Dear Teachers Using Google Classroom,

I really need you to keep in mind that all the data run through those programs (your intellectual property, student work, correspondence, etc.) is being used to refine the AI systems destined to replace you. There is a price for this “free” convenience. The bill may come due after you leave the profession, but I beg you to consider the implications of your actions now.

If you don’t know about the NSA Data Center in Bluffdale, take 8 minutes and watch the video below.  The center, located in the Utah desert, has the capacity to store 100 years of global electronic communications. The NSA says they won’t “look” until such a time as you or a student fall under suspicion and trigger a FISA order.

Pushing education into the cloud has consequences. Digital devices should be considered tools of surveillance and treated with great care. Those valuing freedom of expression in educational settings would do best to take a moment and consider Google’s relationship to the state, their profit motives, and the power they wield globally. Remember, if it’s “free,” YOU’RE the product.


A Concerned Parent Who Values HUMAN Teachers
PS: Some of us are exercising our legal right to opt our children out of Google Classroom, so please have non-burdensome options for them to get homework information, class communications, and turn in assignments outside this corporate platform, ok?

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