis. It seems to me that Kennedy is doing good by attacking it and I find it difficult to see how this helps perpetuate the narrative (but I am willing to learn, so please comment)

                Is it not one of our aims to enlighten those who believe in the narrative? The complex story that wrenchinthegears is telling is both fascinating and enlightening, and I think she is doing a wonderful job in piecing together so many connections and pieces of the puzzle. Nevertheless it is difficult for many people to digest. I am a retired physicist, so I have a reasonably logical mind, but I find the concepts of social impact bonds and human capital futures are difficult to understand.

                I believe we also need the Kennedys and Mercolas and Woods’ of this world to help in this fight. By sharing and debating these different perspectives we can learn from each other, and prepare and defend ourselves ourselves against our common enemy. I am thankful for all of these brave and resourceful people.

    • wrenchinthegears says:

      You don’t have to read my work. I am entitled to my opinion, which is clearly stated here. Meeting people where they are when where they are is deadly viruses means rule by electron microscope. I won’t go along with that. I can’t help it if the vast majority of the resistance is compromised in that regard.

      • S Gaiga says:

        Interesting point. Only “they” have the tool, or the channel to knowledge… Hmmm… Similarly, Bible’s never used to be allowed to be looked at by anyone “lesser” than the priesthood in the Catholic hierarchy. Not even the nuns. And this wasn’t long ago.

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