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Episode 1 – Social Physics, Biophysics, Cycles, and Signals Jammed

Episode 2 – Revisiting My First Blog Post from 2016 on Questions Parents Should Ask About Ed-Tech

Episode 3 – John Trudell’s “Peace” and What It Feels Like To Be Called A Closed, Annotated, and Archived File

Episode 4 – Wrench Re-Treads, Revisiting my Defense Department in Education Blog Post, Bhagavad-Gita, and The Diamond Age

Episode 5 – Maya, Mind Games, Sugarscape and Artificial Societies

Episode 6 – Dan Tulis Chattanooga Radio, Oak Ridge National Labs, Ecological Economics, Smart Cities and Life on the Ledger

Episode 7 – “Terrain” As An Artificial Society? – I Don’t Use The Word Psy-op Jeffrey Strahl

Episode 8 – Artificial Society Part 2 – Explanatory Coherence, Plus Read Aloud from M.T. Anderson’s “Feed”

Episode 9 – Site Visit to Vanguard Campus Malvern, PA – Plus Heart Transmutation at Burroughs Radar Defense Lab Site

Episode 10 – Pre Ethereum Merge Site Visits to Bell Labs in New Jersey – Signals Intelligence

Episode 11 – Money Will Teach You To Pray – John Templeton Foundation Site Visit, Conshohocken, PA

Episode 12 – Evolutionary Economics – Vienna, Pavel Luksha, and Cybernetic Improvement Plans

Episode 13 – Physics as Metaphor Reading on the Concept of Space, Plus Back-to-School with Predatory Sesame Workshop

Episode 14 – Blog Post Reading: What Stage Are We On? Immersive Storytelling, Hegelian Dialectic, and Crypto-Spectacle

Episode 15 – Impact Economy Site Visits: Haas Estate in Villanova and B Lab Office in Berwyn, Main Line, PA

Episode 16 – Intention Setting: Rockefeller Palisades, Climate Campus, & Sacred Outcropping

Episode 17 – Tent Revivals, War Strategy & Wireless Communication: Intention Setting at the Jersey Shore

Episode 18 – Flocks, Herds, and Schools – Alternative Currency, Participatory Sensing, Complexity Theory

Episode 19 – Charter Cities, Refugee Labor, and the Learning Economy – Plus More on Swarming and Robot Societies

Episode 20 – Social Impact Theory, Plus “Mondragon, Focolare, and Inclusive Capitalism” Read Aloud

Episode 21 – Conversation with Jason Bosch: The SMART Con Questioning the Ideology behind Tokenization and Web3

Episode 22 – Looking Around the Labyrinth with Cliff – Who’s Learning Who? The “Outside-In Robot,” Google, Kasitas, and WGBH Boston

Episode 23 – Update on Our California Trip – Postponed to March

Episode 24 – What Are You Listening To? The Economics of Crystalline Emotion

Episode 25 – Looking Around The Labyrinth in Philly – 19th Century Social “Reform,” Trading Paper, Dream Gardens and the Open Metaverse

Episode 26 – Epic Health and Omega Point, From Julian Huxley to Madison. Wisconsin

Episode 27 – MT Anderson’s “Feed” Read Aloud Part 4

Episode 28 – Hong Kong Time Bank, Idaho Libertarians and ALICE / United Way Poverty Management – Past Blog Revisit

Episode 29 – Social Impact and Gaming the Tokenized Commons

Episode 30 – Favelas as Digital “Oil” Deposits – Brazil, Banco Palmas, and the Solidarity Economy

Episode 31 – MT Anderson’s “Feed” Read Aloud Part 5, Final Installment

Episode 32 – Practicing Play In A World of Hammers – Read Aloud of Jorge Louis Borges’s “Garden of Forking Paths”

Episode 33 – Part 1: Questioning the Logic of the New Finance Paradigm for “Public Goods” in Web3 with Jason Bosch and Leo Saraceno

Episode 34 – Part 2: Questioning the Logic of the New Finance Paradigm for “Public Goods” in Web3 with Jason Bosch and Leo Saraceno with Jason Bosch and Leo Saraceno

Episode 35 – Sky Woman, Julian Huxley, and Fitness Landscapes – Looking Around the Labyrinth With Cliff

Episode 36 – Yevgeny Zamyatin’s “We” Read Aloud – Part 1 from Catalina State Park Tucson, Arizona

Episode 37 – Yevgeny Zamyatin’s “We” Read Aloud Part 2- Titan II Missile Silo Green Valley, AZ

Episode 38– Yevgeny Zamyatin’s “We” Read Aloud Part 3 – Mount Lemmon, AZ

Episode 39 – Yevgeny Zamyatin’s “We” Read Aloud Part 4 – Philadelphia, PA

Episode 40– Yevgeny Zamyatin’s “We” Read Aloud Part 5 – Philadelphia, PA

Episode 41 – Yevgeny Zamyatin’s “We” Read Aloud Part 6, Final Installment – Philadelphia, PA

Episode 42 – Collective Intelligence Experiment – “Freedom” and School “Choice” in Texas, Plus Revisiting the Blockchain Collective Futures Map for Institute for the Future

Episode 43 – Boiling Frogs Read Aloud – Plus Complex Adaptive Systems, Geronimo’s Stand, and Gamified Simulations

Episode 44 – Dallas ESports and Bucky Ballers – Jason Bosch, Lynn Davenport, and Alison McDowell (I Come In Halfway Through)

Episode 45 – Ants in an Age of Artifice: The Tucson Labyrinth – On the Global Brain Supercomputer

Episode 46 – Oliver Reiser’s World Sensorium Read Aloud Part 1

Episode 47 – Oliver Reiser’s World Sensorium Read Aloud Part 2

Episode 48 – Oliver Reiser’s World Sensorium Read Aloud Part 3

Episode 49 – Overview of the Handbook of Human Computation

Episode 50 – Selling Us on “Game B” – Transmedia Storytelling, Neurohacking, and Alternative Futures

Episode 51 – Halftime Super Bowl Analysis – Collective Intelligence, Stigmergy and Pheromones

Episode 52 – Natural Assets, Sovereign Nature and Interspecies Gaming with Jason Bosch and Leo Saraceno

Episode 53 – Cliff Gomes and I Discuss Naomi Wolf’s Recent Substack Post About Evil and the Judeo-Christian Covenant

Episode 54 – Site Visits Around the University City Science Center – Bibliometry, Digital Sensing, Learned Helplessness, and “Character” 

Episode 55 – Flow Life Part 1 – Real Estate or Singularity – The New Venture of Adam Neumann (WeWork) and Marc Andreessen (a16z)

Episode 56 – Flow Life Part 2 – Smart Housing and Natural Capital with Leo Saraceno

Episode 57– Flow Life Part 3 – Privatized Education, Affordable Housing, and Faith Communities in Dallas with Lynn Davenport

Episode 58 – Flow Life Part 4 – Property Technology and Web3 Space Colonies with Cliff Gomes

Episode 59 – Flow Life Part 5 – Housing, Sustainability, Seniors, and Rehab in Florida with Brandi Hartley

Episode 60 – Unburdening – Smart Charity, Peter Drucker and the Mega-Church Movement

Episode 61 – The Green Button – Central Banks and Cybernetics

Episode 62 – What is love? Short 5 minutes

Episode 63 – Open Education Resources in Texas, Cybernetic Steering for an AI World

Episode 64 – Read Aloud 2018 Short Story from Slate Magazine ” Overvalued” 

Episode 65 – How I’ve Been Thinking About Things – A Framework for Alison’s Investigations and an Invitation

Episode 66 – This Pervasive Day, Zero Knowledge Proofs, Ubiquitous Computing, and the Philadelphia Mayor’s Race

Episode 67 – Ground Hog Day With Celia Farber and Read Aloud from “This Pervasive Day”

Episode 68 – Digital Sandboxes and Cognitive Domain Management Around the Camelot (RFK Jr.) Presidential Run, Take 2

Episode 68.2 – This is the final hour of the above recording focused on the RFK Jr. candidacy and the rise of a health freeDOM class that is being placed above critique.

Episode 69 – Cliff and Alison Chat About Persuasion Techniques, Social Steering, the Ant Computer, and Celia Farber’s Substack “The Truth Barrier”

Episode 70 – Texas Open Education Resources Part 2 With Lynn Davenport – Origins of OER and Virtual Apprenticeships

Episode 71 – Texas Open Education Resources Part 3 With Lynn Davenport – Learn Capital Sets Up Shop In Austin

Episode 72 – Esoteric Seals, Futures Trading, and Linguistic Ops

Episode 73 – Slide Mold and Reflections on Unity in Politics

Episode 74 – Discussion Following Jason’s Presentation on Ukraine’s Digital Transformation here:

Episode 75 – Read Aloud on Radio Eugenics from Oliver Reiser’s 1966 Book “Cosmic Humanism” 

Episode 76 – Pharma-Banking Consultant Andrew Pek Landed in the Executive Suite of Children’s Health Defense in February – What Happened?

Episode 77 – Selling RFK Jr. on Next Gen Nuclear – A Critical Analysis of Matthew Ehret and Fox Green’s “Cheap Energy” Pitch – Part 1

Episode 78 – Selling RFK Jr. on Next Gen Nuclear – A Critical Analysis of Matthew Ehret and Fox Green’s “Cheap Energy” Pitch – Part 2

Episode 79 – The Once and Future Thing – Camelot Update, Plus More Ants! 

Episode 80 – Green Pilling CHD With Pro-FreeDOM “Environmentalism” – Camelot Corner

Episode 81 – Correcting The Record And The Tokenized Commons

Episode 82 – Scientology, Snow White, and SSRIs – Camelot Corner

Episode 83 – Courting “Lover Earth” With Cybernetic Community Currencies – Camelot Corner

Episode 84 – Moving Beyond Carbon – How About Peace Corps Recovery Centers? Camelot Corner