Walmart’s Connections To Salt Lake City: Supply Chains, Payment Processing, and Crystalline Consciousness

I’m tying up loose ends before my upcoming road trip, so I don’t have time to do anything more that share the links to two streams I did yesterday with their associated maps. There is one more pre-recorded stream tonight at 8pm Eastern on the role of AI in immersive drama and video games.


Interactive Map Here:

Interactive Map Here:


14 thoughts on “Walmart’s Connections To Salt Lake City: Supply Chains, Payment Processing, and Crystalline Consciousness

    • Rodrigo says:

      That book is on my reading list. Looks very interesting. The thesis of Robert Temple is that the two plasma clouds between the earth-moon matrix are conscious beings. Maybe they’re like the Galactic Archangels mentioned by William Irwin Thompson waiting for the sudden and simultaneous release of our plasma/energy/astral bodies.

  1. Rodrigo says:

    «There are few questions as fascinating, far-reaching, and impactful as the emergence of multiscale minds from the competencies of physico-chemical systems. This highly thought-provoking book addresses the continuity of life and diverse intelligence across evolution, physiology, and behaviour. An engaging tour of ideas essential for understanding our nature and our biological, artificial, and hybrid futures.»
    Michael Levin
    Vannevar Bush Professor

    • B. Sadie Bailey says:

      Just because they COULD do this, I wonder if it is their right to DO this. Thus far, our attempts to tamper with Nature, and energetically and physically control biography via ‘hacking’ into them and inserting what doesn’t belong in them, have been disastrous. It’s still harm of sentient beings. What gives these people the right to play god and to think they know what various sentient life forms need? cell phones for plants a la a central or decentralized database? That sounds psychopathic to me.

  2. Mishelle says:

    In your ‘Biophysics’ YT talk I noticed a couple of points from the beautiful but disturbing woman, sorry I did not catch her name—the one speaking about gamifying the life of plants.  She repeats words such as ‘agency’ and expresses so much concern about nature yet molds her language (deliberately?) to take away its agency.  For example, when talking about the honeybees she is excited they ‘recycled’ their own comb.  This does not happen in nature.  So, she should’ve said, We forced the bees to eat their own comb.  This would properly express what must’ve happened in that experiment, though I’ve not seen the study and would very much like to, if that’s available to the public. (HA!)

    Also, about Chinese silk worms.  According to wiki, they can no longer survive in the wild, that’s how domesticated they have become over the centuries.  So, while I don’t know if they are genetically modifying them, but they have certainly been heavily modified by their human exploitation over time.

  3. B. Bailey says:

    I’m convinced that these people are psychopaths playing God with Nature a la technocracy. This horrifies me. I can’t help but imagine that any nature-based persons, Aboriginal especially, are laughing their asses off at the arrogance and stupidity of these people – hybrids themselves, perhaps – when they ALREADY have a direct relationship with nature without having to manipulate and dominate it! You hit the core of it all again, Alison – these people are doing this all in the background and very few people will ever know about it. I’m about 3/4 through the 4+ hr video – still waiting to hear the Walmart/Salt Lake City piece. Fantasti work; I so appreciate you all. Levin sounds completely manic – narcissistic sociopath? Cyborg? Not sure. Something not quite human about these people.

  4. B. Bailey says:

    at 3:08 you mention Ivermectin and chick embryos. I would like to know what work you have done on why you think Ivermectin may be part of the plot and that ‘they’ want this in our bodies. I have taken it about once a week, give or take, for two years to ward off covid and not get the vaccine. I would love to know what your concerns are please. Please point me to the connections so I can decide for myself because it is definitely ‘in my body’ now. I don’t know how to ask you all that question directly, except here in the comments. Thanks.

  5. Rodrigo says:

    «The functional coupling between knowledge, energy and information has ancient origins, enabling the original, cellular “biotechnology,” and cumulative evolutionary creativity in biochemical products and forms. Cellular biotechnology also enabled the nesting of specialized cells into multicellular organisms. This nested organismal hierarchy can be extended further, suggesting that an organism of organisms, or a human “superorganism,” is not only possible, but in keeping with evolutionary trends.»

    • Rodrigo says:

      «Noospheric communication networks represent a dramatic advance over “traditional” communications biotechnology, such as intracellular signaling cascades, excitable membranes or vocal calls between organisms. In a limited sense, human extrasomatic innovation for communication echoes the evolution of electrical signaling between cells, which dramatically changed the speed of cell to cell communication.
      Electrical communication in bacterial microfilms and multicellular organs (even those outside the brain) enabled new capacity for communication between cells and interdependence at a collective level.»

      Michael Jacob cites Michael Levin here. As above so below, as bellow so above. They’re using similar methods to that used on multicellular organisms to hijack the “cellular” (i. e., us) communication networks of the emerging Planetary Superorganism.

  6. Rodrigo says:

    According to the proposal of Boris Shoshitaishvili of the Berggruen Institute, we would be talking about the existence of 2 Superorganisms inhabiting the same space and with a parent-child relationship: the Planetary Superorganism (Gaia according to Lovelock/Margulys) and the Social Superorganism such as Anthropos or Humanity. Applying the philosophy and technology of Michael Levin’s Laboratory, we would then be talking about Regenerative Medicine for Gaia and Directed Evolution for Anthropos through Bioconvergence.

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