Monthly Archives: March 2017

We change the world by showing up. I went to Seattle and got a video on Ed Reform 2.0 / Learning Ecosystems to share!

This weekend I relished the opportunity to meet up with some wonderful activists with whom I have been collaborating online for many months. Virtual worlds provide useful starting points for building networks and sharing information, but nothing beats being able to be in the same physical space, shake hands, share a hug, and discuss the future of education looking directly into each […]

Opt Out 2.0: Adding Tech Concerns to the Conversation

Earlier today I posted the following comment on Diane Ravitch’s March 12 post “Send a Message to Betsy DeVos: Opt Out of Federally Mandated Testing.” I second Former Teacher’s comments regarding the damage interim assessments are doing to the educational process. Opt Out can no longer simply be focused on end of year testing. It MUST expand […]

What You Should Know About “Pay for Success” as Testing Season Approaches

From this week’s newsfeed: Chicago schools may end classes three weeks early due to lack of funding. Several dozen Detroit schools close temporarily due to a “boil water” advisory. Some Boston schools anticipate 20%+ cuts to already meager budgets. Philadelphia teachers crowd-fund a billboard explaining they’ve been working without a contract or raises for nearly […]