What comes after the left / right paradigm, if anything?

I asked this question on social media today and got quite a few very thoughtful replies.
One person asked me what led me to ask the question, and this was my response:

I believe we’re teetering on the brink of worldwide techo-fascism.
Well, it’s pretty much blowing out in certain quarters already.

The program has been wrapped in progressive language.
As a result, many have unknowingly been led to embrace the creation of a global digital jail.
We’ll soon see the roll out of Internet of Things social credit scoring and human capital bonds.
The rules of the game will be the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

This is the World Economic Forum / Davos global economic reset.
This is the advent of Globalization 4.0.
This is “wrong kind of green” financialization of nature.
Predatory poverty mining by nonprofits for hedge funds.
Covid the trigger event; Klaus Schwab the helmsman.

We need a clear assessment of stakeholder capitalism.
While we were busy surviving austerity.
Fin-tech oligarchs, academics, and think tanks, crafted a high-tech economic control system.
Put on the brakes now or “what works” “smart” government will dominate most humans.
And our precious earth and fellow non-human travelers, too.

Look up, to space.
That’s where the IoT, GPS, AR, satellite constellation are.
Control from above, but by the military not God(des).
Faith communities, NGOs, activists all harnessed to this apparatus.
Soon to be replaced by the Fourth Sector.
Corporatized public-private partnerships and pay for success finance waiting in the wings.

So far I am not seeing many with clear eyes to face what they are a part of.
It’s hard when your identity is wrapped up in concepts of benevolence, charity, and being the “good” person.
Those who identify themselves as the “good people” will be running the gulags – on dashboards.

Over the past six months I’ve watched the left eagerly wave in techno-fascism.
I thought it was because they didn’t know better.
But last week I stumbled onto Michael Young, social entrepreneur.
I dug into his ties to the Labour Party in the UK and the Fabian Society and London School of Economics.
I waded into the classism and eugenics that threaded through the early decades of Socialist organizing.
The same tendencies carried over into racist aspects of FDR’s new deal.
And now we have a “Green New Deal” on the way.

What is the role of government once Google / AWS / Goldman Sachs / Palantir are your government?
When did elected officials become window-dressing for IBM / Oracle / Cisco algorithms?
The United States government was never about equality for ALL people.
Colonialism baked into everything.
We’re poised to be colonized by military nano-tech at the cellular level.

Will cutting edge bioinformatics and CRISPR blend eugenics into the whole rotten pay for success program?
Those mRNA vaccine platforms at the ready for population level bioengineering.
With a few tweaks to our DNA they’ll set us up as better partners for the robots.
With an injection you get a QR code so you can leave your house and go to school, work, the store.
Welcome to the biosecurity police state.

Our work is cut out for us for sure.
Few have a clue about what Bloomberg / Gates / Buffett / Omidyar have up their sleeves.
So many gate-keepers and controlled opposition paid to ensure the coup proceeds uninterrupted.
Yet still I am hopeful in the power of the human heart.
Millions are prepared to put bodies against their anti-life onslaught.
We are finding common cause in shutting down the transhumanist / AI / nanorobotics agenda.
Our hearts and spirits connected across the miles, across continents, entangled always.

The time is ripe to entertain a revolutionary world view grounded in right relationships.
It will be our bulwark against technocracy, communitarianism, and mechanistic social engineering.
Our outlook must be grounded in an acknowledgement of the brutal history of stolen land and stolen bodies.
But we will build it out in love and respect and solidarity, not disgust and shame.

Together we can protect the children from surveillance play tables and VR headset programming.
Together we can save the trees from being cut down for better 5G transmission.
Together we can educate and care for the well being of our communities humanely.
Together we can refuse biometric digital ID tied to automated AI policing and threat profiling.
As we organize, the categories we were once sorted into start to fall away.

I don’t see this as a left/right issue anymore.
It is a right relationships issue; it is an issue of care.

The old models are not serving us.
They never have.

The current paradigm keeps people apart.
It distracts us from the realization that this fight is the masses against the billionaires and AI.
We must put Davos in the crosshairs.
Redistribute fin-tech’s plunder.
Dismantle the surveillance state.
Nurture communities of voluntarily shared labor.
Heal the planet. Make things right again.
Each community to their own on condition that we all agree not to hurt one another or the earth.

We need to look beyond western ideals to an Indigenous, land-based system of reciprocity and balance.
This is no easy task, but until we can articulate it we can never have it.

Maybe the answer is Holons.
I keep trying to get folks to read Daniel Suarez’s books Daemon / Freedom.
I can’t speak for others, only for myself.
Anyway, thanks for listening.
Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

The featured photo, I felt, captures the predatory essence of our common foe.
It’s pre-k virtual reality developed by ClassVR, Avantis Systems, Gloucester, UK.


18 thoughts on “What comes after the left / right paradigm, if anything?

  1. Barbara Hatfield says:

    You inspire my mind. Goddess knows my heart is on fire. I will read Daniel Suarez’s books you recommend. Respect … and much gratitude !

  2. Lois Weiner says:

    I think there’s still a lett/right paradigm but that the left is disoriented and it’s our job to educate.
    Here’s one contribution:


    Teachers unions that we would hope know better – but don’t – are allied with  “In the public interest” and “Partnership for Working Families. ”


    Hence, without members realizing their unions are doing so, the unions are intensifying the privatization and ideological control of the bipartisan nexus of Wall Street and Silicon Valley.
    We need to do lots of education!

    • wrenchinthegears says:

      Just FYI it’s a bit schlocky, kind of like an action movie, but the second book is where it gets interesting IMO – the holon part. When I first read it I was thinking….hmmm…is this libertiarian? But I’m still not sure. A lot of the tech in there is based in DARPA projects and the use of AR and social credit / reputation is spot on.

  3. Indian Jones says:

    “The current paradigm keeps people apart.” Well, that’s what exploiters do. Is the “right” perverted? Sure. Has the left been perverted? Of course!

    The past is the construction of fraudsters as is the future.

    Libertarianism? HA HA HA HA HA.

  4. James Kilgore says:

    So part of this is a result of the isolation/big nation chauvinism of the US in general and the Left in the US in particular. Really there is no Left in the US to speak of. The majority of what identifies as Left here would be considered right of center Social Democrats in other parts of the world. There are critical thinkers out there but few are in organizations of any scale because the organizations of scale don’t want real critical thinkers, especially not those who can think critically on more than one issue. Study the global Left, the divisions between Anarchists and Communist, the rise of social democracy and Eurocommunism, the descent of liberation movements from freedom fighters to authoritarian promoters of neoliberalism (think Daniel Ortega of Nicaragua e.g.). Rather than bemoan our isolation (which is profound and real) let’s look to historical links with people like Ella Baker and Victor Serge and Amilcar Cabral and John Trudell and Emma Goldman and Cedric Robinson and Antonio Gramsci just for starters.

  5. robingaura says:

    So thrilled to have found your work! Came here from Green Med Info. Without a good analysis, so much effort goes to nought. Will be recommending your work to others. Thank you so much.

  6. Ariadna Solovyova says:

    Daniel Suarez says this now: “Crucially, I learned there is nothing preventing us from establishing ourselves in deep space except the will to do it—as we did with the Apollo missions. We need only revise our fiscal and political priorities. More sobering, I also learned that the window to expand into space will not remain open forever. Any number of calamities here on Earth could permanently prevent us from making this leap. So we cannot wait any longer.

    Embarking human industry and society into space will be necessary if we hope to offer a promising future to coming generations.” (http://daniel-suarez.com/deltav_QandA.html)… I don’t think that’s the kind of solution most of us want…

  7. Curmudgeon says:

    The left-right paradigm died decades ago. It was artificially propped up during WWII and the Cold War. The battle has been about the globalism-internationalism banking and finance economies versus nationalism and the production of real goods and services. The globalists-internationalists won big time, and the last 75 years has been nothing but brainwashing to turn us into subservient wage slaves. Unlike the chattel slavery of old, where slave owners took care of their slaves until they died, wage slavery absolves the slave owners of any responsibility. The phony mantra of “freedom” means freedom to buy whatever poisonous prepared foods the owners sell, and the freedom to buy crap and pay mortgages, while remaining powerless. There is no freedom unless there is power for the free.

  8. Niki Raapana says:

    It is our thesis that the left versus right conflict is used to usher in the final Hegelian synthesis called Communitarianism. In 2000 we identified Communitarianism as the ideology behind Local Agenda 21 and Sustainable Development. Since then we’ve pushed the term Communitarian into the public arena one person at a time lol. It’s hard for people to get their head around the synthesizing of all opposite ideologies and religions as well as political ideologies. Which is what’s made it so successful. Love to gift you a copy of our ebook ‘2020: Our Common Destiny & The Anti Communitarian Manifesto’. I think you’d get a lot out of it especially with your advanced understanding of the plan. I did a keyword search for Communitarian on your site and this article was the only return. I’m glad to see you used it once but hopefully the more you know the more you’ll use it.

  9. perry phillips says:

    I’ve been a huge fan of Allison, encouraging all my friends to listen to lectures, check out the web site. I understand the very likely outcome of this covid ‘trigger event’ to push fast-track the billionaire/ruling class agenda leading to the thorough enslavement of humanity, using new technologies to do so, including AI, surveillance systems, and blockchain.

    With blockchain, many see it as having possible positive uses, arguing that it may allow some decentralization, etc. I understand how it can be a tool of enslavement if used to monetize poverty, or even our lives, or our bodies. However, it seems possible it may be used to create systems that are decentralized, out of the control of existing corrupt monolithic structures? For example, proponents of Bitcoin argue that it can allow people to access a currency out of the control of central banks, cutting out the mediated systems of central bank, avoid the risk of a fiat currency, etc. Or another example might be the Blockstack app, which claims to allow uses to share photos, etc, avoiding facebook-like centralized social media apps, allowing direct sharing between individuals directly, privately, as long as they know each other. All info would be encrypted, etc.

    I am hoping Allison will share her thoughts about whether she would agree that there might be an upside to blockchain technology. Obviously, it all uses energy, and that’s probably not good. But if a person is trying to not lose everything in a surge of hyperinflation/depression, many have argued that Bitcoin offers some security?

    I recently watched a documentary by Rizqi Rachmat, a breakdancer, who sees nothing but good in blockchain technology: https://www.nextlevel-usa.org/rizqi-rachmat, and I would say he seems rather naive, especially when he mentions, for example, the CATO institute, or those right-wing economists from that tradition (Hayek, Von Mises, etc.). However, there has been no debate on these topics that I have found.

    In my research, I can see how the lack of debate in this arena leaves all open to ‘blind spots.’ Could blockchain be used to, for example, make elections less problematic? Could Bitcoin take down central banks? See, for example, https://words.democracy.earth/humans-first-decentralizing-identity-and-governance-in-the-artificial-intelligence-era-4a2ddbbdda90?gi=7f2e7d2d0627

    I don’t know much as my investigation is just beginning, but I’m putting more time into investigating this topic to avoid my own blindspots, try to not misunderstand either any upside or downside of blockchain technology, apps, etc.

    Thanks for all you do!

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