Monthly Archives: April 2017

Fast Food Miseducation

Silicon Valley serves up schools on screens. Faceless data dashboards echo drive thru menus. Illusions of choice codified by corporations after focus groups strategically set the frame. Designed for profit, efficiency, and control of imagination, intellect, portion size, and calories.   Cheap ingredients and harried workers draw in students with online games. Content consumed without […]

Automated Education + Chasing Skills + Debt = Social Control

I posted the scenario below in November of 2015 as a Facebook note. Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve come across a number of items having to do with skills, automation, and human capital management, so I thought I would pull it back out to share. Below are a couple of articles that caught my eye: New Tools Needed […]

Global Finance Needs Our Schools to Fail

Yesterday Peter Greene expanded on an idea I’d put forth a few months back that Competency Based Education (and really all digital curriculum) was a way of gradually turning neighborhood public schools into charters from the inside out. I encourage you to take a few minutes to read his piece “Charterizing From Within.” I’m glad this proposition is making it […]

Dear Rhode Island: That April Fools Day Blended Learning Conference is no joke!

  Competency-based education’s march through New England continues. In the fall it was Massachusetts with its fanfare around MAPLE (Massachusetts Personalized Learning Ed-Tech Consortium), and now on April Fools Day the joke appears to be on Rhode Island. This weekend hundreds of educators gathered in Providence for the sixth annual “Blended and Personalized Learning Conference” […]