School Choice and the Gig Economy: Big Picture Thinking About Education Futures – Guest Commentary by Cliff Gomes

This week we hosted a panel of parents from across the country and across the pond to discuss school choice, the recent Supreme Court decision about using public funding for private schools, the planned future of “anytime-anywhere” competency-based lifelong learning on blockchain, and a global gig economy.

My friend Cliff left a lovely comment that I wanted to share. He’s a thoughtful mentor who has a lot of practical insights into how we can live fulfilling lives. You can catch his channel here.

I can’t say enough about how much I enjoyed this conversation. To see such lovely women, mothers, activists, teachers and parents engaged in understanding and clarifying this content was a joy. I’m holding you all in a prayer of encouragement and support. Blockchain and tokens are all based in your history, in the past. It’s a record of what was and it’s a permanent record. You ARE your history in that system, and so people won’t live into an open future, but instead in a tense present moment in service to your record, your past. All your mistakes, your social sins, your transgressions from the pathways you were told to follow will haunt your future possibilities. It is behavioral training at a deep psychological level such that you remain concerned with reeling out a history that will assure your future. That may seem normal or even acceptable, but it’s a conditioned stance in service of a militarized gambling financial market. You’re not free to hold your past as useful experiences in service of your growth when it’s a permanent record with an assigned value proscribed by artificial intelligence in the service of a global empire.

The dead artificial intelligence they intend to rule over the living, and that they’re selling as a good way to go, is representative of an idea in mind. That idea exists now in the landscape of mind as what it is, a dead thing with no life on its own, as something that only pretends to a semblance of being alive through the domination and control of the living. If life is the reflective surface of ideas in mind, or what ideas look like on the surface that we call the world, then while it’s important that we take a stand here in biology and say I don’t consent to these control mechanisms being rolled out in the world, we must also take a stand in our hearts and minds. You can say to life itself, of which you are a known, loved, and valued member, that you don’t consent.

This thing they’re making may listen in on every interaction you have one day, but life itself has and always will listen to you, to its own beloved life expressed as you, and so you’re one of the voices of life itself. Spiritually we can speak into the connective relationship we posses to life itself and say what’s truly in our hearts and minds, in much the same way you all have to each other in this video. I feel like that a pathway of communication holds out to us the power to move the world in ways that arguing with or about the beast and its reflection in AI never will.

It doesn’t care what you think about it, but life does. We do. Speak from the life you are to the living world as it is expressed in biology as birds, rivers, and people and discover how profoundly supported you really are. People are sometimes hard to reach, because they’re listening is clouded, but life itself is always listening and will help you to reach them. Call life itself to your side; wrap yourself in its truth, which you are, and cloaked in majesty your voice will find a way.” Cliff Gomes

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  1. Greene Fyre says:

    Alison here’s a short article I wrote summarizing your points here. It’s being shared widely to get parents up to speed on at least the top 5 percent of this insanity. May Dandelions Win <3


    Right now, parents are looking at the looming end of summer — it comes so fast– and asking themselves if homeschooling will meet their family's needs.

    Sadly, it won't — or at least, not for long — as the rollout of highly coordinated tracking, tracing, and databasing of all children from nursery through postgraduate, is under way on all continents.

    The key to understand is that the WEF/Globalist education "experts" are intent on tracking behavior, including all children's behavior, in school or out, towards betting on that behavior in social impact investment instruments.

    If this sounds like your children have been commodified and are being bet on in an insidious new form of stock market; well, yeah. That's exactly what it is.

    So you need to understand the depth and breadth of this and how it reaches into all parts of life. If we don't understand this, we cannot stop it and truly replace it with the beautiful, inclusive, creative education that our children deserve.

    You will get an overview of how this is all being rolled out globally from this panel of concerned moms.

    Here's a few highlights.
    If this agenda comes to fruition,

    -In the US, conservatives and libertarians are celebrating the recent Supreme Court ruling on school choice vouchers. On first glance it would appear to be the answer to prayers and of self-determination. But the timing perfectly fits an agenda of pretend-choice where the same systems of tracking and modifying behavior will be required, whether your child is unschooled and out in the community learning from mentors of their choice, or in the local highly structured Catholic school with uniforms and daily prayer.

    -schools AS WE KNOW THEM will no longer exist. They will be transformed into student management centers with psychotherapists and social workers managing portfolios of sutdents who are educated in their own communities in various methods and modalities, from experiential learning to home schooling online. This is already well under way.

    -schools and education have been medicalized so that all students will be required to have an IEP, (Individual Education Plan) formerly reserved for special needs students. This will justify the detailed data tracking (continuous 24 hours data tracking and surveillance eventually, but starting with tracking of students and behavior modification (mind control) managed by the AI.

    -Common core curriculum and assessments will be required at first, for any entity that wants funding. It will come in slowly ramped up requirements — for assessments, for paperwork and tracking, for more and more students to have assessments of mental and behavioral health that were never required before. Then it will be required for all students, whether they are a home school or unschooled or public school.

    -all children will be required to have their personal and education data uploaded to a blockchain "digital locker" that will be the key to unlocking higher education, employment, and access at all levels of society. If your children are unschooled in a forest without cell towers, they might as well have been raised by wolves on a desert island. They will have no way to interface with society. The "most successful" children will be monitored from birth and their data will be used to determine their levels of access to society and future education.

    -there will not be grades and classes, rather nudges and badges (already well underway and deployed in many places). Badges will be awarded for achievements like boy scout badges. Nudges will modify behavior. Expect to see more Pokemon style augmented reality, virtual reality (metaverse), and play tables, all of which measure behaviour constantly and train the AI so it can learn how to manage and influence your child's behavior.




    -We need to become activists and speak up against this in our local school boards, county and state boards of education, and to our local colleges and universities and our federal representatives. We need to

    Even as we're creating alternatives to the bombed out and almost uniformly corrupted public school systems across the US, it is imperative that we understand how to stand up to our states and counties as they slip in this agenda from multiple points of view and angles, including the health department, the education department, and social services. We need to have teams in every state that understand these issues and can help families in every state to get up to speed. MAFA could be a node for disseminating this information.

    -Let's remember that Life Wins. We can and will assert and re-assert our God-Given right to an organic, vital experience in a vibrant natural world — with natural humans. There are more of us who want this than those who don't. Let Life bring us together. Together we're building the beautiful world that we deserve — starting with our children.

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