PJSTA Live- Episode 3- Ed Reform 2.0

It’s great to have another opportunity to discuss where things are headed with this next wave of privatization. Thanks so much to Brian St. Pierre and the Port Jefferson Station Teachers Association for the invitation to participate in tonight’s discussion.

One thought on “PJSTA Live- Episode 3- Ed Reform 2.0

  1. jcgrim says:

    Thank-you for this illuminating information. In a clever bait & switch strategy, ed-reformers have taken the language of legitimate research in education & the social sciences and re-purposed it into marketing. One example is the ‘community schools’ concept. I’ve seen charter school chains that plopping kids in front of screens promoted as ‘community schools’.

    You’ve touched on a critical piece of the privatzation long term strategy & that’s getting rid of people. MBAs & CEOs of these corporations profiteer by cutting jobs. It revelas what I think afflicts everyone who got an MBA or went to business school in the last 30 years. That is, the assumption that profits come from getting rid of people. No matter what sort of business you are running.

    I think the key is to help parents, teachers, & administrators understand who is funding these grants. The conditions to get this money from unaccountable know-nothings dictates their version of pedagogy & curriculum.

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