A Tucson Labyrinth: Ants In An Age of Artifice

Last night we had a nice group in the chat to watch a stream Jason edited from the presentation I gave in Tucson in late November, plus follow up Q&A. The focus was on simulation modeling, artificial societies in social media, cybernetic steering, consciousness studies, eugenics, aerospace research linked possibly to blockchain mindfiles, and sociobiology.

Here’s a link to the slide deck. I’m interested to hear what you make of it. Please let me know in the comments.



2 thoughts on “A Tucson Labyrinth: Ants In An Age of Artifice

  1. Freecus says:

    Excellent presentation and Q&A in Tucson casting more light on the World Wide Labyrinth.
    It would be nice to see how a few dedicated deviant ants could change that landscape.

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