Deconstructing Tech / Blockchain VC Marc Andreessen’s Appearance on Joe Rogan – Livestream with Jason, Lynn, and Alison

Apologies for that batch of emails that went out earlier in the week. Jason was updating the blog templates and somehow it triggered a wave of notifications with Latin placeholder text.

Livestream discussion of Andreessen’s interview on the Joe Rogan experience we did yesterday. Here’s the link to the Spotify interview on which we’re commenting.


A few tweets I posted this morning:

From a November 2018 post: “Toxic Philanthropy Part 2: Hewlett Packard Re-Engineers The Social Sector

Much more substantial awards (by HP) were made to the Stanford Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society, which is located in HP’s backyard. The foundation supported the operations of the center to the tune of over $6 million since 2006 with awards increasing in recent years and additional gifts made in 2016 to create a new website, purchase a CRM system and develop a communications plan. The center have become a research hub for social impact investing. It publishes the Stanford Social Innovation Review and awards digital impact grants that foster a metrics-oriented approach to service delivery via its Digital Civil Society Lab. Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen, daughter of prominent Silicon Valley commercial real estate developer John Arrillaga and wife of Netscape co-founder Marc Andreessen, founded the center in 2006 and built up the social impact program within the Stanford Graduate School of Business. She also created the Silicon Valley Social Venture Fund, which was incubated within the Silicon Valley Community Foundation for ten years before spinning out in 2008.

Links in tweets above: Climate Marchers, Tucson Talk, Berggruen Tokenizing Life Tweet, Edly Map, Austen Allred LinkedIn, Lambda School Students on ISAs, Wall Street Journal on Christopher Riccardi’s Plan To Do For Higher Ed What He Did For Mortgages

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