In Our Freedom Struggle We Must Honor The Ancestors And Heal The Wounds Of Empire

This speech was prepared for the #WeWillAllBeThere Worldwide Demonstration in New York City

Join us at 1pm, Foley Square, Saturday May 15, 2021

We gather today to exercise our rights as free beings to learn together, to lift one another up, and to strengthen connections that will carry us through the turbulent days ahead.

Take a second; hug someone. Build up the energetic field.

While Davos billionaires may harbor demented ideas about harnessing the earth’s life force to a cold, calculating planetary bio-computer, that is most definitely NOT our fate.

I know in my heart we are in the midst of a spiritual engagement.

The creator stands with us, on the side of the sacred, as we face the profanity of man-made artificial intelligence.

AI is the end-game settler colonizer.

It seeks to erase water-based life and replace it with life on a silicon chip – programmable matter – but it will not prevail.

Today, the presence of Dr. Lorenzo Pace’s powerful sculpture, Triumph of the Human Spirit, reminds us that the future is in our hands.

BUT the road that has brought us to this particular moment in time cannot be ignored.

We stand here on Manahatta, hilly island, ancestral lands of the Lenape people.

Broadway was a trading route. As we walk to Battery Park we walk in their footsteps.

We stand on the resting place of over four hundred enslaved Africans who died during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

Our lives, our fates are bound up in theirs.

Today’s freedom struggle is enmeshed in a fraught, traumatic history that emerged from imperial aspirations.

In 1493, Pope Alexander VI drafted a papal bull that declared all lands not occupied by Christians were available for “discovery.”

Original occupants of such lands were labelled barbarous, and thus their resources could be seized.

Tall-masted ships arrived on these shores.

Some carried the idea of manifest destiny, a concept that demanded extermination of the original life and culture of these lands.

Later, ships expelled enslaved men, women, and children brought to toil here in chains far from their ancestral homes.

Today, technology interests are pushing manifest destiny into gamified virtual realms. They desire to erase the material and replace it with a digital replica under total militarized control.

Today’s slavers put people on blockchain and force them to earn badges coding the virtual world.

Cotton sacks in scorching heat replaced by gestural coding and haptic suits, in dim isolation units.

Soon, those of us asserting the natural rights of humans to decide what happens to their bodies, minds, spirits, and the environment will be the ones labelled barbarous.

Look around. The buildings that surround Foley Square represent systems of power – courts, prisons, police, the IRS, the Social Security Administration that laid the groundwork for unique identifiers now melding with biometric tracking systems.

Walk a bit further south, and you’ll find the New York Federal Reserve and Wall Street, agents of empire that intend to gamble on our lives and hold our children as portfolio assets.

Generations of social conditioning led many of us to believe such systems of power were aligned with our own interests.

This past year has pulled back the curtain on the true nature of that power.

As Indigenous legal scholar, Steven Newcomb asserts in his book “Pagans in the Promised Land,” – the world is shaped by domination, and it has been for centuries.

It is based on a very specific legal structure that was set in motion by papal bulls.

Know the history of Indigenous genocide.

Know the history of enslavement.

Know the history of reservations and prison labor.

For that is where Agenda21 smart city social prescribing came from.

Pace’s granite ship stands for the middle passage.

On that brutality he placed an abstracted Chi Wara, a ritual antelope figure symbolizing fertility –cultivation, natural life, the bountiful harvest.

All that the Chi Wara represents – that is what we must stand for today, and the next day and the next.

The task before us is to witness the truth of our collective history, to take responsibility, and to begin to transmute that dark shadow in a way that truly heals life on this planet.

We have entered a new phase of empire where dominion is being sought above and below – over the magnificent expanse of space AND genomic structures.

From satellites to cell therapies – the dominators want control over it all, and because of that they will fail.

Like Icarus flying too high, the wax wings will melt with all of their terrible plans plummeting into the sea.

Our charge is to hold on until the sun works its magic – patient, faithful, determined, loving.

Agents of empire gathered last week at the Vatican for their “Unite to Prevent Conference.” There, they asserted a vision of the future where genetic engineering would be normalized for healthy people. Where eugenics and Internet of Bodies biosensors create digital twins inhabiting a gamified prison planet run by Michael Bloomberg and Bill Gates to profit hedge funds.

We refuse that future.

We stand on the shoulders of the ancestors who led this struggle for centuries.

We will conduct ourselves in a way that honors their sacrifices. In the midst of propaganda wars, emotional triggers, fear, and anger, we will hold to the golden kernel of goodness and love that lies at the center of our beingness.

It is that seed of love that is more powerful than anything they can throw at us.

Following our march to Battery Park I will be facilitating revocations of consent around the human capital bond markets. We’ll walk from the Wall Street Bull to the stock exchange and finish at Federal Reserve. There will be dandelions, stories, songs, and even a yarn labyrinth. You all are invited.

I will close with the Ho’Oponopono prayer. May we transmute this immense harm and find our way to the valley of love. If you feel it in your heart, you can repeat after me.

I’m sorry.

Forgive me.

Thank you.

I love you.

Thank you New York.



9 thoughts on “In Our Freedom Struggle We Must Honor The Ancestors And Heal The Wounds Of Empire

  1. Patricia Baehr says:

    Alison, Your tenacity, your strength, your wisdom, all of the hours you have spent proving the digital enslavement plan for all peoples, controlled by oligarchs, is coming into the light. I bless and honor you, wrap you in protection and love. Thank you, heart full of gratitude for you and all you do ✨

  2. Eve says:

    Hi allison and folks on this blog, I just found you tonight on cabin talk interview on bitchute. You were talking about so many things that I have had first hand experience with- in 2018 and 2019 I worked in catering in nyc, I worked the Robin hood event 2wice, have served in Bloomberg philanthropies, the george bush senior points of light event, was asked to work event 201, worked at the banks for the CEOs, the UN, the ny teachers union, and on and on, as basically a fly on the wall since nobody notices a 53 year old (female) busboy. Absolutely the philanthropies were all celebrity studded events, all about data mining while patting themselves on the back. And every single place I worked-business or charity- had “making the world a better place” as motto. Ugh. My favorite was this heart warming party by a non profit who got jobs for all these ex cons- the ex cons were all given amazon alexas at their party! Then a co worker of mine left to get a job upgrading the projects in the bronx to smart housing. Looking back I am horrified to have partaken in this maddess for my slightly over minimum wage, though it was so interesting. I am in Florida now but will be in philly early in the summer, I do hope we can do the loving chalk-in at the federal res. while I am there!

  3. Kimberly Hughes says:

    I am so happy you are on the planet at this time and I thank you Alison! I am arranging an outdoor “reading” of your speech for friends here in the Asheville area. I want to energetically amplify it.

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