Zach Bush On Impact Investing – January 12, 2020

I have not heard directly back from Dr. Zach Bush regarding the open letter I wrote to him on January 6, 2021. It was in response to comments he made during an interview with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on December 11, 2020. That interview is no longer available on the Children’s Health Defense website, but is still accessible on Instagram here if you have an account. The focus of the letter was on the Human Resiliency Fund Bush launched in partnership with ICV. He discusses it starting at around 35 minutes into the interview. ICV has an office in Philadelphia where I live, so the issues I raised were very personal. That’s why I took time to write a letter rather than simply venting on social media.  In the letter I laid out a number of serious concerns I had regarding the nature of social impact investing in “wellness,” advances in data surveillance using wearable technologies, health impact bonds for diabetes, coded food assistance, and the role that entities like Bank of America would play in managing the poor. As we know the lockdowns are creating a massive underclass of people who have been economically disenfranchised. I also had questions about the support he has given for the Alegria Farms model, whose table top hydroponic “soilsoxx” and vertical installations rely on lots of plastic. While they are scalable for investment purposes, they do not seem truly aligned to Bush’s public positions regarding regenerative agriculture.

If you haven’t yet read the letter, you can access it here.

I shared my post with him numerous times on Twitter.

I sent it to him directly though his website.

I know that a few people contacted his office about it directly.

Today I see Bush has an Instagram post about his ICV fund. If you read my open letter, you will see that he side-stepped the larger moral issues around impact investing. He narrows his comments to Gates. He doesn’t address Jefferson Health or Bank of America. He tries to separate himself from Gates even though in a recent interview with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. for Children’s Health Defense, Bush enthusiastically stated he saw Gates as a great opportunity.

I suspect this is all I am going to get out of Dr. Zach Bush. So, for the record I am sharing screenshots taken from his Instagram post today, January 12, 2021. I am not active on Instagram, so it is interesting that he chose to respond there and not to me directly. I did create a profile in an attempt to clarify my position in the comments. You can access his post here.

As a mom with just a small platform who understands the horror that is coming, all I can do is remove a person’s plausible deniability.

Moving forward no one can say Zach Bush didn’t know the impact investors’ planned end game. I told him.

17 thoughts on “Zach Bush On Impact Investing – January 12, 2020

  1. Eric says:

    Not surprised. Sadly, very little when, anymore, when dealing with issues of this nature, surprises me 🙁

    Thank you for telling it like it is, Alison <3

  2. Oscar Curtis says:

    Thanks Alison for exposing another traitor of humanity.This guy is all over the “Truth Community” on many platforms.

  3. Nancy says:

    We’re witnessing an unprecedented rotting of civilization from the depth of deception occurring among way too many do-gooders. Is it unconscious? Or deliberately avoiding what’s behind the curtain to remain unconscious? Perhaps it’s the survival mentality leading to such blindness and not realizing how they are committing suicide for themselves in the end as they allow the destruction of others.

    Those who use good words for good triumph in the end…the moment awaits, whether this lifetime or in the next. In every moment, we keep breathing for as long as our destiny dictates, undeterred by evil schemes.

    This blog with the article “Captive Minds” is a fitting read now:

  4. Karen says:

    Thank you Alison! This is yet another example of “emotional plague” as described by Wilhelm Reich. When a person’s life energies are so suppressed, they “can’t handle the truth” and can only lash out against anyone who might uncover a chink in their character armoring. Hence “emotional plague reactions” galore these days. Reich described the physiological basis for it.

    • oregonmatt says:

      Kerry –

      I don’t know the angle of your question, but will give my answer. I stopped paying attention to Bigtree, as he is a virus pusher like Bush, Mikovitz, Lyons-Weiler, and many others too numerous to mention in the “anti-vax” movement. These people help give life to viruses and the whole viral / contagion lie, while putting a spotlight on the oxymoronic “vaccine safety”. There is no such thing as vaccine safety. There are only degrees of vaccine damage. Bigtree et al are limited hangouts and misdirection.

      A good short read on basic fraudulent ‘science’ in virology is here, by a researcher who has spent decades documenting the toxic causes of diseases that Rockefeller medicine blames on scary, exogenous, mythical invaders. Much more useful info on that blog.

  5. Tea says:

    Truly appreciate this eye opener. I was impressed by Zach Bush, however he was always so “theory” focused not getting down to realistic details in his speeches. I am returning the ION*Biome I purchased from his organization! Thank you so much for sharing.

  6. ICFUBAR says:

    Ah the .Elmer Gantry’s’ of this world…they half believe their own shtick but amassing money is their real raison d’ etre. Nice job by Allison in pointing out the hypocrisy. Still I cut Bigtree and Kennedy a little slack as they have reached a goodly number of the public in making them aware of the dangers involved around big pharma and its so called medicine. Bush though is in a class that says one thing while practicing another which should never be accepted for other than what it is: lying to advance ulterior motives.

  7. Dzlizzy says:

    this is disappointing to hear about Dr Bush, But as for Del Bigtree & RFK, I may not agree with them on every point, (RFK is very careful with his positions) I still think they are doing good work. But please explain why, if you think I am naive to think this? Both seem to me to be focused on presenting data to help people. I don’t think they are out to dupe and betray people.

    • Geraldine Perry says:

      I pretty much agree with Dzlizzy. No one knows everything, especially in this massively propagandized world. We need to find ways to contact these people, often and with clarity and brevity to challenge their blind spots. That is a big problem for me as I do not use a lot of social media and can’t figure out how to comment on The HIghwire, and other such Truth” outlets.

  8. Gabriele says:

    I was excited on first hearing Zach Bush talking about the importance of the microbiome and it‘s connection to the soil microbiome and emphasizing the innate immune system which most MD‘s increasingly tend to dismiss (even those in my own family) and tend to try to disqualify what I point out (being an MD myself) as being a „naturopathic practioner“ which I am not per se but do work a lot with plant based healing because it more often works better without side effects and goes to the cause of illnesses. When I heard the Interview with RFK I was totally dismayed and wanted to write to him that it seems to me that he and his efforts with small farmers and approach to healing the soil are being co-opted by Gates and Co, in my view, as a fig leaf. For the money they are receiving from Gates which he says „is a huge chance“, Gates and Co are spending billions more on destroying the natural world ( blocking the sun in a project in Sweden, mRNA vaccines and supporting the „Food and Land use Coalition „). The Report from this coalition reads like good news if you haven‘t learned to translate the terms „sustainability, inclusiveness“ and more to understand it is all about control, rationing, and highly expensive and for the vast population unaffordable „healthy foods“ farmed in the way Z Bush is propagating. Great Foods for the Elite, worms, insects and reduced portions for the Plebs. I am really saddened by his blindness to the implications of …what I still believe… are good intentions. I did not write because I thought it would be to no avail… and I was not sure that I would not use strong language.
    I am glad you did so and in an open letter.

    • Shannon LeBlanc says:

      Gates et al are doing a lot more damage than you list. They are convincing farmers, who for some reason believe that chemical sales reps from BayerMonsanto care about best practices, that natural farming is their enemy, that natural farms produce the pathogens that then go and eat their plants. They are trying to demonize and have organic farming outlawed. Where I live, you aren’t allowed to have unsprayed fruit trees because they believe this creates habitat for moths etc. The chemical corps have bribed and control govts at every level so that they can spray the forests and kill off all the natural food sources for wildlife, and when those die, they blame the wolves and do mass wolf culls. It’s wholesale attack on the natural system so that the trillionaire madmen can control all food production. It’s insane, literally insane. So it is extremely aggravating to hear Zach Bush blindly believing that funding from Gates is going to help his movement. If it doesn’t grow naturally, taking money from the devil is not going to help it, it’s going to sink it even faster. Or turn it into a fake front for Bayermonsanto. The road to hell is paved with good intentions and allowing the corrupt corporations in on it is nothing but naive and counterproductive.

  9. Theresa Miller says:

    I knew Zach was tied into the UN agenda’s when I first started listening to him, but he had intriguing points of view and info, esp. on microbiome issues of human’s and nature. But anything can be digitized sucked into the borg grid. Likely they will produce “products” and “systems” that merge with AI and keep people in the smart cities “healthier” while plugged in. He’s a freemason, just like the rest. I call b.s. Thank you Alison for exposing the truth. It’s a tangled web then, isn’t it? Peace all.

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