How you can support this work.

While I do this work as a gift and do not ask for donations (other than dandelions and such) there are those who have helped me and whose work I support. In lieu of making a donation to please consider supporting my allies and supporters.

Thank you,
Alison McDowell

Jason Bosch / ArgusFest

Jason has been a good friend and consistent supporter of WrenchintheGears since May of 2020. He has filmed and edited many of my videos and helps manage the website. Jason also works hard to get this information out to a larger audience. He does this for free but can always use support.

You can donate to him via PayPal by sending money to the email address or visit You can also send him a check to: 11287 Osage Circle, Unit B, Northglenn, CO 80234

His YouTube channel is

Raul Diego / Silicon Icarus

I connected with Raul in the winter of 2020 over a shared concern about blockchain technologies and social impact investing. In March 2021, he published “The Bits and Bytes of the Great Reset: Covid 19 and the Scaling Up of Data Capitalism.” It was the first time anyone with a major alt media platform had dug into social impact investing, and I was incredibly grateful that the issue was finally getting attention. Raul had just launched Silicon Icarus, an online platform focused on issues relating to digital enclosures and the commodification of humanity. I  feel strongly that to understand what is unfolding, we must incorporate history into our analysis. No one does this better than Raul. His investigative pieces are outstanding in terms of content, context, and visual presence. He’s been a sounding board for me at the time when going against the grain on blockchain isn’t very popular. Being willing to take up the stories that need to be told as an independent journalist isn’t an easy road. I am glad to call him a friend and colleague. His work, which includes an upcoming documentary, is worth whatever contribution you are able to make.

You can donate to Raul’s great work through his PayPal or

Chas Jewett / Water Protector

My work centers the idea that in the face of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, we need to take a stand as keepers of natural life. The original people of Turtle Island are the ones who have been doing that work for millennia. During the summer of 2020 I had the opportunity to spend time on Lakota land in South Dakota. While there I met Chas Jewett, a long-time activist for environmental and social causes and a water protector. What we are facing is a period of reckoning where we must face up to the grave harms done to the original caretakers of these lands. Chas is focused now on food security and language preservation. I consider her a role model who significantly shaped my thinking. Her commitment to the land and her people is worthy of generous support.

You can contribute to Chas on Venmo @chas-jewett-1