A Dandelion Manifesto: A Call For A Summer of Healing And Mending

Whereas human beings on this planet have experienced a year of collective trauma;

Whereas our understanding of the nature of this trauma varies widely;

Whereas the elite have sought to pit us against one another as they consolidate power;

Whereas people are rightly confused, fearful, and anxious;

We therefore propose a summer of healing and mending, practicing peaceful engagement to begin to knit our communities back together. We will also be revoking all consent, given or implied, to participate in social impact investment markets that seek to transform life on earth into digital simulations and securitized debt instruments through the imposition of disruptive technologies.

Whereas the dandelion has naturalized across all continents, with the exception of Antarctica, and is a symbol of global solidarity;

Whereas the name dandelion comes from Latin dens leonis, or lion’s tooth, conveying the sacred power humans hold to face off against the imperial interests that seek to colonize our minds and bodies;

Whereas the dandelion represents the life force of the sun and the illuminated clarity of the moon;

Whereas the dandelion, also called earth nail, is deeply rooted drawing up minerals from deep within the soil;

Whereas dandelions are used as a cleansing agent, particularly of the liver, of bile and anger;

Whereas a tea of dandelion soothes the nerves;

Whereas the dandelion, in the winds of turmoil, scatters its seed far and wide;

Whereby those seeds lodging in the tiniest crevices, gradually transform their surroundings, cracking pavements and even cyber-physical worlds increasingly structured by code;

Whereas dandelions maintain a casual wildness, sprouting abundantly in lawns in defiance of soul-killing homogeneity;

Whereas Hecate fed dandelion greens to Theseus for thirty days before he successfully fought the Minotaur, represented today by the global financiers of Wall Street;

Whereas dandelions represent the masses of humanity, humble, common, yet powerful;

We therefore propose our summer intentions center the life-affirming properties of these joyful, tenacious plants. As beings connected to Mother Earth we seek to deepen our sacred commitment to natural, carbon-based, life and work to restore balance in ourselves and the world around us.

A group of us will be holding revocations of consent at various location in and around New York City over the coming months. The plan is to use dandelions in soups and teas and sachets and cleansing solutions, scrubbing the thresholds of those who are carrying out a profane, sensor-based, social impact agenda. Be assured, we will leave our energetic mark. We believe plant medicine will bring us together and like Theseus, strengthen us for important work ahead.

Follow this project as it unfolds at inspiredgroundproject.com (now under development). We invite you to join us! Soon, you’ll be able to submit audio or visual artefacts from your own gatherings to be shared there. Let us inspire one another as we use our unique gifts and creative militancy to subvert this patently anti-life agenda!

We’re also accepting donations of dried dandelion flowers and leaves from non-sprayed locations. In the tradition of the honorable harvest, we ask that you thank the plants and save the early flowers for our pollinator friends.

Donations can be directed to: Alison McDowell, 852 N 24th St, Philadelphia, PA 19130  USA

46 thoughts on “A Dandelion Manifesto: A Call For A Summer of Healing And Mending

  1. Betsy Barnum says:

    Joining this effort in Minneapolis/St. Paul. Can’t wait to start revoking consent!

  2. Yvonne Rutkowski says:

    Such a beautiful revocation of consent celebration at the Council on Foreign Relations yesterday morning! Let the Dandelion Summer of Healing and Mending begin! “We have already won this war. We just have to do the work.” ~ Alison, this is my daily intention for the upcoming months. Thank you for all your work. I’m forever grateful.

  3. Jenaya Van Horn says:

    Given this area is home to so very many people and things in the news right now, Seattle has loooots of revocations to do. Would love to connect with others of like mind.

      • Irmgard says:

        Looking for like-minded people in the area, too – on the Eastside in Greater Seattle area…. Would like to think about a local celebration of this Dandelion sSummer of Healing & Mending…

    • Agnes says:

      On one one hand I agree with you about the simplicity, commonness, prolific and healing nature of the humble and beautiful dandelion, and even your cause, but, I must say, there is no victory unless and until Christ the King is acknowledged as our Lord and Savior rather than the earth that He created. In this holy Easter season praise the Lord for the humble dandelion.

  4. Bill Watson says:

    I’ve been a Flower Essence practitioner for 40 years, Alison…I daresay you may well be a dandelion “type”. Dandelion is a spring plant, has a quick cycle; it is helpful for compulsive doers–the hard driving, overstriving, overscheduled personality, propelling him/herself into the future; helps to flow more with life. Good for men, the “Atlas complex”. If tightly armored in the shoulders, use the massage oil, which is also good for carpal tunnel syndrome. The lesson of the flower is to listen more closely to both emotional messages and bodily needs. As tension releases, the soul feels more inner ease and balance, allowing spiritual forces to flow through the body in an effortless way.

    • Helen says:

      I have never heard of the Atlas complex but my partner is indeed tightly armoured in the shoulders and is also suffering badly from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. I may try this. Thankyou.

  5. Coll Doll says:

    Thank you Alison for your juggernaut role in launching the Revocation of Consent mission. May its seeds spread and blossom even in Antarctica!

  6. Barbara says:

    I love every line of the Dandelion Manifesto! Thank you very much, Alison, for your dizzying ability to make connections while speaking from the heart as a poet. I especially appreciate line 2: “our understanding of this trauma varies widely” as well as the dandelion’s “defiance of soul-killing homogeneity”. I have learned a lot from your research, writings, and interviews. They have helped me integrate, and re-integrate, many of my own prior questions and understandings. The interviews offer a particular challenge for me, in that I very often disagree with strong pre-suppositions of your hosts. The Manifesto celebrates diversity and agreement!

  7. Nina Allchurch says:

    Loved every word of your Dandelion Manifesto. Recently enjoyed a dandelion herbal tincture over a few weeks to calm the jangled peak-COVID-madness nerves. May peace and groundedness enfold you and keep you. Dandelion Blessings from South Africa

  8. Carla Tejada says:

    This was such a beautiful and powerful ceremony. Truly looking forward to more of these throughout the summer.

  9. Christine says:

    INSPIRING! I Christine Harrison am joining you – the mountains around me in the Cairngorms are joining us. The power of love is here NOW, the power of now is here NOW, the power of you and me and the healing power of the humble dandelion is here to make magic and healing and peace on earth NOW.

  10. Frieda Vizel says:

    Alison, I just saw the video of the event in NYC and it filled my heart with joy. It regularly feels like I am the only person in all of Brooklyn who objects to the roll-out of this new dystopia. I’m a parent of a student in the NYC public school system and the changes to my son’s education horrify me day in and day out. His entire learning is reduced to gamified metrics and measured with inhuman formulas! He is subjected to hybrid learning, regular testing, repeated school closures, mask wearing, daily screenings — it’s a nightmare! His entire exercise class consists of filling out a log of his workouts. Do they really think the students actually do the workouts? I pinch myself daily; the situation verges on absurd.

    Anyway, I’ve tried SO hard to find like minded folks but am having no luck. I have made friends and joined groups all over the world but have no luck finding any resistance in New York City. Please let me know how I can participate in the revocation consent events. And if anyone else might be able to get me in touch with New Yorkers who have a fight in them, please kindly let me know where the people are.

    (Searching “Freedom NYC” and such keywords gives you a taste of the algorithmic future. Where you get entry upon entry of nonsense causes like Free Brittany Spears and can’t find a thing you mean to find.)

    • thymia17 says:

      If I may answer you, Frieda – you might try contacting Michael Kane, the NYC teacher who leads NY Teachers for Choice. He knows Alison & I think invited her to NYC. NYTeachersforChoice@gmail.com He has his own activism in schools, but knows the issues. And when you do a search, don’t just put “freedom” – specifically type “medical freedom”. More aligned w concerns abt masks, testing, vaccines, passports, etc.

      • Frieda Vizel says:

        First, to Alison – thank you so much for connecting me with some people. I feel such a debt of gratitude to you! I attended an event yesterday and hope to get to know more people. Sadly, some people at the event said they are leaving the city. It’s as if more soul seeps away by day.

        At thymia17 – very much appreciate the contact to Michael Kane and I will reach out to him. Thank you!

        • Ivy Rose Levinson says:

          I am not far from you my friend. I live in the Hudson Valley, just a quick train ride up. Sounds like all the ones of like mind left and you are holding the fort. Kudos to the Warrior Goddess in you! I feel like that alot here. There are a few small groups of us here but let me stress the word “small”. You can go to private fb page Ourtribe on fb and ask to be a member. Or email me and we can exchange deets so I can invite you. You will find about 4,000 long island parents and others in NYS whose children were kicked out of school 2 yrs ago due to a “measles” outbreak that turned into Covid and completely disappeared yet the 26,000 children are still kicked out albeit. We all showed up in the thousands at the Capital to protest religious exemptions and our Constitutional rights being ripped from under our feet a few yrs back. RFK Jr. is our “Lion”. Also you can go to Rita Palma’s fb page. She is our Dande “Lion” Warrioress. Many of us are former teachers, myself included. Homeschool Homeschool Homeschool! Children are not homogenous. HUMANS are not homogenous, period and should never be treated as such but NEED to be treated as the God made wonders filled with magical unwrapped “gifts” to be found that they are and possess inherently. These gifts need to be explored and guided by their caretakers NOT extinguished along with their Souls as the Elite would have it! The mis aligned with God dark agenda wants as much to do to our children. We need to fight back NOW. Our Children are our future and without cultivating their minds and souls with Love not Fear ( as the Plandemic agenda so states in its manifesto) there will be no future. We need NEW SCHOOLS, period.
          Complacency and turning a blind eye as so many are doing is the greatest sin to our Children if you ask me. Even those giving their bodies up to be an experiment and getting those God knows what it does to our DNA shots that have been lethal to many are doing a crime against humanity without their knowing it. And a crime is being done to them that has been packaged as their “saviour” from a 99.9% survival rate virus backed by billions in brainwashing lying advertisements and news media. With enough $$ and cutting edge technology anyone can be brainwashed to believe something as true. Humans are visual sponges and it seems the majority have no firewalls built in to deflect the visual audio viruses being unleashed by the media daily into the brain through the eyes and ears. I cut the cable cords years ago and haven’t looked ar a “news” paper in years! I find real news instead. UPlifting news. They have been spewing fear in the news for far too long. Our kids are being subjected to their dangerous screens daily by the schools. Anything can be put into audio subliminally. They are masters at mind control.
          They planned all along to kick the kids out- v everyone and have the V be the Saviour to get humanity back to “normal”. Why is everyone STILL wearing masks after millions have been v’d then?
          Those unknowingly and “dutifully” getting their V are actually, unknowingly ghost accomplices to murderers who want to bring our population down from 7 billion to 300,000 million. This is a PLAN demic and always has been. People need to get their head out of CNN’s a*^ and Watch any of the whistleblowers out there who are talking first hand horse’s mouth truth on this. The world needs to wake the f up and if we are small in number we must be MIGHTY lions roaring with Love for our Children’s sake. NOW. I’m fighting the good fight here
          with you Sister.

  11. Bara says:

    “The Mermaid and the Minotaur” – Dorothy Dinnerstein notes boys are brought up to think they need to overcome their mothers to ‘make it in the world.’ Gloria Steinem told on the 10th anniversary of Ms. tour and AGAIN in about 2014 at Bioneers. Patriarchal eons need balancing. We conflated riddance of Mr. Tweet with pandemic — lionizing Fauci, alas. Glad to see women showing up!

  12. Rita says:

    Dear Alison — thank you so much for all that you are doing to inform us all about the future we face if we do not collectively rise and declare our own sovereignty and connection to Mother Earth. We are holding our own Removal of Consent New Moon Ceremony tonight. I am hoping to share some of your info with some friends who are (somewhat) open to hearing an alternative version of what’s going on, and just not sure which one of all the interviews you would recommend for an easy entry into what you are explaining — and ideally in a 1 hour or shorter format. I loved the interview you gave on Greg Carlwood’s THC and think it was presented so clearly there, but I KNOW the info will be dismissed b/c of the nature of that show (which I love/listen to). Is there a particular video/talk you would recommend as a first go to explaining the human capital markets and big picture?

  13. Ed Conroy says:

    Thank you, Alison for your very inspiring and powerfully poetic manifesto! I will share it with friends and conduct revocation of consent rituals here in the Austin-San Antonio area, at places where spring waters still flow. Thanks for all you are doing to get your message out to so many people on so many podcasts, too!

  14. Banjo says:

    Alison, thank you again and again for your tireless work. I’ve been tracking this amazing shitshow of elite moral malfeasance for about 25 years. While I appreciate so many Traditional conspiracy “dot connectors “ doing such important research , your animistic, back to the Mother earth, back to nature, (back to OUR Human nature ) message is just what we who are progressive in principle (but politically homeless) are loving to hear.
    The message of reciprocity , of being good siblings is an ever shining And hopeful light In What can be a fog of well meaning but very patriarchally oriented truth seeking types haha.
    It’s beautiful to see your message cut through all the murkiness .
    So many people seeking the Truth from so many vantage points these days.
    Together we will find it and shine it and embody it according to each of our unique gifts and capacities.
    Namaste , Amen, In La’kesh , cheers ,
    And Blessings to all who are on this sacred mission!!!

    • kitlofroos says:

      Yes, agreed- great discussion! I also love the dandelion idea. When is this action happening? I’d love to send some Petaluma, CA dandelions for the ritual. I don’t have to eat ALL of the yard salad!

  15. Betsy Barnum says:

    Alison, a group of 8 or so here in the Twin Cities are meeting next week–maskless and hugging!–to plan one or more revocation of consent rituals here. I know the Minneapolis Federal Reserve will be one of our sites, and wonder if you could suggest some others. We have Medtronic here, which I’ve heard you mention, and the Mayo Clinic which is in Rochester, about 80 miles south. There’s also a school of Biomedical Engineering at the University of Minnesota which I imagine must be involved somehow. Can you affirm these and/or suggest others? We expect to grow as we go forward, and everyone is really eager to do some of these ceremonies. I know we can do at least a handful through the summer. Thank you!

  16. marymorse says:

    My lawn is in full bloom. I’ll be making some wine this afternoon.

    I’ll try to dehydrate some for donation…

  17. Leu says:

    Ah, my dear… Theseus was kind of an asshole (from the City of Assholes, Thebes), and if Hecate fed him anything (I don’t know why she’d bother) it was horta, a wild green here – not dandelion.

    The Minotaur was really quite a gentle soul; there’s a moment in *our* (the West’s) dedarkening where we encounter Him. So I am cautioned by your choice of hero and nemesis.

    I see your heart, and your wish to lead. We need to be in each others’ blind spot, not leading, but seeing and calling up new clarities. You can count on me for that.

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