Who Voted In Davos? How Data-Driven Government and the Internet of Bodies Are Poised To Transform Smart Sustainable Cities Into Social Impact Prisons

What follows is a transcript of the remarks I made as part of an online forum, Politics In And Out Of Europe, hosted by Rutgers University’s Center for European Studies on Monday October 26, 2020. There were two panels followed by an hour of discussion. I was the second presenter. Framing remarks and response was provided by Naomi Klein. Video of my portion of the event here. All combined, it’s about a half hour. I reference two blog posts. One is about solutions journalism and impact media and the other is about  Omidyar Network and digital education as well as the resolution against blockchain identity passed by the NAACP last year (search for “blockchain”).

Introduction: Alison McDowell is a mother and an independent researcher based in Philadelphia, PA. She blogs at the intersection of race, finance, nature, and technology at wrenchinthegears.com. Her activism began fighting to slow the privatization of public education in her city. These efforts eventually led her to an examination of globalized poverty management, euphemistically known as social impact investing. This new form of capitalism – biocapitalism or stakeholder capitalism – aims to turn humans into data commodities. As the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which has been planned out by Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum, seeks to replace human labor with artificial intelligence and robotics, a problem has arisen as to how life can be made profitable for transnational global capital interests once the poor have no buying power and are drowning in debt. The solution? Human capital bond markets, but first everyone must be tagged and trackable for “impact.” That’s where biometric Covid health passports come in. Alison welcomes curious engagement and fellow travelers. You can follow her on Twitter at @philly852.


Thank you for the opportunity to add my voice to today’s conversation.

We’re living in tumultuous times with polarizing political theater and pandemic providing ample cover for the roll out of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. From the World Economic Forum’s outpost at San Francisco’s Presidio, the tentacles of dispossession triggered by Klaus Schwab’s “Great Reset” are rapidly encircling the globe.

We are witnessing the culmination of a century of machinations by western social engineers. We see predatory philanthropy using such euphemistic framing as “Living Cities,” “Healthy Cities,” “Resilient Cities,” and “Build Back Better” to package the profoundly anti-human and anti-life initiatives coming out of Davos as aspirational goals for “smart” living.

The oligarch class asks us to play along and overlook the fact that all of this smartness rests on a foundation of continued growth, fossil-fuel expansion, child labor, toxic waste, and space pollution. They demand we overlook the insatiable energy requirements needed to run the augmented reality Internet of Things illusion. That we put out of our minds the existence of vast data centers cooled 24/7 with the water of a thirsty, poisoned world.

They’ve outdone themselves propagandizing youth to cheer on transnational global capital’s plans to implement a final “green” solution. Though my hope is after months of digital alienation people’s spirits will stir in time to derail the intentions of this cruel biocapitalist regime to push us away from our rightful connection to natural systems and one another and into isolated virtual realms. The spell of faux ICT sustainability must be broken.

Predatory debt-finance got a spit and polish makeover, rebranded as circular economies and stakeholder capitalism to make it more palatable. Post-Covid, vast poverty mining enterprises will emerge from the ashes. Smart city sensor networks, predictive policing, and public-private partnerships will latch onto shell-shocked families trying to pick up the pieces.

And while Bitcoin-loving Agorists dream of liberation on Blockchain, central bankers have an entirely different vision in mind. They are conjuring a future of data flowing through digital wallets, fuel for an emergent social impact economy, one carefully plotted out for Third Sector, now Fourth Sector, implementation by Social Finance and Sir Ronald Cohen, Harvard Business School graduate and father of UK venture capital.

Bloomberg Philanthropies Digital Innovation Project and the Global Parliament of Mayors based out of The Hague will ensure gov-tech and open data platforms are ready to deliver all the data that is needed. Conveniently, a new “operating system for government” developed by Neil Kleiman of NYU’s GovLab and Stephen Goldsmith of Harvard Kennedy School’s Data-Smart City Solutions, will permit politicians to deftly shift accountability for devastating policies onto faceless cadres of analysts. Dashboards are effective weapons to sway populations conditioned for compliance. It’s difficult to effectively direct public sentiment against something as ephemeral as an algorithm.

The war on terror has been swapped out for pandemic preparedness, which should work out well for the World Bank’s efforts to grow their vaccine and pandemic bond markets. We all pose threats to state security simply by living in a human body. Robot police dogs, drones, facial recognition cameras, wearable sensors, and biometric tracking are framed vital investments needed to keep communities “safe” in what is rapidly becoming a global open air prison. Track and trace free-range humans; look to industrial farming; look to wildlife management; look to Gaza; look to The Commons Project.

CommonPass isn’t their only venture. Not by a long shot.

It’s not just air travel that the Rockefeller Foundation and the World Economic Forum intend to regulate. In their imagined future, presentation of tokenized credentials will be required to go to work, to school, to the store, to access public buildings and events. Such micro-management was unfathomable mere months ago, at least to everyone not in on the scheme.

When we speak of politics, when we speak of citizens’ rights this is THE game changer. Who voted in Common Pass? Who decided individual liberties will now be governed by apps advanced by corporations that stand to profit from population management?

How relevant will national borders be in an age of real-time geo-fencing? Pass laws have long been used to control targeted populations: on Indian reservations, in Nazi Germany, in Apartheid South Africa. Now we have Serco. Now we have legal discrimination based on health status? In the global biosecurity state on any given day the border could very well end up being your front door.

If we don’t object, moving forward blockchain tokens representing all sorts of digital assets, including rights and privileges, will be held in digital accounts. Social entrepreneurs need these biometric identity systems in place in order to install their planned impact economy. Using health status as an issue of national security, our hijacked governments plan to impose this upon us, not for our own good, but because the biocapitalist agenda must proceed.

Few realize it, but the Covid drama is providing cover for a far more insidious program of perpetual tracking and tracing tied to health management and Sustainable Development Goal 3. Health data will create new equity markets meaning more and more wearable tech surveillance. The Impact Management Project’s practitioners, the asset holders whose greed led to a world beset by chronic illness, have structured profit centers in Internet of Things preventative care – social determinants of health weaponized.

What we are living through is not a public health emergency but a reset of the global economy managed from Davos on behalf of the finance, technology and defense sectors. This “new normal” is totalitarianism wrapped up in a shiny “green” bow.

The post-Covid world will be characterized by welfare dependency on a scale heretofore unimaginable, justifying the creation of innovative human capital debt products. Portfolios of people, poor people, will emerge as a new asset class enabled by pay for success government contracts.

Education, training, healthcare, counseling, nutrition, and housing services all aligned to the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals to generate the metrics needed to satisfy contractual obligations. The richness of life narrowed to fit the stingy confines of a data analyst’s worldview.

This is a diagram featuring a digital wallet where food assistance funds are stored on blockchain with coded nudges guiding a recipient’s food purchase behaviors.

The State of Illinois Blockchain Task Force developed this thought experiment, but similar digital food payment programs are in use to manage the displaced. UK company IrisGuard’s is a major player in that space. Additional NHS has made arrangements to purchase DNA nudge bands tied to Covid Testing. Makes you wonder where the DNA from the testing is going, doesn’t it? Likely into academic tech-transfer hubs. Such is biocapitalism.

Stakeholder capitalists can’t profitably mine poverty without biometric identification that can be used to aggregate interoperable data. Vaccine registries are central to this program. GAVI is a key player with Gates sitting at the pinnacle of the Stakeholder Capitalist pyramid. ID2020 efforts running through the United Nations will ensure no one “gets left behind,” but few are aware the US Department of Homeland Security bankrolled much of the World Wide Web Consortium’s work in the digital identity space.

As I prepared these remarks I couldn’t help but mull over the intelligence communities’ interest in signals intelligence, weaponized narrative, simulation, predictive modeling, and social contagion. How will our collective voices ripple through this militarized cloud architecture into the general consciousness and beyond? Such are the thoughts that haunt the corners of a Zoom consciousness – Bluffdale and the NSA always out on the horizon, you know?

But those with eyes to see have the duty to speak.

So I am here today as a mother.

I am here as a mapper of geographies of power, as a voracious LinkedIn profile reader, and a viewer of obscure government webinars.

I am here as a resident of Philadelphia, a “smart” city set up for predatory “what works” “data-driven” government.

I am here to shine a light on municipal nudge units funded by self-interested foundations seeking to replace civil servants with apps that manage citizens as agents in behavioral economic equations.

I am here as a human relative living among a multitude of non-human beings on this beautiful earth, not yet remade as a planetary computer to profit social impact investors.

I am here as a lover of stars who opposes the weaponization of space, the atmosphere, and our weather systems.

I am here as a voice for peace who views 5G and the planned 6G installation as a domestic military occupation.

I am here to speak of Davos’s plans to deny us the opportunity to communally atone for and begin to remedy the devastation capitalism has wrought against nature and Indigenous people.

I am here because we have entered a cyborg era in which sociopathic billionaires and defense contractors want to fundamentally alter what it means to be human, tapping nano-technology and morally bankrupt scientists to do their dirty work.

To the wealth hoarders, the masses exist as nodes in the Internet of Bodies, nodes that must be separated from the cosmic dance through force of law, hydro-gel biosensors, and blockchain.

Will you own your ledger or will your ledger own you? We are looking at a future where the masses will forfeit their innate human freedoms in exchange for the behavioral currency needed to survive within the panopticon.

Human capital bonded. Each life calculated according to its perceived burden on the coming robot society, at least in the eyes of hedge fund traders as they place their bets.

Don’t worry there’s safety on the “continuum of care” pathway. Just do as you’re told and keep your social credit score where it needs to be.

Every move in every country advances lockstep – a playbook aligned to strategic investments made over decades by philanthro-capitalists like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Pierre Omidyar, Steve Ballmer, and Marc Benioff.

Will human rights mean anything once financiers, faith community endowments, health insurers, pensions, and even sovereign wealth funds hold our futures in escrow?

Rockefeller Foundation-funded think tank change agents have cleared the way for life to be railroaded into virtual space – for our own good, the good of the planet, in service of the World Bank’s One Health initiative.

The oligarchs will use the UN Sustainable Development Goals to justify imprisoning the planet using sensor networks. Once the electrical engineers have nature and humanity firmly in their grasp, transnational global capital can channel its concentrated wealth through our bodies, our social relationships, and our non-human kin.

As we stand on this threshold questions must be asked.

Who intends to rule life on Earth?

To what end?

On whose authority?

John Trudell, visionary leader of the American Indian Movement, poet and prophet, expressed that it is our responsibility to use the intelligence gifted to us by the creator to be thinkers who will go up against the machine of tech-no-logic.

So today I am here to declare on behalf of the women of the world to say we do not consent to Davos’s Fourth Industrial Revolution.

In this battle of sacred and profane we stand ready to defend the children and the earth from further predation and to strive towards a future of reciprocity and abundance and spirit.

We stand firm in our power full of love and light, ready to face off against Klaus Schwab’s PharmaColonial Technocracy of Necromancers.







29 thoughts on “Who Voted In Davos? How Data-Driven Government and the Internet of Bodies Are Poised To Transform Smart Sustainable Cities Into Social Impact Prisons

  1. Nancy says:

    Wow, Naomi is not only denying reality, but uncomfortable in her web of denial. That web has holes, flailing in the wind. However, a concern is the Dark Winter gleefully announced by Kill and Malicious Gates which will “validate” her point as fear and trauma overpower sanity –just like the day before 911 when Rumsfeld announced $21 trillion missing from the federal budget. Not to panic, though, as connection to our divine source is not in their control despite all their tyrannical technology (for example, https://www.wakingtimes.com/2020/05/27/in-1917-rudolf-steiner-foresaw-a-vaccine-that-would-drive-all-inclination-toward-spirituality-out-of-peoples-souls/). Miracles still occur as surely as Christ rose from hell after staring it down, face-to-face. Go Alison and all warrior-healers! We may die in our effort, but mission accomplished, guaranteed!

  2. Simone says:

    This is important work, and a gift of researchable sites and sources. However, after fully digesting your information and recognizing the connections you make, I really very much wanted to hear what Naomi Klein could possibly say to argue against your points. Talking over her did harm to our cause, I think, undermining your authority as the mother and researcher and truth-tell you are, not to mention we lost the opportunity to allow one of these apologists to have enough ‘rope to hang themselves.’ They have no legitimacy and they will go too far, and we need to learn to stand firm, and quiet, and let them. This is a form of fighting as well.

    • wrenchinthegears says:

      You are certainly entitled to your opinion, however what you are not privy to was that this was a three-hour event where she provided wrap up of remarks after all five panelists presented. She did not mention the content I presented in her response and specifically excluded me in directing follow up questions. I had to be asked to be put on stack. Whenever I spoke she turned off her camera. She had the opportunity to respond, and she chose not to, because she is part of the group that is rolling out digital ID and everything I spoke about. I think it must have come as a shock how much I was able to share in fifteen minutes.

    • wrenchinthegears says:

      Also when we were oriented to the event we were told that there would be no follow up until the last hour of the event, which is why I was so surprised at the level of engagement she asserted. It totally went against the agenda as it had been presented to the participants.

  3. Marilyn P says:

    So amazing that Naomi could say on one hand she wants her students to develop their critical capacity and on the other say the science is settled through consensus about this plandemic. If her students were really encouraged in their critical capacity, it wouldn’t take much research to see the science is far from settled. Naomi’s idea of consensus leaves out a lot of people. Great on you, Alison, for speaking your truth and standing your ground with dignity. I am sharing a blog I received today about a program called Lifeshares that was made to sound so lovely by the writer, but in my view was exactly the kind of thing you have been talking about. And this came from someone I would have never expected to be in on this – so either clueless or good at hiding her technocratic tendencies.


  4. Lorie says:

    It also was very telling that NKlein kept referring to her *students*, acting as if she had to actually protect them from some dangerous ideas re: the pandemic. The young (I’m assuming her students are young) are not to be allowed to make up their own minds. That’s part of this, too: the continued undermining of people’s own innate sense and intelligence.
    Anyway, brilliant work. Thank you.

    • Rose says:

      Exactly — “protecting” her students from even considering anything veering from the official pandemic narrative and so-called “liberal” agenda. My world’s been rocked this year. As someone who has always voted blue before 2020, it has rattled me to the core seeing supposed liberals fall into lockstep with an agenda that is clearly authoritarian, anti-human, manipulative, and without any true virtue or compassion whatsoever. All is an inversion of the truth. Yet another eye opener to see Naomi Klein, author of Shock Doctrine, trying to shame and silence a truth teller and denying what is actually happening before our traumatized eyes. There is a special place in hell for all of these Great Reset/WEF operatives working to reset the world to their liking without public consent and under guise of a public health crisis.

      Alison, so happy to have found you and this website. I think our only chance out of this dystopia is with reclaiming our connection to Nature and deepening alliances with the indigenous people around the world who still have deep connection with the Earth and her natural frequencies. We must find a way to Unite all who do not consent to their vision of the future.

  5. Annette says:

    Excellent presentation, Alison. Thank you for connecting all those dots. Klein let her cat out of the bag when she said “there are a lot of students here…” i.e. you shouldn’t be talking like that in front of the children. Shameless. But she does have a position (with the cult) to defend. She’s well aware that belief in the (grossly exaggerated) threat of the virus is crucial to The Great Reset plot.

    Cory Morningstar has done stellar work exposing her alliances:
    “More recently Klein shares equal billing for the endorsement of The Future We Choose book (authored by Christiana Figueres; UN, We Mean Business, etc.) with World Economic Forum founder and CEO, Klaus Schwab.” http://www.wrongkindofgreen.org/2020/09/11/comments-on-green-billionaires-behind-professional-activist-network-that-led-suppression-of-planet-of-the-humans-documentary/

  6. Kathy says:

    Alison, the research you are doing and the courage you exercise in speaking out in this way is truly inspiring. Thank you for your work and for sharing your brave spirit with us all. I confess that it’s hard to process this information without becoming terrified. It will be interesting to see how the resistance to this (long-range) takeover will manifest in the people it aims to subjugate. Will it coalesce into an opposite force that is equal in power to these giants? At the moment it feels insurmountable. I have to believe that in the end, Love Wins. May you continue to bring light to the darkness.

  7. Joanie Trussel says:

    Thank you once again Alison, you continue to be my hero as you speak truth to power. Doing battle with Melanie Klein. Bravo. Deep bow to you.

  8. Bob, Esq. says:

    “What we are living through is not a public health emergency but a reset of the global economy managed from Davos on behalf of the finance, technology and defense sectors. This “new normal” is totalitarianism wrapped up in a shiny “green” bow.”

    There is nothing “conspiratorial” about that statement. You simply recited what the World Economic Forum is bragging about. I think you were absolutely correct in talking over Klein; since she attempted to dismiss your facts with mere narrative. Klein’s best counter to your facts was the Helen Lovejoy defense “Won’t somebody please think of the children.”


    Still, I like this sentence much more:

    “What we’re experiencing is a brutal social engineering program masquerading as a public health crisis.”

    Next time someone tries to scold you for your dismissive attitutde towards a “public health crisis”, ask your detractor: “Where is the isolated virus?” “How do you test for a virus that no one has ever properly isolated?” Is that why everyone’s using PCR Tests? To get positive results testing for a virus that’s not tethered to objective reality?”

    That’s apparently what the Germans think now. German extra-parliamentary committee has come to the conclusion that Covid-19 is a hoax. Completely understandable within the context of what you speak about.



    Your courage and clarity of thought is an inspiration.

    “A decline in courage may be the most striking feature which an outside observer notices in the West in our days. The Western world has lost its civil courage, both as a whole and separately, in each country, each government, each political party, and, of course, in the United Nations…..Should one (have to) point out that from ancient times declining courage has been considered the beginning of the end?”– Alexander Solzhenitsyn, 1973:

      • Laverne says:

        Oh my word. That is something.
        The logical fallacies were just so obvious. Straw man and appeal to authority, in a short space of time.
        Must be that cognitive dissonance we keep hearing about.

        Your work is a great resource. Thanks again.
        I particularly enjoyed the graphic depicting the SA citizens burning their dompasses. I’m going to use that gem at the appropriate moment, so many will relate!

        Looking forward to your next post or interview.

  9. Mrs. Watcher says:

    You might want to take a look at how NextDoor.com–which purports to be a local communications networking tool for neighborhoods–is in fact a granular data collection agency with political intentions.

    It already was instrumental in getting London Breed elected mayor of San Francisco by using that granular data (literally at the household level) to target campaign funds and strategies.


    Breed is, as I’m sure you know, a fervent Branch Covidian.

    >Nextdoor bills itself as a “private social network” that limits membership by address, making it difficult for people not in a neighborhood network or, in some cases, an adjoining area, to participate. (A neighborhood can be as small as a few blocks.)

    > The company was founded in 2010 and said it is active in 175,000 neighborhoods, or about 85 percent nationwide. It is particularly prominent in San Francisco and, according to the company, especially popular with homeowners.
    With so many users, Nextdoor sees a big market in voter registration and education. In March, it teamed up with Alex Padilla, California’s secretary of state, to provide voter information in five counties that adopted the California Voter’s Choice Act, which makes it easier for citizens to vote. The company, too, recently partnered with the District of Columbia Board of Elections, one of about 3,000 public agencies that distribute voter and community information via Nextdoor.

    >“It gives us an opportunity to communicate with real people, not bots or trolls,” said Sam Liccardo, the mayor of San Jose, Calif., and an early advocate for the site. “That makes it a powerful tool.”

  10. LynnW says:

    There is no public health emergency caused by a virus. SARS CoV-2 has not been isolated, purified and proven pathogenic. Koch’s postulates not fulfilled. RT-PCR being used as a diagnostic test for infection by a viral particle is pure folly. People are dying from a toxic world, unhealthy food, polypharmacy, and “treatment” if ill with toxic drugs and ventilators plus the usual suspects that kill every year. Suicide, isolation, panic, fear, overdose, alcohol…. Lots of reasons for increased death this year. Flu looks to be eradicated in 2020. Could it be that everything is now Covid? How handy for the WEF and The Great Reset proponents. The narrative is a lie. The pandemic is a scamdemic, well-planned and executed but people are waking up to this lie.

    • Marilyn P says:

      It is so heartening to read the sane words of a fellow human who sees the truth. I don’t even think the death rate overall has been higher this year. I saw some data that showed it wasn’t on track to be. And I listened to something a while back that noted that the death rate among older adults last year was actually lower than usual, which would signal this year to be a catch-up year, which would also increase the statistics for that reason – not a unidentified virus. So, they picked a good year for their scam, as you pointed out, skillfully planned. I hope you are right that people are waking up from the cult slumber. I see little evidence of it when I go into my town to run errands. All I see is a sea of masks on the still obedient.

      • Piksil says:

        Marilyn P:
        I would imagine that the number of ‘senior deaths’ will catch up this year, especially since they are pushing the quadravalent flu vaccine (4X the normal adult dose) for 65+. I guess the double dose flu vaccine given last year didn’t do the trick.) Of course no escalation in senior deaths will be attributed to the vaccine itself, but will most likely continue to be counted as a a “Covid death”.

  11. Al Camus says:

    Historically it has only been a minority of the general population that has seen the truth of any given situation – 10 to 25%. U.S. entry into WW II, Gulf of Tonkin/Vietnam war, assassinations of JFK, RFK, Malcom X, MLK, Iraq War WMD hoax and now the Plandemic BioRegime. We’re just not desperate enough
    (Yet) to stand up. The Truth shall set you free, but only if you can see it…….

  12. John Martin says:

    I enjoyed your 5 part video series that Whitney posted on her Twitter page. She is as brilliant as you are. I study art history too and create in the visual language. Thanks for your insightful info! I will be following your work and Blog.

  13. Diana Sanders says:

    Really enjoying your blog and everything you post. I have so many close friends and family who are in education so your work on data collection and automation in public schools really resonated with me. It feels so good to be awake but also terrifying! It’s encouraging knowing there are more of us out there who do not consent. Hopefully together it’ll be enough to not stop it but at least have the choice to refuse it And live differently. I didn’t think In my lifetime I would be experiencing a global reset but it has encouraged me to begin our homesteading process and gives me more confident in the “crunchy” maskless lifestyle choices I’ve made for my young family!

  14. Hawk Zatar says:

    Bravo in this time of clear vision that is so needed in this year of blurriness of 2020. I am curious if you would come on our website on the Infinitesimal Dialectic. Thank you for this work. If you are interested please look over our site and get a feel. We are artist who are answering your artist call.

    Peace Hawk

  15. Raju says:

    Thank you Alison. Having worked in IT for many years I have observed that there can be a surprising lack of forethought and governance when implementing data storage systems, and this is particularly evident in the last 15 years. When I first read about blockchain I wondered what on earth would be useful for a technology that stores data which is never erased! Financial transactions such as Bitcoin are of course appropriate. However in the IT industry, something like blockchain could be used inappropriately just because someone decides they want to use it, instead of being the correct solution for the problem.

    Data protection regulations are supposed to protect an individual’s privacy and protect their rights, however a blockchain system would not be able to do this unless the data is anonymised and I highly doubt that this would be the case for the applications discussed here. The data in a blockchain solution is also not stored centrally and would probably be replicated multiple times without an accountable record of where it’s stored!

    Everyone should avoid signing their data rights away by ensuring that all data privacy notices are read beforehand.

  16. tasykes says:

    I just watched this after seeing your reference to it in a reply to a youtube commenter.

    I can’t say I’m surprised about Naomi Klein; she’s definitely “ridden the wave” of green (washed) technology. If I recall correctly, she trashed the “Planet of the Humans” doc that asked a lot of pertinent questions.

    What does amaze me is when smart people who’ve repped themselves as environmentalists inadvertently out themselves as anthropocentric. Specifically, we’ll wring out hands over dying polar bears and collapsing bee colonies when NPR runs a short story but take no significant actions. But when a few humans get sick from a virus that’s been around for as long as we have, we absolutely must shut down the world.

    What seems more reasonable is to espouse a spiritual approach that embraces the mortality that enhances every single moment of life (if we do it — or are allowed to do it — successfully). Our culture is woefully deficient on understanding the sacred role our dead can play. John Berger has an excellent essay on this in his collection Hold Everything Dear. Worth reading in these troubled times.

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