Monthly Archives: April 2022

Peter Thiel and Why the Global Brain Needs to Onboard Conservatives

Jason just posted our final Colorado site visit on my Youtube channel. We filmed an informal presentation outside the state capitol building in which I outline the “game” of poverty management and pay for success “human capital” finance as it relates to state-level developments in government-issued digital identity, tokenized behavioral compliance, global education trends, and […]

Site Visit to Palantir’s New Denver Headquarters

Last November the Denver Business Journal featured an interview with Palantir leadership discussing their decision to leave the Bay Area and relocate to a community of “critical thinkers” that “accepts the company’s broad range of initiatives.”  I’ve written extensively on the topic of data surveillance of poor and vulnerable communities in the past. Below are […]

Guest Post: Our Acton Academy Experience – Surveillance, Incentives, Behaviorism, Freedom Levels, and EdTech

The guest post that follows was written by a mother of children who were enrolled with Acton Academy. Below is a video of a site visit Jason and I filmed near The Slope School in Provo, Utah. The school, an Acton Academy affiliate, was founded by Matthew Clayton, who studied under the late Clayton “disruptive […]