Monthly Archives: June 2023

Stormy Weather: Jason and Alison Discuss Steered Consciousness and Fractured Relationships

Last night Jason and I streamed a four-hour discussion. Our focus was the intersection of Dave Snowden’s work on complex adaptive systems with Patrick Ryan’s ideas about manipulating psychological grammar fields using digital media, ChatGPT, and large language models. Ryan details how our linguistic “home bases,” mathematical representations of our “souls” and interior states, can […]

Musings On The Marsh – A Natural Intelligence That Can Only Be Imitated

I am ensconced in rattan chair on a screened porch overlooking a marsh at high tide. A bridge over the Harbor River connects this spit of sand to the chartreuse expanse of St. Helena Island, an anchor for the Gullah community, descendants of enslaved Central and West Africans brought to South Carolina to toil on […]

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