Help Alison and Jason Get to California!

This coming November Alison and Jason are planning a three-week trip to California to connect with West Coast supporters and conduct on-site research. We’ll create a series of videos like the ones we’ve done in Texas and Utah. This time the focus will be on how the Spanish mission system, eugenics, digital media, behavioral psychology, and militarism laid the groundwork for the Open Metaverse prison planet. Alison has been doing extensive research into this as part of her Synthetic Pretenders series centered around the Berggruen Institute’s plans to transform capitalism, democracy, and what it means to be human.

Alison is covering her travel from Philadelphia to and from Las Vegas, our starting point, and lodging costs when we are not staying with folks. We are raising funds to cover gas, food, vehicle repairs and printed material for handouts.

If you support our work and can afford to help out please contribute. We promise it will be a productive trip and provide lots of new informative material.

Here are some suggested donation amounts and what they could provide for our trip.

Buy Alison and Jason a couple coffees for road.

Get a couple meals to keep us nourished.

Cover our meals for a day.

A tank of gas for the van.

Printing Eve’s Zine for handouts.

Van repairs and maintenance prior to hitting the road.

We appreciate any contribution you can afford and are comfortable with.

How to contribute:

Here are three ways you can make a donation.

PayPal (Argus Human Rights)

You can also send a check made out to:
Jason Bosch
11287 Osage Circle, Unit B,
Northglenn, CO 80234

Please specify that the donation is for the California trip.

Jason, Lynn and Alison in Provo, UT – March 2022

As of September 18th we have raised $2,277

Our goal was to raise $2000 and we are very excited and grateful that we have met that goal. If you still want to donate the money will go to good use. We are planning on printing up a bunch of Eve’s “The New Normal” zine to hand out on the road so whatever we raise above our repairs, gas and food will go towards that.

Sample of some sites we hope to visit:

Hoover Dam – Las Vegas
Last Supper – Rhyolite, CA
ESRI Geospatial – Redlands, CA
Salk Institute and UCSD Snake Path – San Diego
San Gabriel Mission – Pasadena, CA
USC Institute for Creative Technologies – Los Angeles, CA
Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics – Santa Barbara, CA

Esalen Institute, Big Sur, CA
National Laboratory for Education Transformation, Carmel, CA
Singularity University, Santa Clara, CA
The Presidio, San Francisco, CA
Bristlecone Pines/Owens Valley Radio Observatory, Bishop, CA
Manzanar Japanese Internment Camp, Manazanar, CA
Naval Weapons Center, (Vicinity), China Lake, CA
Human Betterment Foundation, Pasadena

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    ¬†Video from other working trips we’ve taken

    Here’s our playlist from our Texas trip in October of 2021
    We produced 29 videos on that trip.

    We made 37 videos from the Utah/Colorado trip
    in March of 2022.