Camelot Corner with Operation Snow White and Charles Eisenstein as Troubadour

Hey folks, I’m going to be taking about ten days off to celebrate my mom’s 80th birthday. In the meantime, please check out the videos I made as part of my Camelot Corner series on the Robert F. Kennedy Jr. presidential campaign. The first explores an advisor to the California Chapter of Children’s Health Defense, lawyer Michael Baum who was an un-indicted co-conspirator in Operation Snow White in which covert operatives acting on behalf of Scientology stole records from numerous government offices in the 1970s. I discuss impact finance in the incarceration / recovery space and Crimanon/Narcanon, which relates to an interesting recent development. Bobby announced his vision for creating a “Peace Corps” for low-cost P3 addiction and mental health recovery centers based on the Italian San Patrignano model. In 2021, a Netflix investigative series, SanPa: Sins of the Savior, brought that program back into the public eye.  SanPa, which is connected to prominent politicos and oil, finance, and manufacturing interests, practiced coerced labor, physical torture, and even murder. It’s since been rebranded as a “sustainable” social enterprise, offering an efficacious blueprint for “recovery” just in time for mass 4IR economic dispossession and cybernetic social systems engineering with digital behavior tokens.

I also made two presentations focused on the role Charles Eisenstein, advisor to Web3 social impact platform Celo, will be playing to frame out a mythology around Bobby’s “Kennedy Democrat” candidacy. In the first video I explain how the initial phase of “authoritarian government” overreach set the stage for decentralized “tagged” agents exercising a radical, participatory digital “democracy” in a surveilled “commons” using tokens and a language of programmed “community” currency in a new game of noetic emergence. Also featured is the Bretton Woods 75 anniversary event sponsored by Bancor’s Galia Benartzi, Benjamin Netanyahu’s niece by marriage to his third wife Sara. The event, which was held at the historic Mount Washington hotel and featured yoga, storytelling around the campfire, tea ceremonies, and a lively debate over the future of reserve currencies (dollar, yuan, or crypto), was attended by 200 stakeholders from the worlds of global finance, blockchain, and social impact venture philanthropy. Charles gave a keynote presentation on inter-beingness, the death of “Mother Earth,” and the emergence of a new spirit, “Lover Earth,” that comes expecting gifts and is going to be keeping track of donations and withdrawals by humanity (cue distributed ledger technology).

In the second installment, I pulled clips from a podcast Charles and Bobby did last May about the need to move on from the climate / carbon discussion, braiding the strands of eco-Bobby, with health freeDOM Bobby, and now Bitcoin Bobby. I demonstrated the hypocrisy Charles embodies as he calls for the transition to a sacred gift economy, even as he maintains a close affiliation with Celo and Sep Kamvar. Kamvar stays busy tokenizing human and natural capital (see IoT sensors in the slippers of pre-k children enrolled in the Wildflower Montessori franchise he founded while at MIT) and devising novel ways to scale remote sensing and automated measurement for the nature backed currency that Eisenstein proposed in his book “Sacred Economics.” I also laid out my concerns around Kennedy’s proposed recovery Peace Corps models based on my research into impact markets in the addiction space and the problematic history of San Patrignano.

Enjoy your long weekend and see you in a bit!



Camelot Corner map of resources here.

Map of resources around “Beautiful Money” here.

Map of the Troubadour here.

10 thoughts on “Camelot Corner with Operation Snow White and Charles Eisenstein as Troubadour

  1. kocotube01 začasni
    kocotube01 začasni says:

    Under the last image:
    Cointelegraph; is it coin-telegraph or cointel e-graph?
    Above the last image:
    are all those icons token/coin logos … C + bat + tree + ?what is the last one?
    Celo – C logo reminded me of a black body radiation. From wiki:
    “Black-body radiation is the thermal electromagnetic radiation within, or surrounding, a body in thermodynamic equilibrium with its environment, emitted by a black body (an idealized opaque, non-reflective body). […] A perfectly insulated enclosure which is in thermal equilibrium internally contains black-body radiation, and will emit it through a hole made in its wall, provided the hole is small enough to have a negligible effect upon the equilibrium. […] The thermal radiation spontaneously emitted by many ordinary objects can be approximated as black-body radiation.”.

    I see Celo’s C as a ‘black-body’ (cavity/cave) that is in ‘thermodynamic equilibrium with its environment’. This equilibrium is maintained by dynamic cyber control of the narrative inside and outside the walled story that has only one single input/output portal available. The ‘black-body’ itself (Celo’s wall designers/owners) is ‘idealized opaque’, that is non-transparent, and ‘non-reflective’, that is invisible when observed directly. Yellow radiation (golden profit) inside and outside the black cave/cavity (C-logo), supplied by ‘many ordinary objects’ (token users), is ‘black-body radiation’ which provides vibrancy to the opaque and non-reflective cave wallers themselves.
    The only thing that comforts me at this time is the fact that ‘Kirchhoff’s law of thermal radiation’ is invalid, which brings the whole basis of this house of token-cave tumbling down.

    Of course when I look at the new Celo’s logo -, – I observe that they just can’t go about without squaring the circle (enclosing the human 2.0 soul).
    Their plan is made visible with this new logo:
    “firstly, we get them all to willingly Consume our fancy Cyber story (C), secondly, we cybernetically Extract top-people from the bottom-rest (E), thirdly, we Let-Loose/Jettison the bottom-rest on a roller-coaster like-a-ride (L) and finally, we enclose the Outstanding remainders as asymptotically-approaching zeros inside our black box of mental fluctuations (O).
    C+E+L+O = ZERO … vibration. All Zeros inside the One, but not one as Oneself.
    Mere random cavity background oscillators. Hofstadter-Moebius loop. Cooling down into babbling Nothingness.

    Turtles all the way down
    Slaves as stakeholders stewarded by more influential stakeholder slaves stewarded by even more important stakeholding slaves … and so on … all the way up to the top slavers, Stanleys and Stuarts of all stewards and holders of the ultimate stake.

  2. TT says:

    Stylistically, Sep Kamvar is unnerving. His singsong voice soft is like those recorded voices they play over speakers when they’re gaslighting you and sh**s about to go down.

    Ironically – or not- Eisenstein recreates the patriarchal, anti-Nature model while pretending the opposite. His Mother Nature is dangerous unless appeased and, like the male Abrahamic God ”before” her, has judged humans as sinners in need of redemption. Conveniently, that redemption can only come if mediated through a priestly caste of Coachella organizers and cryptopagans making digital offerings at the alt-Her. Just as Abrahamic believers don’t really seem to believe in the God they profess, these techno shamans don’t believe in Nature; they believe in their tech.

    The system needs male characters ”embracing the divine feminine” in style and content for its next phase. It’s the False Mother twin of the False Father – both of them False Parents.

  3. KenshoHomestead – Creatively working toward self-sufficiency on the land.
    KenshoHomestead says:

    Such needed insights and mapping, Alison, thank you again and always! I did catch that you mentioned some believed JFK’s father made his money in bootlegging and basically bought his son’s presidency. I just wanted to share who those ‘some’ are, for those who might want to explore further by following the money and the press about it, even at the time. Seymour Hersch’s The Dark Side of Camelot is where this is best laid out, as far as I know. It seems to me that a family concerned about its reputation, or the truth or lies behind his assertions would sue for liable if the accusations were false. It was a NYT bestseller for quite a spell, so it’s not like the family would be unaware. Here’s an interesting quote from page 71:
    “In an interview in 1962 with Richard J. Whalen, Corcoran depicted Kennedy, with grudging admiration, as having stage a “remarkable coup d’etat” in putting his son into the presidency. “You have to look at this piece of energy adapting itself to its time,” Corcoran said/ “A man not afraid to think in a daring way. He had imperial instinct. He knew what he wanted — money and status for his family. “Corcoran added, into which Joe Kennedy ‘slammed money . . .These are not the attributes of the philosopher, the humanitarian, educators or priests. These are the attributes of those in command.”

  4. Gordon McRae says:

    I’d like to see a system where we have a choice wether to embrace the digitial systems or to opt-out and operate in a more or less private way with cash…. Or a combination of both or several types of money/payment systems.
    I’m happy using cash some of the time and a bank card other times and maybe I would even be happy to use a centralized block-chain method some of the time.
    The problem as i see it isn’t the technology but the pwer trip of forcing it upon EVERYONE with no alternative.
    Shouldn’t there be a middle way where all options are available?
    This is very much my problem with the authorities. They seem to be power trippers and need to be constantly screamed at to back off. This has been amply demonstrated with the Covid tyranny and is likely to be the same if they manage to enforce a NEW all encompasing digital system.
    I want several choices. Robert F. Kennedy if your listening please give us all our options and not just the ones that benefit your chosen financiers of the day. Although i doubt your going to be president as the democrat cartel and the republican cartel are unlikely to fold up easily.
    Masters of technology if your listening please let us have alternatives to your glorious techno-solutions. In return we may even be able to live peacefully among each other.
    Charles Eisenstein if your listening…. Surely your not such an absolutist that you can’t see the need for multiple options if you truly believe in a free humanity.

  5. Rodrigo says:

    Heylighen wrote about the Global Brain Immune System in a rather vague way and then I found this more explicit explanation of its functioning in a white paper by Zargham et al.:

    «The Internet of Impact design is based on the bio-mimetic principles of natural immune systems.
    It enables decentralised, autonomous localised sens-ing of social, environmental, economic and climate threats or opportunities.
    With response mechanisms for coordinating, target-ing and amplifying both localised and systemic actions.
    In the process this builds innate intelligence, latent memory and preparedness, to speed up and replicate future responses.
    Using tokens like antibodies to carry information and potentiate, aggregate, neutralise, or catalyse changes in the state of the world.
    This is the Digital Immune System for Humanity.»

  6. kocotube01 začasni
    kocotube01 začasni says:

    A direct pdf link to “Biomimetic and Biohybrid Systems: 11th International Conference, Living Machines 2022, Virtual Event, July 19–22, 2022, Proceedings”.
    Thirty papers illustrating where our present is being towed towards by the future anchored in the evaporative past.

  7. washington sean – I do not consent. Nam tua res agitur paries cum proximus ardet
    washington sean says:

    Was that picture of the Quilt in the Beautiful Money map the finished piece for mom? Turned out gorgeous!

    I also was digging into Charles Eisenstein and found this twenty minute video you might find some interesting tidbits…

    The film was produced by a film maker who lives in Jarna, Sweeden, home to the Youth Initiative Program or ‘YIP’ (( which offers a 10-month immersive program followed up with internships in places like India, Nepal, Egypt and Zimbabwe. Eisenstein came to speak at YIP and offered insights into his philosophy.

    Yarna, I learned, in addition to being home to YIP, is full of “anthroposophist’s” and also the site of the Yarna International Steiner College and many small farms practicing Steiner’s approach to agriculture (biodynamics).

    From the Film: Timestamp 7:00 “Where I work now is highly efficiency orientated; It’s about doing things as effectively as possible, and everything is measured in the productivity of the employee…and quality comes second…”

    7:57: “We are today at the end of a certain story that has carried us for a long time. I call it the story of separation, that holds us, that says who we are as separate individuals in an objective world that is outside of ourselves…

  8. sheilastruthers
    Sheila Struthers says:

    When I was researching “wellbeing” economics as it was being pushed in Scotland via Carnegie UK and one Sir John Elvidge, I came across this very lengthy report. I thought it was important at the time and I still do. A sort of global blueprint maybe.

    Just for context, here is a guest post (one of many Subrosa was kind enough to host) which I wrote at the time. I updated some of the dead links in the comments for a while.

    Elvidge was an important part of the Blair administration and all they were pushing before he was moved north to Scotland.

    Scotland Performs is based on Virginia Performs.

    Funnily enough, when I was searching for a working link to the Stiglitz Report and stuck kennedy on the end, this popped up.,the-wellbeing-economy-can-it-really-work

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