Stormy Weather: Jason and Alison Discuss Steered Consciousness and Fractured Relationships

Last night Jason and I streamed a four-hour discussion. Our focus was the intersection of Dave Snowden’s work on complex adaptive systems with Patrick Ryan’s ideas about manipulating psychological grammar fields using digital media, ChatGPT, and large language models. Ryan details how our linguistic “home bases,” mathematical representations of our “souls” and interior states, can […]

Musings On The Marsh – A Natural Intelligence That Can Only Be Imitated

I am ensconced in rattan chair on a screened porch overlooking a marsh at high tide. A bridge over the Harbor River connects this spit of sand to the chartreuse expanse of St. Helena Island, an anchor for the Gullah community, descendants of enslaved Central and West Africans brought to South Carolina to toil on […]

Camelot Corner with Operation Snow White and Charles Eisenstein as Troubadour

Hey folks, I’m going to be taking about ten days off to celebrate my mom’s 80th birthday. In the meantime, please check out the videos I made as part of my Camelot Corner series on the Robert F. Kennedy Jr. presidential campaign. The first explores an advisor to the California Chapter of Children’s Health Defense, […]

A “Green” Populist Synthesis – Environmental Warrior + Health FreeDOM Warrior = Web3 Regenerative Ag Finance Warrior?

This morning someone forwarded me an article that was featured in Children’ Health Defense’s online publication “The Defender.” “Can we reboot the environmental movement so it protects freedom, too?” was written by W. Aaron Vandiver, a conservationist author who lives just up the road from Aspen (Aspen Institute), Colorado (the blockchain / e-government state). The […]

Letter from the Labyrinth – Defending Children’s Health and a Jury Duty Predicament

I love that this blog has become a space where people can come to share their personal journeys. With gratitude I want to take a moment to express appreciation for Sean and all the rest who have chosen to enliven this corner of the digi-sphere with your heartfelt writings. What follows is a wonderful letter […]

Paua 23 Rant – Tokenizing Indigenous Culture, Drawing Spiritual Seekers Into Behaviorist Blockchain Protocols

The following is a guest post about blockchained wellbeing metrics promoted as an inclusive, emerging tech spiritual practice.   May 2023 Hi Alison, A couple of days ago a friend of mine sent me a screenshot of a conference being held in Paris that a member of the alternative health and freedom space was promoting […]

Documenting For The Record – More Outrage Misdirected At Me By Farber’s Ants

This is getting quite tiresome. I am hearing through the grapevine that Ms. Celia Farber, who by her own account is now reliant on the click bait of Substack for her livelihood, is continuing to repackage vague, inaccurate comments as “content” to fuel her digital hive. I have not gone over to her post to […]

The Once and Future Thing: A Poem Featuring Camelot, Labyrinths, Alice, and Unanswered Questions about CHD’s Funding

The following was posted as a comment on the blog yesterday, and I am sharing it here with permission. I was tickled by the way the author, who goes by the pen name Meandering Myrmidon, wove hours of my dry content into a charmingly cutting analysis of what is unfolding before our eyes as the […]