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Order from Chaos – Cybernetics and Crypto Attempt To Usurp the Sacred Feminine

I’ve been working for the past month or so to wrap my head around bio-geochemistry, radio-ecology, and complexity theory. During that time a collaboration I’d had with Raul Diego at Silicon Icarus transitioned, which I am chalking up to a cyclical communication failure, which unfortunately is not uncommon in these challenging digital waters. That situation […]

Manifest Destiny’s Blueprint for Post Humanism – Synthetic Pretenders Part 16

Part One: Scientific Management, Robo-Bees, and Digital Babies Part Two: Apocalypse, Mind Files, and Interplanetary Promises Part Three: The “Magic” of Radio-Eugenics and Holographic Twins Part Four: Ritual Gaming and Berggruen’s Transformation of Humanity Part Five: Elite Views on Automated Law and Vending Machine Democracy Part Six: Reject Scientific Management, Celebrate “Weeds” Part Seven: Computation Life and […]

Disgruntled Neighbors Oppose Berggruen’s Mountaintop Monastery – Synthetic Pretenders Part 14

This is the fourteenth installment in the Synthetic Pretenders series examining the proposed CaliforniaTrust Framework within the context of synthetic biology, eugenics, and the Spanish mission system.  Part One: Scientific Management, Robo-Bees, and Digital Babies Part Two: Apocalypse, Mind Files, and Interplanetary Promises Part Three: The “Magic” of Radio-Eugenics and Holographic Twins Part Four: Ritual […]

UPenn’s Nuclear “Green” Syn-Bio Blockchain Web of Impact and Leaving Silicon Icarus

Twice in the late winter and early spring of 2018, I climbed the stairs to the fourth floor of the Fisher Fine Arts Library, a Venetian-Gothic jewel box designed by Frank Furness as the main library of the University of Pennsylvania’s West Philadelphia campus in 1890. It had been years since I’d been inside the […]

Eve’s Fabulous Social Impact Finance Zine – Please Share!

For years I’d hoped someone with an artistic inclination would come along to translate themes of cybernetic control, empire, and global finance into a format that was more accessible to the general public than my long-form essays and presentations. Yesterday that dream came true. I met Eve at an info-picket outside the Philadelphia School District […]

Techno-Makeover of the Third Sector: Laura Arrillaga Andreessen Godmother of Silicon Valley Social Entrepreneurship

This presentation is a follow up to the one Jason, Lynn, and I did deconstructing the Joe Rogan / Marc Andreessen interview last month. You can watch that here. Laura Arrillaga, Marc’s wife, established policy infrastructure around data-driven philanthropy and social innovation in the Bay Area starting in the late 1990s through her ties to […]

Information, Communication, and Listening to the Universe in a Land of Enchantment and Exploitation*

*Enchantment and Exploitation: The Life and Hard Times of a New Mexican Mountain Range Our lives are made for communication, our bodies bathed in information. Some information is vague, like a handmade sign in a sagebrush field “Coming Later.” Sometimes amusing, “Wisdom Way, Dead End.” Sometimes it is unexpectedly delightful, a poem composed on a […]

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