Fast Food Miseducation

Silicon Valley serves up schools on screens.

Faceless data dashboards echo drive thru menus.

Illusions of choice codified by corporations

after focus groups strategically set the frame.

Designed for profit, efficiency, and control

of imagination, intellect, portion size, and calories.


Cheap ingredients and harried workers

draw in students with online games.

Content consumed without thought.

A siren song of greasy fries

sits leaden in the stomach for hours or weeks,

dulling the senses, eroding humanity.


Dare we demand an alternative,

requiring us to be fully present for each other?

Can we still envision alternate futures

where, instead of automation, intention prevails?

Will we place our children at communal tables of possibility,

or allow them to slip into personalized isolation?


Not my normal format, but as this is the last day of poetry month I thought it appropriate to share. With thanks to a friend who suggested exploring this idea and to my daughter for her editorial input.


3 thoughts on “Fast Food Miseducation

  1. Carrie says:

    It’s awesome. It’s a perfect analogy. In the last two lines I imagined your communal table (nice photo, too) contrasting with the Rocketship cubicles. Thank you.

  2. brackenkaren says:

    I LOVE IT.  You truly missed your calling.  Well it is time for you to write a book.  This is genius.   Thank you.

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