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Conditional Cash Transfers and Cybernetic Futures

There’s much discussion of central bank digital currency these days, of its future implications and its technological origins. I’ve noticed, however, there are not many examining its roots in social policy. The concept of programmed money didn’t show up center stage in time for the Fourth Industrial Revolution without considerable advance planning. Social scientists and […]

Camelot Corner with Operation Snow White and Charles Eisenstein as Troubadour

Hey folks, I’m going to be taking about ten days off to celebrate my mom’s 80th birthday. In the meantime, please check out the videos I made as part of my Camelot Corner series on the Robert F. Kennedy Jr. presidential campaign. The first explores an advisor to the California Chapter of Children’s Health Defense, […]

Question From The Labyrinth – What About These Formative Assessments We’re Seeing In The Czech Republic?

The following is a correspondence from a teacher and father in the Czech Republic. I very much appreciated his observations, and he generously permitted me to share them with you all here in the hopes that it might help others. March 23, 2023 Hi Alison, I have been following your research for a certain time […]

On Cyberpunk, Sumer, Synagogues and Vending Machine Government

Happy New Year everyone! Please consider supporting Raul Diego’s year-end fundraiser for Silicon Icarus and help keep independent journalism off blockchain! You can donate here. Thanks in advance! While the information that follows about the Spanish Inquisition, early US synagogues, Sumerian tablets, Philadelphia financiers, cyberpunk, and blockchain government may seem out of place in a series […]

Charter Cities, Refugee Labor, and The Learning Economy – Synthetic Pretenders Part 15A

The next four posts started out as a single article for the Synthetic Pretenders series; but as I continued to dig and write, the content got a little out of hand. If I were more self-disciplined, I’d probably be able to organize my findings better and perhaps offer up more compact, digestible posts. There’s a […]

Jason Bosch Hosts Alison in Denver, CO March 30 7pm at Skytheory

BLOCKCHAIN GOVERNANCE & THE GLOBAL BRAIN DIGITAL GOVERNANCE & THE A.I. GAME Welcome to the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The world’s global order is being radically transitioned but into what? Every aspect of society is being ripped apart and rebuilt.  Come learn about the new system being installed and its implications with mother and researcher Alison […]

Poverty, Identity, and Child Gamers in Rio’s Favelas

I’m working on a longer piece about the social impact investing landscape in Brazil, but I wanted to quickly share my response to a clip I pulled from an interview on Derrick Broze’s “The Conscious Resistance Network” page. It’s short, only 90 seconds. In it Broze touches on what he considers problematic uses of blockchain […]

Human Capital Futures: Racial Capitalism on Blockchain – A Presentation Given at the Unitarian Society of Germantown

I was grateful to be invited to participate in a day-long conversation about race and technology last week at the Unitarian Society of Germantown in Philadelphia. The morning’s discussion was centered on Clyde Ford’s wonderful memoir Think Black, which touches on family, corporate culture, race, and social engineering. Ford’s father was the first Black software […]

Taking The Temperature On Digital Babies – OSINT And Digital Eugenics

For the past week I’ve been researching a post that will link the rise of synthetic biology and digital identity, under the banner of climate justice, to California’s history of eugenics and fears of “dysgenic degeneration.” Today someone tagged me on an article,Tamagotchi kids: could the future of parenthood be having virtual children in the […]

An Unexpected Audience: IEEE Metaverse Congress Part 1

This is a follow up to a post I made in late September after catching the final half hour of the third IEEE Congress on the Metaverse. IEEE, Institute of Electronics and Electrical Engineers, dates back to 1884. Their first technical meeting, mostly of telegraphers, was held in Philadelphia in the fall of that year. […]