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Question From The Labyrinth – What About These Formative Assessments We’re Seeing In The Czech Republic?

The following is a correspondence from a teacher and father in the Czech Republic. I very much appreciated his observations, and he generously permitted me to share them with you all here in the hopes that it might help others. March 23, 2023 Hi Alison, I have been following your research for a certain time […]

School Choice and the Gig Economy: Big Picture Thinking About Education Futures – Guest Commentary by Cliff Gomes

This week we hosted a panel of parents from across the country and across the pond to discuss school choice, the recent Supreme Court decision about using public funding for private schools, the planned future of “anytime-anywhere” competency-based lifelong learning on blockchain, and a global gig economy. My friend Cliff left a lovely comment that […]

Secretary of Education Dr. Miguel Cardona, Connecticut Hedge Funds, and Human Capital

Tonight my friend Zakiya Sankara-Jabar of Real Talk With ZSJ invited me to discuss the appointment Dr. Miguel Cardona, former Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning in the Meriden, CT School District, to the position of the US Secretary of Education. We covered a lot of ground including: how pay for success finance was layered […]

Photonic Workhouses and Behavioral Scrip – Synthetic Pretenders Part 9

This is the ninth installment in the Synthetic Pretenders series examining the proposed CaliforniaTrust Framework within the context of synthetic biology, eugenics, and the Spanish mission system.  Part One: Scientific Management, Robo-Bees, and Digital Babies Part Two: Apocalypse, Mind Files, and Interplanetary Promises Part Three: The “Magic” of Radio-Eugenics and Holographic Twins Part Four: Ritual […]

On Teapots, Leaderboards and Thingification – Remembering Dr. King

Since I’ve gotten back from Salt Lake City, I’ve been thinking a lot about how the Utah teapot, mixed reality, and “thingification” intersect. I didn’t quite know how to write about it until a few days ago when someone in Wisconsin asked if I would present to their group. That led me to revisit some […]

Electric Philadelphia Politics With A Side of Alchemy and Astrology

I stayed up late Monday night editing a video recording I’d done with Lynn Davenport on Open Education Resources earlier in the day. First thing Tuesday morning was a forum on education for candidates running to become Philadelphia’s 100th mayor. Even though I’d reserved a spot a few weeks earlier, I was sorely tempted to […]

#LockoutLori – Weaponized Narrative 101

Several years into my education research I came across Arizona State University’s Center for the Future of War, which was largely funded by New America and Eric Schmidt of Google Alphabet. When I first found out about the program, they had three areas of focus: drones, autonomous weapons, and weaponized narrative. That last one is […]

Charter Cities, Refugee Labor, and The Learning Economy – Synthetic Pretenders Part 15A

The next four posts started out as a single article for the Synthetic Pretenders series; but as I continued to dig and write, the content got a little out of hand. If I were more self-disciplined, I’d probably be able to organize my findings better and perhaps offer up more compact, digestible posts. There’s a […]

Open Letter to Dr. Miguel Cardona On The Future Of Public Education And Indigenous Resurgence

Dear Dr. Cordona, I am writing this open letter as the parent of a young adult child who spent thirteen years in an under-funded urban school district, a district targeted by consultants, corporate interests, and predatory philanthropists who sought to leverage the challenges faced by our city’s vulnerable children and families as sources of “social […]

God’s Eye View Part 6 – Every Man Thus Lives By Exchanging

Jeff Yass and his wife Janine, the Club of Growth, the Cato Institute are the ones setting up the mechanics of the “free market” game the masses are expected to play, ostensibly to pursue some imagined evolutionary imperative towards “progress” as a networked super-organism guided by effective altruism and collective self sacrifice. The vast majority […]