A 4-Minute Version of the End Game

Knowing that not many people are going to dive into a one-hour talk, I tried to distill the main points from “Ed Reform 2.0-Personalized Learning in Orwellian Times” down to a 4-minute video introduction. Forgive my terrible handwriting and sketching. But that aside, do you think I’m getting closer to a message that people can absorb?



4 thoughts on “A 4-Minute Version of the End Game

  1. Sheila Resseger says:

    This is a masterful introduction to a mind-bogglingly complicated scenario. Thank you for putting in the effort to not only do the research but to present the Big Picture so articulately. My only issue with the summary is that I didn’t have time to read the info on the posters while listening to your explanations. I think that this intro should get people concerned enough to watch the one hour presentation, which is also brilliant. If people don’t have an hour to sit and absorb the presentation, which is the result I’m sure of endless hours of research and thought on your part, then I’m afraid we are doomed.

  2. NACST (National Association for Children and Safe Technology) says:

    Thank you for this insightful presentation that every parent and educator should watch! I would like to add that 21st century ed tech reform is very costly and has not been substantiated. While the reform mandates are federal and can be traced up to the international level, the funding for it is mostly provided by our state and local governments. This means state and local education funding (tax dollars) is being diverted to pay for these expensive reforms. Schools are in disrepair, we have fewer teachers and programs such as gifted & talented are being eliminated. Significantly, there is a lot of waste, fraud and abuse that is taking place and we should be aware of this fact. NACST offers a report titled, “The Anatomy of 21st Century Education Reform, Part I” examining this topic in more detail. Please read the highlights and review the diagrams and charts at the bottom of the page if you don’t have time review the entire document. http://www.nacst.org/education-reform.html

    Also, we would like parents and educators to know that digital learning requires wireless technology which is very unhealthy and the wireless infrastructure that is being put into the schools to support this so-called “learning” poses a very serious health risk to the children and teachers. Here is a link to our Turn It Off 4 Kids 4 page brochure to learn more: http//:x.co/TIO4Kids and we have two pages dedicated to the Turn It Off 4 Kids Initiative: http://www.nacst.org/turn-it-off-4-kids-tool-kit.html (for parent advocates, 2016) & http://www.nacst.org/nacst-turn-it-off-4-kids.html ( see endorsements and the original initiative 2015) Thank you! Rachel N.

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