Special Needs Students – A Social Impact Bridge To Collective Intelligence?

This two-hour talk provides additional context for Washington Sean’s guest post, here, about his experience of the Santa Paula Mountains and Thomas Aquinas College as an energetic gatekeeper. In it I walk through a map I made about a year ago that links Vanguard Corporation and Burroughs Research Lab in Paoli, PA to the Deveraux […]

Weigh Points: Lightening the Load on the Walk Through the Labyrinth – Guest Post by Washington Sean

This open letter and touching memoir was written by my friend Washington Sean after listening to my recent ramblings about Trichotomy and anticipated territorial skirmishes over an imagined inter-dimensional bridge where piles of soul bound tokens might be held in the future, inert digital golems awaiting the spirits of inbound travelers. My birthday is later […]

Templated Thought Forms

I did an impromptu live today trying to sort through issues around communication of complex ideas, navigating information streams, and collective thought fields. It’s a bit late, so I don’t have the wherewithall to summarize at the moment, but here are the papers referenced if you want to explore them. My testimony at the Philadelphia […]

Gratitude And Mixed Emotion: My Thanksgiving Evolution Is Still In Process

Tomorrow (well today, since I’m ten minutes late in getting this posted) is Thanksgiving in the United States. I’ve had mixed feelings about it since the February 2017 raid on Standing Rock where Regina Brave made her treaty stand. After watching MRAPs coming down a muddy, snowy hill to confront a Lakota grandmother and Navy […]

Walmart’s Connections To Salt Lake City: Supply Chains, Payment Processing, and Crystalline Consciousness

I’m tying up loose ends before my upcoming road trip, so I don’t have time to do anything more that share the links to two streams I did yesterday with their associated maps. There is one more pre-recorded stream tonight at 8pm Eastern on the role of AI in immersive drama and video games.   […]

Emergent Thoughts on Web3 Game Mechanics and Tokens as a Computational Language Triggered By the film “Arrival”

Jason and I will be hitting the road to explore Arkansas in a few days. We’ll be away until the end of the month scouting potential landing spots for the next chapter in my life. Over the course of the last 48 hours, I’ve had many interconnected realizations; or if not fully new realizations, then […]

Humility, Love, and Boundaries

This morning I received a response to my latest blog post, a piece I’d written about grief and family separation and controlled consciousness along with a description of site visits I did in Durham, NC related to military gaming simulations, neuroscience, and psychical research. It was sent by someone I know from my education activism […]

His Eye Is On The Sparrow, The Inchworm, and Me

What follows is a day-long outpouring of emotion. I’ve been back in Philadelphia for five days, and it felt like the right time to begin to process and document the past two weeks, the synchronicities and the heartache, before the memories fade into oblivion. My gut tells me these experiences hold life lessons, especially the […]