Monthly Archives: October 2022

Looking Around The Labyrinth – A Chat With Cliff About the “Outside-In Robot”

Hello everyone. I’m popping in to let you know that Jason and I have decided to postpone our trip until March. We had good intentions, but sometimes life throws you curveballs. We’re both feeling a bit tender, not at the top of our game, and California demands we come fully engaged. We’ve been touched by […]

What Stage Are We On? Immersive Storytelling, Hegelian Dialectic, and Crypto-Spectacle

For the past seven years, a dear friend who’s been in the trenches with me fighting the securitization of vulnerable populations as human data commodities on blockchain got drawn into a two-day webinar with well-known influencers in the crypto-skeptic space. She’d been excited about the opportunity to connect with an international network of people working […]

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