Monthly Archives: January 2023

View from the Labyrinth – Slussen Robots, Stockholm

Vidar Francke “Made by Humans” installation. “Illustrator and animator Vidar Francke uses the robot’s anonymous expression to look more closely at human behaviour. Two robots are on a date, one sits and plays video games, another helps with a move. The robots have taken the place of humans and perform their tasks with a familiar hand.” The […]

A View from the Labyrinth – Morro Rock, California

Guest Post By Christopher Roth Leaving San Luis Obispo and heading northwest on Highway 1, you travel through several canyons – where the hillsides are decorated with a wonderful peppery scented mix of sagebrush and chaparral.  The steeper canyon ridges are interspersed with gently sloping pastureland that is studded with the captivating elegance and expansive […]

Dear City of Brotherly Love, We Really Need To Talk (About the Constitution, Smart Contracts, and Extended Reality)

I live in Philadelphia, home of Independence Hall, the Constitution Center, and the Liberty Bell. While I have my reservations about the actual intent of these documents, see Tim Scott’s article on the Constitution here, I would love to see a public discussion of the nature of Constitutional rights in the twenty first century against […]

A Tucson Labyrinth: Ants In An Age of Artifice

Last night we had a nice group in the chat to watch a stream Jason edited from the presentation I gave in Tucson in late November, plus follow up Q&A. The focus was on simulation modeling, artificial societies in social media, cybernetic steering, consciousness studies, eugenics, aerospace research linked possibly to blockchain mindfiles, and sociobiology. […]