Monthly Archives: August 2023

Italian “Third Pole” Politics and RFK Jr.’s “Recovery Center” Peace Corps Program

Last night, Jason, Brandi, and I streamed the first installment of a series we’re working on that digs a bit more into San Patrignano, an Italian, social impact, “sustainable” treatment center for addiction in Rimini, Italy. RFK Jr. wants to scale this program across the United States, setting up centers in rural communities using proceeds […]

Guest Post by Leo Saraceno – The Game of Risk: How Insurance Behemoths, Disaster Recovery, and State Intelligence Laid the Foundations for the Planetary Computer

The following guest post was written by Leo Saraceno and expands on his previous work at Silicon Icarus and the series “Atomic Ecologies” he did with me and Jason Bosch last summer. Last year I started a relationship map to explore the intersecting themes of corporate environmentalism, biogeochemisty, natural capital, and energy economics as they […]

Guest Post: Transcend or Die: The Origins of Our Enslavement to the New Religion of Evolutionary Humanism

What follows is a bookend to Lorraine Davison’s two part analysis (here and here) of Wolfgang Smith’s, Theistic Evolution, the Teilhardian Heresy. She shared it with me some time ago, and I am glad to finally have a chunk of time to read it through and share it with the blog’s readership. Her post touches […]

The Far Side of the Alleghenies – Signals, Cells, Networks, and Nature

What follows is a bit of a ramble. My experience is that when I go forth in the world, stories sometimes land at my feet. Disparate episodes logged away and semi-forgotten may pop into my consciousness later bringing clarity to ideas I’ve been pondering. So, consider this entry a rather unstructured journaling exercise, notes for […]

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