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An Unexpected Audience: IEEE Metaverse Congress Part 1

This is a follow up to a post I made in late September after catching the final half hour of the third IEEE Congress on the Metaverse. IEEE, Institute of Electronics and Electrical Engineers, dates back to 1884. Their first technical meeting, mostly of telegraphers, was held in Philadelphia in the fall of that year. […]

Letters from the Labyrinth: Creating a Soul for a City – Guest Post from Vancouver, BC

This is a guest post by Roma Wilson, Quantum Heart Cafe, describing how data and technology is being used to create intelligent communities in Vancouver BC. As I have been learning more about the planned roll out of Web3, social impact investing, and smart cities, I’ve been paying more attention to advertisements and local media […]

We Are Shapes of the Earth – Arizona Hearts

Yesterday was my birthday. I spent it setting intentions at the Titan Missile Museum in Green Valley, Raytheon’s Tucson Offices, and Pima County Community College (the East Campus). The latter has been part of the National Laboratory for Education Transformation’s efforts to shift coming generations towards a just-in-time, on-demand, conditional, gig, telepresence workforce model grounded […]

Revisiting Twitter

I’ve been spending much of my time in recent months working to better understand the strategies being employed around swarm intelligence and complex adaptive systems. The goal is to catalyze emergent behavior through digital social engineering. I’m dropping in quickly this morning in to re-share two long talks I did about Twitter. At this point […]

Remote Killing Comes Home To Silicon Valley

Today I head up to Tempe, AZ where I plan to spend a few days exploring the campus of Arizona State University, the playground of Michael Crow, founding board chair of In-Q-Tel. The school is a center of technological education and life gaming chock full of researchers tasked with delving into bioengineering, complexity theory, big-data […]

Images From the Labyrinth – Glittering Intentions From Sweden and Florida’s Space Coast

I have a friend, Peninsolar, who’s been navigating a new life in Sweden after unexpected dislocation. Peninsolar is an artist who works in sound and images, an explorer and interpreter of big thoughts and intriguing places. He sent me images of early snows there, signaling the winter storytelling season. I felt transformed by the window […]