Blockchain: Life on the Ledger

I created this video as a follow up to the one I prepared last year on Social Impact Bonds. It is time to examine the ways in which Blockchain could interface with social impact investing to further concentrate power and wealth and exacerbate long-standing forms of global oppression under the guise of philanthropy. This narrative … Continue reading “Blockchain: Life on the Ledger”

Digital Colonialism: South Africa Puts Preschoolers on the Blockchain

With the debut of their Blockchain transcript, Southern New Hampshire University’s “College for America” and Learning Machine are in the vanguard of innovative digital credentialing for adults. At the other end of the “lifelong learning” spectrum, Trustlab’s IXO Foundation has staked out the early childhood space with a Blockchain DApp called Amply. Amply, an online … Continue reading “Digital Colonialism: South Africa Puts Preschoolers on the Blockchain”

Blockchain, Self-Sovereign Identity, and Selling Off Humanity

It’s time activists began to develop a working knowledge of Blockchain and self-sovereign digital identity, because these are the mechanisms that will drive the transition to IoT monitoring for the purposes of Pay for Success deal evaluation. I created a slide share about Blockchain as part of a “Smart Cities” post I wrote last year, … Continue reading “Blockchain, Self-Sovereign Identity, and Selling Off Humanity”

Shorting The Lives of Children: No Small Matter

As I wrote in a previous post, “Don’t Let Impact Investors Capture the Non-Profit, Activist Media,” documentary film has been hijacked to advance the social impact investment agenda. I touched on it in a piece about Ted Dintersmith’s, Most Likely to Succeed. Dintersmith launched a Sundance-affiliated program, the Catalyst Fund, matching social justice minded filmmakers … Continue reading “Shorting The Lives of Children: No Small Matter”

Boiling Frogs & Building Brands: P&G’s Partnership With Strive

This is a follow up to my previous post about Strive Together’s plans for “cradle to career” collective impact. Pursuing this work is a curious experience. Most times I can’t tell what, if any, progress I’m making. Yet I continue to forge ahead and regularly stumble across guideposts that seem to affirm I’m doing the … Continue reading “Boiling Frogs & Building Brands: P&G’s Partnership With Strive”

Home Visit Legislation: A Sales Pitch For Family Surveillance?

I’ve heard rumblings from folks in a number of states about pending legislation to establish home visit programs for expectant families or families with newborns or pre-school age children. So many families are struggling. Poverty is at an all time high. When hearing about such bills, those who have not been faced with the challenge … Continue reading “Home Visit Legislation: A Sales Pitch For Family Surveillance?”

Good Guy in Davos? Not So Fast

Videos of the historian calling out the billionaires in Davos have been circulating online a lot over the past few days. Kind of makes you wonder how he got in the room in the first place, doesn’t it? Well, my colleague from Save Maine Schools pointed out today that Rutger Bregman, author of Utopia for … Continue reading “Good Guy in Davos? Not So Fast”

Stanley Druckenmiller and Paul Tudor Jones: The Billionaire Networks Behind Harlem’s Human Capital Lab

Stanley Druckenmiller, also a hedge fund manager, recruited Gary Cohn of Goldman Sachs for the board of the Harlem Children’s Zone. As board chair, Druckenmiller shaped the leadership of the organization, which came from the highest echelons of New York’s finance sector. Druckenmiller and Geoffrey Canada had gone to school together at Bowdoin in Maine. … Continue reading “Stanley Druckenmiller and Paul Tudor Jones: The Billionaire Networks Behind Harlem’s Human Capital Lab”

Will We See A Pre-K TARP? (Toxic Assets Relief Program) In 20 Years?

Over twenty plus years, Harlem Children’s Zone (HCZ) grew from a one-block pilot offering integrated social service delivery to a vast enterprise overseeing 20,000 children and adults within a ninety-seven block area. Under the leadership of Geoffrey Canada, hundreds of millions of dollars flowed from finance interests into HCZ’s programs, including Promise Academy Charter Schools, … Continue reading “Will We See A Pre-K TARP? (Toxic Assets Relief Program) In 20 Years?”

Interoperable Data To Fuel Human Capital Hedge Funds

An influential network of economists and billionaire-backed foundations have laid out this nefarious plan for a futures market in human capital data with the help of complicit academics and think tanks (here, here, here, here, and here). They did it piece by piece, so gradually that few realize the dangers that loom on the horizon. … Continue reading “Interoperable Data To Fuel Human Capital Hedge Funds”