Texas “Blockchain Matters” Public Hearing Debrief With Jason Bosch and Lynn Davenport

I’m still working on my eugenics, synthetic biology and digital ID series. Hope to get the first posts on that up this weekend. For now, I want to share a conversation Jason, Lynn, and I had on Monday about the public hearing in Austin last month, and the amazing Texas moms who testified against blockchained education and digital identity. You can watch the entire hearing, which is about 3.5 hours long, here. Below is our two-hour conversation (slides here) that brings in other aspects of blockchain use including digital twinning, remote robotic labor, and electronic health records to facilitate the scaling up of synthetic biology. We discuss the new Pegasus Park corporate complex in Dallas in that context. Also included are a few recent clips I’ve added to my channel that illustrate the concepts of remote haptic labor and emergent digital “life” on blockchain through advances in “self aware” machines.

Our conversation.

Lynn at the Texas Blockchain Public Hearing.

Rhonda Hurst at the Texas Blockchain Public Hearing. She’s fiery!

NAACP resolution opposing any requirement that a person obtain a blockchain identity in order to access a public service, including education, passes at the National Conference in the summer of 2019 in Detroit. The amendment proposed, which would have gutted the intent of the resolution, was voted down. The resolution was approved as originally written. That amendment was advanced through the New York State chapter of the NAACP. That chapter has made deals to promote the use of data-mining educational technology in partnership with Kneoworld. You can read my Twitter thread about that here. The text of the approved resolution is on page 62-63 of this document.

Lisa and Bart Simpson on “race to the bottom” remote robotic labor. “The Miseducation of Lisa Simpson” aired on February 6, 2020. John Legend is a UPenn graduate and has been advancing badge-based “anytime, anywhere” LRNG education. You can watch the full STEM education segment with John Legend here. It’s about 16 minutes long. These folks know exactly what they are doing.

Carsten Stocker of Spherity in 2018 on self-aware machines on blockchain and their “needs.”



10 thoughts on “Texas “Blockchain Matters” Public Hearing Debrief With Jason Bosch and Lynn Davenport

  1. Skeye says:

    Thanks again for your continured concise and thorough examinations Alison. I just watched this yesterday, and after vieiwing felt this might be one you would like to see. Not for you to learn anything necessarily (there were a few dots connected for me though), but to review for considerations of sharing perspective to anyone that is on the fence with crypto-blockchain.

    While it is a bit longer than I feel it needs to be, her presentation is done creatively (humor and singing interludes), but the information and perspective she shares in here is valuable to understanding how the blockchain is the key tool for the rich to further exploit and capitalize off of the poor. I can’t say I agree with all her historical views and perspective (we know it goes beyond any political affiliation, and I feel she knows this too, but included ‘Libertarian’ to clue particular people in), but I feel she may be presenting things as ‘normal’ as possible for those who aren’t aware of the more conspiratorial nature of our society.

    In her own words:

    “In today’s video I’m looking into all the hype surrounding Web3, blockchain technology, NFTs, and trying to work out WHY this is all happening. The Folding Ideas video ‘Line Goes Up’ came out as I was researching this, and I found that even though we had come to the same conclusion on many aspects of this, I actually came to a different conclusion as to why I think this is all happening – and it’s much more dystopian than most people think. This technology is dangerous and could ruin people’s lives in more ways than just losing out on their investments when the bubble deflates or pops. I have found that many people on the left don’t like this technology but they’re not quite sure why – so my video focusses more on how Bitcoin in particular has strong ties to far-right extremism which was birthed out of the Great Depression in the 1930s, and how the extremely libertarian & conservative Ethereum founder, Peter Thiel, wants to harvest data for the purposes of governing society with rigid code, and he’s getting Jordan Peterson to help.”

    She includes a source page link and chapter time codes for easier viewing.

    Web3.0: A Libertarian Dystopia

    • Skeye says:

      Oh, I forgot to mention, at the end of your article there it mentions: “Full hearing on the Texas”… did something get omitted accidently?

      • wrenchinthegears
        wrenchinthegears says:

        Polarization isn’t helpful. I’m not sure why you are promoting polarizing content that already has hundreds of thousands of views. Think about that next time, ok?

        • Skeye says:

          I find there are gems of information everywhere if one is willing to listen. And her presentation is really not anymore polarizing than anything you present. She just happens to mention pertinant affiliations. But okay, it seems everything I share with you has been viewed from some lens of seeing ‘incompetance’, so I will head your last comment to me months ago: “Shut up” and leave you alone. Good bye and be well Alison.

          • wrenchinthegears
            wrenchinthegears says:

            Actually you’re wrong about that. You chose to push crap content on my blog post – you know it is meant to mislead people. Take responsibility and do better. Move along Skeye.

            • Skeye says:

              Wow, the arrogance…how is your attitude not ‘polarizing’ and ‘elitist’? Thinking you know me and why I share what I share or how I am expressing. It seems you talk all this spiritual talk, yet are still very immersed in your own shaodw of egoic ‘knowing’ that rationalizes prejudice and disdain. Always sorry to hear this aspect from you.

              • wrenchinthegears
                wrenchinthegears says:

                I am holding you accountable for misdirecting the conversation away from the progressives and liberals who are pushing blockchained life. Own it Skeye. Own it. Think for yourself rather than sharing links to shitty, distracting content. Grow up and understand the nature of information warfare. These people are already getting paid by hair growth companies. They don’t need you doing free advertising for them. Got it?

                • TWIN-punk
                  TWIN-punkcj says:

                  I never write on forums — NEVER! However, . . .
                  ATTA’GIRL! You’re totally justified in making such statements and I applaud your stance. And, for you to include “shitty” — that was quite amusing, coming from you.

  2. Jeffrey+Strahl says:

    Thanks, Alison, Jason and Lynn. Universities are building their own digital twins, “Metaversities,” with the help of ….Meta, i.e. Facebook.
    With Money From Facebook, 10 Colleges Turn Their Campuses into ‘Metaversities.’ Is education moving to a “tri-brid” model that flows between in-person, online and simulated environments? Rebecca Koenig, 6/1/22. Pretty much uncritical.

  3. Amy Harlib – 60-something artist/performer/writer/polymath/politically progressive/culture vulture. https://www.reverbnation.com/amazingamycontortionistuniqueyogadancer
    Amy Harlib says:

    UGH! All this technocratic total slavery agenda stuff is so evil – so anti-human/anti-life anti EVERYTHING that makes life worth living. It boggles my mind that most people can’t see what is so obvious to me.

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