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Texas “Blockchain Matters” Public Hearing Debrief With Jason Bosch and Lynn Davenport

I’m still working on my eugenics, synthetic biology and digital ID series. Hope to get the first posts on that up this weekend. For now, I want to share a conversation Jason, Lynn, and I had on Monday about the public hearing in Austin last month, and the amazing Texas moms who testified against blockchained […]

Paua 23 Rant – Tokenizing Indigenous Culture, Drawing Spiritual Seekers Into Behaviorist Blockchain Protocols

The following is a guest post about blockchained wellbeing metrics promoted as an inclusive, emerging tech spiritual practice.   May 2023 Hi Alison, A couple of days ago a friend of mine sent me a screenshot of a conference being held in Paris that a member of the alternative health and freedom space was promoting […]

IEEE Blockchain Chair Urges Speedy, Collaborative Open Metaverse Deployment (Before Mass Dissent Erupts)

This afternoon I logged into the end of the IEEE’s Third Metaverse Congress Webinar. I missed the morning session and keynote by Philip Rosedale, formerly of Second Life and Linden Labs. I was, however, able to watch a lunch-hour session promoting the decentralized, open Metaverse, an effort spearheaded, at least in part, by Cesium based […]

UPenn’s Nuclear “Green” Syn-Bio Blockchain Web of Impact and Leaving Silicon Icarus

Twice in the late winter and early spring of 2018, I climbed the stairs to the fourth floor of the Fisher Fine Arts Library, a Venetian-Gothic jewel box designed by Frank Furness as the main library of the University of Pennsylvania’s West Philadelphia campus in 1890. It had been years since I’d been inside the […]

Mother of Conscience Gets Bumped By Social Innovators For Explaining How Children Will Be Securitized on Blockchain

This happened to me today (three-a-half-minute clip below): So much for meaningful community participation and relationship building. This demonstrates that the P3 / NGO complex is a theater of busywork to misdirect well-meaning people as Web3 sensor networks and extended reality are installed around us. It’s happening right before our eyes, but we cannot see […]

Blockchain, The Metaverse, and Nephele, Mother of the Centaurs

In January 2020, I flew into Dallas to meet my good friend and fellow education activist Lynn Davenport. We toured the city and met with folks, unpacking our concerns over developments in adoption of blockchain education transcripts and how they would be used to profile children and catalyze futures markets in human capital. You can […]

Deconstructing Tech / Blockchain VC Marc Andreessen’s Appearance on Joe Rogan – Livestream with Jason, Lynn, and Alison

Apologies for that batch of emails that went out earlier in the week. Jason was updating the blog templates and somehow it triggered a wave of notifications with Latin placeholder text. Livestream discussion of Andreessen’s interview on the Joe Rogan experience we did yesterday. Here’s the link to the Spotify interview on which we’re commenting. […]

Blockchain Keys To A Murky Metaverse – Interview With Bonnie Faulkner of Guns and Butter WBAI

Hello everyone! I recently got back from spending a week in Texas with my friends Lynn Davenport and Jason Bosch doing fieldwork around blockchain, artificial intelligence, predatory finance, and human capital futures. We filmed at several dozen locations and are working on that editing now. Along the way I was fortunate to soak my feet […]