Introduction to the Fourth Industrial Revolution & The Covid Economic Reset

In mid-May 2020,  Jason Bosch, documentary filmmaker and activist from Denver, came to Philadelphia to pick my brain about the things I’ve been researching for the past five years. He edited that footage into a series of five videos covering  issues related to racialized technology, global finance, the Covid lockdowns, digital identity, and the rise of human capital data markets.

A lot of this is ground I have covered in previous posts, but I sense the conversational nature of this exchange may make some of this information more approachable.

Very grateful to Jason for sharing his talents. Phone videos can only take you so far.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Part Five

8 thoughts on “Introduction to the Fourth Industrial Revolution & The Covid Economic Reset

  1. Laura H. Chapman says:

    Thank you for your continued focus on social impact investing and the role of digital everything in enabling profit seekers to take over the management of health care, education, and housing. The social credit systems in China, with perks for people in full compliance with official policies, rests on sophisticated and patented sociological, emotional, and biological profiling.

    • Jean Wilson says:

      Here we go – unless you follow your ruler’s prescribed exercise regime, you may receive a reduced jobkeeper allowance as punishment for your naughtiness.

      Its helping you to keep healthy doncha know?

      More rules, more punishment. I call it blackmail.

      This article appeared in today’s “Sydney Morning Herald”.

      “As our government looks to wind back its special coronavirus supplement for people on JobSeeker, I say keep it but make some portion dependent on a willingness to commit to healthier behaviours. I’m calling it “Walk for the Dole”. Stick with me.

      There has been an explosion recently in wearable technologies to track health outcomes. The simplest is a pedometer or the steps trackers in an iPhone. Jobless people are particularly vulnerable to poorer physical and mental health outcomes, particularly the longer they are jobless. Why not deliver them a pedometer and incentivise them to walk a certain number of steps a day − say 10,000 − while checking in weekly with a mental and physical health support worker. We could have a boom in healthcare jobs while we’re at it.”

      • passer by says:

        Entirely predictable, yet still quite creepy to actually start seeing these articles.

        I saw this pic of an “industrial livestock farm”, with the cattle locked down, tagged, and heads down consuming their daily UBI. We are now officially chattel.

      • John says:

        Sounds like another avenue for data to be exploited…. did you watch the interview?? Yes, the depressed should receive nature, sunshine and cardio to improve their mental health; but why should another be able to profit from that data or exploit it for other reasons?

  2. wendy says:

    The above comment by me was in response to Jean Wilson…to be clear. I was not aware how the comments posted

  3. Saskia Woolloff says:

    Excellent information. Thank you for sharing your knowledge so clearly. We will definitely be heading into this with eyes wide open now.

  4. Troy says:

    Unbelievable but its in progress completely ! These are the reasons nobody should be alloqed to accumalate so much wealth. Turning people into product and exploiting them and all after them for greed to their own ! Who in the hell gave them the right to try this evil on humanity ? The devil thats who ! However if we dont stop them i knoq who will ! God rest your souls !

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