Covid, Cybernetics, And The New Normal

This is a guest post written by a humanities teacher and freelance writer who holds a masters degree from the School of African and Oriental Studies, a public research university in London. It lays out over fifty concerns regarding pandemic policy implementation and plans for a cybernetic future, full spectrum dominance of life on the planet by defense, bio-tech, and finance interests. I’m glad to be able to share my platform so this detailed analysis can be more widely distributed.


In light of the political and economic developments which have transpired since Covid-19 was first declared a pandemic, it is becoming clearer by the day how this public health crisis is being exploited to usher in a new global system of technocratic population control and compliance.

We must wake from our stupor and identify what is shaping up to be an incredibly dystopian reality.

I invite everyone to consider how in one fell swoop, this pandemic has served as a catalyst for the following:

Accelerating a multilateral drive towards a global surveillance apparatus and control grid where digital health certificates tied to blockchain technology will be used as a cover for the biometric ID of every vaccinated person on the planet

Scaling the adoption of blockchain technology to lay the global infrastructure for Social Impact Investing, enabling global financiers to use the aggregated data harvested through blockchain’s interoperable ledger to efficiently track the impact of their investments and interventions for returns on investment

Encouraging nations to enlist in the UN’s E-Government Development Index (EGDI) through the rollout of digital IDs, which will not only enable citizens to access public e-services but more importantly determine their value as human capital by global financiers

Promoting biometric passports (Digital IDs) to manufacture consent for a social credit system-akin to the Chinese technocratic model-which will presage a new era of thought control, by managing, monitoring, punitively profiling and predicting the trustworthiness of citizens through an overarching system of punishments and rewards in a future which will resemble a behaviourist panopticon

Encouraging impact investors to risk score citizens through coded interventions and preference specific behavioural outcomes on e-wallets, forcing citizen compliance and group-think on a range of metrics tied predominantly to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), such as education, healthcare, climate security and employment.

Controlling a person’s access to strings attached Universal Basic Income (UBI) and social welfare which will be distributed via blockchain ledgers and conditioned on the compliance with behaviour management systems overseen by social impact investors, thus undermining the ability of cryptocurrency recipients to make autonomous economic choices

Enabling a form of collectivist planning of the world’s economy which will undergo a top-down reorganization by an unelected minority, who will seize control of the global means of production, distribution and ownership

Centralizing power in the hands of ‘stakeholder capitalists’ under the guise of reinventing capitalism to make it fairer and greener, using deceptive slogans like ‘Build Back Better’

Aligning global investments with the UN’s SDGs so that new international markets can be built on the disaster and misery of millions of people suffering from the pandemic

Redirecting the flow of global capital by configuring asset allocations as Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) compliant to achieve achieve predetermined outcomes for profits

Facilitating pay for success government contracting where the ‘green’ interventions and pre-emptive investments of stakeholder capitalists which are aligned to the UN’s SDGs will accrue massive rates of return, thus advancing the UN Agenda 21

Using the Internet of Things (IoT) infrastructure which has significantly expanded as a result of remote working to monitor our digital footprint and drive profitable investments for predatory social impact investors by making the world’s population fuel for an emergent social impact economy

Crafting specific legislation and standards for companies to integrate an ‘impact’ framework and measurement system within their core operations which will permit harvesting data extracted from the Internet of Things (IoT) to not only surveil the planet but also establish new markets for vulture philanthropists

Entrusting stakeholder capitalists with managing debt operations and pandemic relief packages as part of an unprecedented fiscal shock therapy, where entire nations risk being hollowed out of sovereignty through global ‘structural adjustment’

Exploiting global poverty by shifting the mandate on eminent domain, resulting in the mass confiscation of private property and thus reversing the democratization of home and land ownership

Precipitating the greatest transfer of wealth in history, with corporations eliminating competition and aggregating the market share of many unviable small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) which have been driven into bankruptcy

Squeezing the property-owning middle classes who will have little choice but to settle for debt release in exchange for total asset forfeiture in the years ahead

Using the furlough scheme as a phased introduction for a guaranteed basic income to pacify the civil unrest which will naturally accompany massive layoffs caused by lockdowns

Narrowing the scope for self-sufficiency by significantly increasing dependence on government subsidies, which will lead to a highly stratified neo-feudal order

Expediting the march towards a cashless society by fuelling an enormous reliance on technology, causing the masses to recoil further from paper money

Heralding a Bretton Woods moment which promises to transform the operation of international banking and macroeconomic cooperation through the future adoption of central bank digital currencies which will interface with health passports

Monetizing on the data from our transactions, which will no longer remain anonymous in a cashless society

Exposing creditors to central bank manipulation through a reshuffling of capital, bail-ins and coercive burden sharing agreements once digital currencies are integrated into the international economy

Restructuring global profit centres to open new equity markets tied to preventative healthcare, thus radically overhauling the global approach to public health to feed global impact investments

Crossing the threshold into biocapitalism where our cellular structures will be mined for health data to feed futures markets in human capital. Genetic engineering tied to quarterly returns. Just wait and see.

Conditioning the globe for inevitable top-up vaccines to deal with resistant variants as a test bed for piloting next-generation experimental gene altering therapies and personalised healthcare based on nanotechnology and neurotechnology

Amplifying the lingering threat of deadly variants to justify unfettered access to our bodies through intrusive pharmaceutical interventions, such as wirelessly networked medication consisting of wearable, implantable and ingestible technologies in “smart” environments, eventually integrating humans into the Internet of Bodies in a biosecurity surveillance state

Holding freedom and liberty to ransom by making our inalienable rights including property ownership, education, banking, work, travel, housing and special movement and access privileges conditional on the acceptance of medical interventions with potentially devastating consequences for our health, personal agency and bodily autonomy

Loosening the statutory constraints on state surveillance activities, thus encouraging the normalisation of authoritarian public measures and the return of ‘Big Government’ in the absence of any executive accountability

Reforming governance models by undermining the principles of self-determination and national sovereignty and legitimating the governance of unelected bureaucrats and private regulators (technocracy) who operate without a mandate and rely on emerging technologies instead of the rule of law to maintain public order and control

Socially engineering the public by convincing them that suffering and deprivation through draconian lockdowns and social distancing is for their own betterment, thus cementing acceptance of a new protocol which can be activated in response to any sensationalized public health threat-real or perceived-which will pave the path for future ‘climate lockdowns’ under the pretext of ‘saving the planet’

Exploiting fear and hysteria to recalibrate the public’s distaste for measures traditionally associated with totalitarian regimes, such as invasive technologies for pandemic preparedness, militarised officers to ensure quarantine compliance and operational use of drones for policing the public.

Re-writing the rules of the digital ecosystem by significantly expanding the tentacles of Big Tech and monopolising the information pipelines through mass censorship of dissenting voices which do not conform to the mainstream narrative

Suppressing the freedom of association/assembly by prohibiting demonstrations and protests in many parts of the world, thereby criminalising and immobilising effectively anything that amounts to collective resistance against the ‘new normal’

Destroying the current city space by clearing out offices and non-essential businesses, allowing Big Tech to restructure entire neighbourhoods and rebuild urban centres as carbon-neutral, high-tech digital surveillance panopticons called ‘smart cities’ under the benevolent guise of environmental sustainability and public health, as part of the UN Agenda 2030

Encouraging the framing of urban planning ordinances and statutes so that cities are controlled by cloud-based applications and embedded sensor networks which can predict the behaviour of entire populations, through scanning copious volumes of data for behavioural patterns and real-time tracking of citizens

Assigning citizens virtual perimeters in real-time (geofencing) inside future smart cities based on biometric data and algorithmic predictions, where GPS coordinates linked to nano-robotic biosensors can track compliance with wearable technologies to alert authorities if non-compliant citizens stray beyond ‘safe areas’

Legitimising the eco-propaganda of ‘green’ capitalists by stoking mass fears of zoonotic illnesses owing to human activity and in order to drive a wedge between wildlife and rural human settlements

Promoting the World Bank’s One Health program by monopolising the discourse on decarbonisation as well as containment strategies and preventive disease mitigation for zoonotic illnesses, to justify the uprooting of indigenous people from their territories, thus legislating the separation of humans from nature and paving the path for the annexation of rural settlements

Advancing agendas like the New Deal for Nature in the name of biodiversity, to move rural inhabitants into mega housing complexes, vacant office spaces, abandoned retail floors and devalued properties all of which have been induced by lockdowns , as part of an urban densification strategy to integrate the masses into algorithm driven public spaces and controlled habitation zones in future smart cities for full spectrum surveillance, resulting in the mass land theft of original inhabitants

Incentivising agribusiness and tech giants to transform and privatise the global food supply system and push plant based synthetic meats as part of the ‘green farming’ agenda pursued by climate cultists, which will decimate regenerative meat and dairy farming practices and displace entire livestock farming communities

Ushering the growth of a digital ‘platform economy’ where tech titans are the primary beneficiaries of the seismic changes and disruptions to the way we trade, work and socialise

Diminishing the footfall of traditional brick and mortar businesses and institutions through social distancing and lockdowns in order to change the muscle memory of consumption habits and consolidate the gains of online business giants

Restructuring employment protocols in a way that minimises human contact in order to accelerate the relentless march of workforce automation, which will be touted as not only more scalable but also safer and greener in a world threatened by viruses and environmental crises

Marking the transition of Artificial Intelligence (AI) from pilot programmes to large-scale operations at organisational and industry levels in the next decade, which will bankrupt many businesses which are unable to integrate AI into its operations

Propelling the role of disruptive technologies leading to the dramatic downsizing of the global workforce which will threaten hundreds of millions of blue and white collar jobs, resulting in the greatest and fastest displacement of jobs in history

Forcing a global economic underclass into micro-work contracts and low-wage jobs in an emerging gig economy, much of which will involve telepresence labour using haptic robotic controlled technologies to advance the next era of globalisation

Promoting social distancing and lockdowns as a safer, cheaper and ‘greener’ means of reimagining business models, to fuel dependency on digital innovations and e-strategies

Allowing global financiers to digitize several aspects of public service delivery through predatory public-private partnerships and scalable technology based solutions to create new markets for social impact investors

Converting the education system into a magnet for tech interests through a soft-transition to e-learning

Using the blended learning and hybrid teaching model as part of a long term agenda to replace brick and mortar schools and face-to-face education with personalised AI learning programmes in virtual learning environments

Feeding children to deep-learning algorithms via smart-learning platforms to harvest their cognitive-behavioural data and soft skills such as social-emotional intelligence through a blockchain credentialing system, using coded nudges and smart badges to ensure they only acquire the skills which social impact investors deem desirable for maintaining the planned economy

Integrating children into cradle-to-career pathways and lifelong learning ecosystems so they can build their portfolios on blockchain and track their economic output to their education over time, thus serving the interests of social impact investors who can pursue plans to reform early childhood development interventions using financial mechanisms like social impact bonds and collect impact payments

Promoting smart-learning platforms to determine workforce preparedness for future generations who will be competing with an international workforce for remote on-demand AI assigned work in a gig economy

Justifying income sharing agreements with impact investors and the garnishing of wages through smart contracts due to the financing required for constant reskilling, rendering much of the globe as securities and commodities for speculative investment leading to the emergence of human capital bond markets

Conditioning children and student populations into accepting a cybernetic future, where simulation-based learning applications, virtual reality training for gig jobs and device-based education will acclimatise forthcoming generations for a life which resembles a gamified mixed augmented reality simulation where they can be sifted and sorted on blockchain and mined as data commodities on the dashboard of global financiers

Acclimatising the global population for the cybernetic mediation of social and professional relationships and an inevitable progression towards transhumanism by depersonalising, disconnecting and alienating individuals from free and spontaneous social interactions due to social distancing

Ushering the dawn of the most dangerous juncture in humanity where technologies will be gradually harnessed to eventually transcend our biological limitations to trigger the singularity

Going by the footprint of this virus, it dovetails so neatly with the globalist aspiration for full spectrum dominance and is the perfect smokescreen for The Fourth Industrial Revolution, a.k.a. The Great Reset.

If we allow fear and hysteria to be weaponized against us, it will simply fog our perception of events and break our grasp on reality.

We are currently on the precipice between freedom and serfdom and it is the responsibility of anyone with a conscience to expose the dystopia into which we are sleepwalking.

Forewarned is forearmed.

42 thoughts on “Covid, Cybernetics, And The New Normal

  1. Michael says:

    Brilliant analysis, breathtaking in its scope and detail. Now comes the easy bit – getting billions of brainwashed people around the world to read and emphatically reject this globalist road map to a technocratic dystopia!

  2. Megan says:

    Overboard! As an educator who used to read your blog in regards to the warnings concerning data collection in educational environments, I am unsubscribing. Too much crap to wade through for me.

    • wrenchinthegears says:

      This is you Megan?
      A teacher of “cultural geography?”
      Do you hear yourself?
      “Too much crap…”
      Is that how you teach children?
      I was just too naive when I started out, believing public education to be an honorable effort for the most part.
      I’ve grown and matured and started to take responsibility for the times we’re living in.
      I suspect you’ll soon be earning micro-credentials in culturally-responsive VR programming for social impact brainwashing.
      I feel for the children in your care. I hope you will start your own journey – better sooner than later. Not much time.

    • Banjo—:: says:

      It’s absolutely mind blowing that you could or would have at some point in the past been mentally equipped enough to comprehend alison’s writings …. only to call this too much crap to wade through today. Amazing. Like you were into this stuff when it was less scary and not yet as comprehensive ?
      So curious what goes through a frontal cortex like this.
      Good luck, you probably mean well. Know that It’s never too late to admit you’re way over your head and just take a break and try some meditation or personal care. to try to make a little stink about it a virtue signal your apathy Here on this magnificent and courageous blog As if it’s the writers (or sharers) problem…. it’s just so …2020

      • banjo—:: says:

        Humble apologies for My above reactionary, divisive, language.
        Learning patience still. .
        Anyone who goes to this page is on the right track, regardless the level they engage or agree or interact at.
        Love you all.

  3. May Hem says:

    Holy shit – what a nightmare! Glad I’m old but hope to live to see the collapse of the Great Setup – or should that be Upset? Thank you again Alison, for keeping us informed. We will not let this nightmare happen. Its up to us.

  4. Rachael says:

    Thank you author and Alison, I found this to be a powerful presentation, notably the passive voice and delayed revelation of explicit agency.
    Yes, all of us with functioning consciences must force ourselves to face this evil and find ways to resist. As I attempt to think through the dystopia I’m struck by the evisceration of any meaningful sense of rights: human, political, moral, bodily, economic. I think it is worth articulating a positive vision that reverses all of these losses in the name of the human being and citizen; an autonomous being enjoying guarantees of dignity, security and support. A being understood to have a social existence and to exist in the natural world. A flourishing spirit possessing spontaneity and vitality; one who must never be reduced to a mere means; one whose capacity for self-determination must not be stunted.
    Perhaps it’s also worth thinking about strategic political demands (ideally) providing leverage. Unconditional debt liberation as a citizenship right would likely slow things down.
    The moral prohibition on usury sure would come in handy. Although from a traditional view, I do believe that the impact investors’ speculation regarding the risk assessment of human beings = the sin of usury, the immoral form of speculation.
    Strategically, assuming our words get out, might it possibly be useful to call for a moratorium on the deployment of certain technologies?
    Anyhow, thanks much.

  5. willliamm bogert says:

    Great to have a summary of the new panopticon all in one place. Back in the ‘70’s students of C.Wright Mills used power structure analysis to examine how power was implemented in llocal communities, often via gencies with boring names. This approach was used by professors at local colleges to get students to understand how things got done locally. Very threatening to powers that be. In the ‘80’s, this kind of emphasis on the local was often taken up by the right, who quietly got religious conservatives elected to local school boards. It would be helpful to revive and update this kind of analysis in regard to the micropolitics of resistance.

  6. william bogerr says:

    correction to my post. I was thinking of G. William Domhoff, Who Rules America. 50 years old now. Would love to see a post of yours that had a concise bibliography.

  7. Arby says:

    “suffering from the pandemic”? I can’t use this material. Sorry. Even those (in my anti-covid 1984 camp) who disagree with me about the existence of Sars CoV 2 (it hasn’t been isolated, which means ‘proven to exist’, an easy concept to grasp) understand that there’s zero justification for referring to a pandemic.

    • wrenchinthegears says:

      I don’t police people’s framing. If you or your colleagues don’t have the intellectual wherewithal to read material and pull out what supplements or expands your understanding, that is your loss. At the end of the day it’s about the global biosecurity state.

      • Arby says:

        As you wish. I have my framing of things too. Sorry. I pull out information I need from articles and authors who I don’t agree with (relatively speaking) all the time. I have no choice about that. 99% of those in my anti-covid 1984 camp are trapped within Rockefeller health care science/ideology and that’s a serious problem in my view. I have no choice about using their material, if I want to engage and learn and teach. But I have a choice about ‘how much’ of that I bother with. That consideration is my main reason for skipping this article. I don’t disagree with the author but I’m also familiar with all that he or she lays out precisely because I ‘do’ read material that I have issues with (again, relatively speaking).

        Writing that there’s a pandemic, though, is not small potatoes. If you disagree with me about my position and want to call me stupid because you disagree, then I’ll have to live with that.

        • wrenchinthegears says:

          My critique was of your off the cuff dismissal “Sorry, I can’t use this” from your original comment. Actually I feel it rather crass in retrospect for you to consider this information simply something to be “used.” I can’t imagine we’d actually be collaborators in real life, so feel free to move on and not revisit.

          • Arby says:

            There’s something wrong with you. And no, my use of your material is not crass. It’s called teaching. Every student is both a student and a teacher. And my off the cuff remark was not off the cuff. You just didn’t like it. Too bad. I know what I’m trying to wake people up to and, it seems, it’s not whatever it is that you’re trying to wake people up to. You push people like me away and the only thing I’m interested in is the truth. And one truth that I’m trying hard to tell and get ‘my’ side in covid 1984 to wake up to is: There is no Sars CoV 2 virus. Perhaps it’s just fear of man that forces people like you to attack people like me. I don’t see you sitting on any fence, actually. So, you can buzz off too.

            • banjo—:: says:

              Wow. Alison is operating at least ten levels above you young man. If your big earth shattering “truth” that you’re so dedicated to sharing with the world is that covid does’t exist …Ummmm March 2020 called On David Ickes behalf and wants its cutting edge conspiracy theory back lol.

              Virus hasn’t been isolated? Amazing news there homie. Well worth the shade thrown At the page for us all to finally learn that. And the 1984 part is simply genius . Just like that book, huh. Did you figure that connection out too? Keep
              Digging young friend, we’re all in this together , what’s false cannot persist , and the truth can never be destroyed. 🤓😇💚🌈🙏🏼

  8. Robin Whelan says:

    there is mostly open S P A C E in our Universe—-surely space enough for us all. Don’t we think?

    • tasykes says:

      Robin, you’re right on the nose here. While I have been following doctors and scientists who have convincing claims/proofs that the SARS coV 2 virus hasn’t been isolated, I would also never dismiss someone’s use of the word “pandemic.” We have all been bamboozled/robbed already during this time period, and if we can agree on some important points – like the apocalypse that was 2020, we can allow the details to sort themselves out. As it is, it’s apparent that all of those upper income bracket media professionals, lawyers, government workers, NGO staffers (financed by grants from the Bill & Melinda Gates Fnd) and others. will not be admitting their role in this tomfoolery any time in the near future. Splitting hairs isn’t going to help and even with lunatic qAnons whose teleological story involves many resurrections from the dead can still lend their weight to anti-masking initiatives.

      • Robin Whelan says:

        I too have had the conviction to sign Kaufman and Cowan’s SOVI document–proving non isolation. It is the nail in the coffin as I see it. Along with the 1918 USN study disproving Spanish Flu transmission by germs, and the Black Death debacle, disproved by the London Dig, as well as by ice core and dendrologists careful investigation work. I, a former RN with a long family history in the sciences, have learned that modern science is a Gigantic Ruse. Thanks for your input!

  9. kocotube01 začasni says:

    There is no wiggling out of the trap we are all in for a long time now. We don’t own the Money and have no control over its creation. Until we take the Money back, or better said until we create a parallel system with a set of rules for all, we will remain trapped in the Prison of our own making. Years ago I put together this ‘If only story’. I got no reaction so far, no addition to improve it. Money is the prime Future Creation Tool and until We take its reigns, the select Few will create the Future for us. Here it goes, please be a kind judge, my syntax needs much improvement.
    – — —
    What if ?… story…or Archy of All (not just Family-Banking-Intelligence LLC) and An-archy for Everyone…

    For a while now I am toying with an idea that ties to the fact that current economic model is like a Monopoly game. Few (or only one) win the game and all others loose. Since I’ve only recognized this fact – not trying to correct it, as if it is a product of societal development – I will now try to develop a simple adaptation idea for the future of world economics.
    World of free market that would be as fruitful for the people as could be. And would recognize all the effort and sacrifice of previous generations. Lets reset the “game” then. Lets evaluate all that mankind (infrastructure, hardware and knowledge) has accumulated so far. How much is its global worth? Could everyone who is alive right now be a millionaire (in whichever currency)?
    Lets say we live 100 years and a year has 10 months. That is 1000 months in one’s life. If every person at birth is to be given a million (a new million is created by birth of a new child), he/she would have 1000 units of that currency per month to spend until death. At death that million would be taken out from circulation (individualized money that has your number on it).
    Question arises: Is this reset good for individual? Those without land would have to buy food. But now farmers could be in position of independent price forming (getting paid properly for their labor). And with extra money they could directly finance robotics developers that would crate robots that benefit farmers directly (not BostonDynamics “hyenas”). And so would those robot developers earn extra money for food and leisure … and … the cycle begins.
    … Those who work manually and/or with their brains would accumulate money that could then be invested into new projects of their choosing or leisure. And those who don’t work and have no innovative ideas would loose money. If you invest wisely, disperse in many benefiting inventions (and not spend all on food, housing and clothes) you get rewarded with influx from products that were developed and sold as result of your investments.
    But remember: whatever you do with your money, wherever that million ends in those 100 years, all your money will be erased after you die. So there is no danger of inflation, there are no central banks needed, there are no banks at all, since there is no interests possible, there are no money lenders, there is no ministry of finances, that regulates currency flows and no taxation from the state, since there is no money related bureaucracy. People invest in what they consider worth or necessary investing, in amounts they judge appropriate individually.
    And this “monopoly game” has its objective that is different from to-days economic farce: Aim is not to win by grabbing all the money (few or only one winner) and thus ending the game , but to play the game as long as you can (game never ends) while intellectually and emotionally enjoying it.
    Of course this idea is “just plainly ridiculous” at first glance. And at second. But what if…?

    There couldn’t be more and more currency in circulation. And no arbitrary printing of money by/for most powerful actors. There would be as many millions as there are living people. Once I’ve died, all the currency with “my name on it” (my serial number) becomes worthless and is taken out of circulation.
    Essentially one would start with a million, gradually releasing it into circulation and died taking one’s million out completely. And since, during individual’s life time, his/hers money has been dispersed, those holding small amounts of that money at the time of death wouldn’t “suffer” much of a loss.
    Individual would be encouraged, from the start, not to overindulge (1000 point per month doesn’t make you infinitely rich) and to live by the motto of creating new quality that benefits all (action that attracts outside investment). Also there would be no need for the State to exist in such a megalomaniac form of bureaucratic regulatory capacity (with standing armies and Intelligence apparatus) that few individuals would be willing to support.
    And problem with intellectual property would fall away also, if there would be none. All access to knowledge would be open. When you create new code for worker robots to operate better, you get paid by investors/investments and later by sales. One time operation, without any long turn royalties. If someone is prepared to use your realized idea and works on its further development, that someone gets financially rewarded (new investment) for that particular improvement or work on replicating a product (sales) and has no extra protection. Development would be driven by real needs of people (investors and/or buyers) and all needles product would be financially discouraged (no consumerism mentality).
    People would be initially forced to invest into sectors that satisfy their basic needs and make them more price efficient (food, housing, clothes…) and only then would invest in the indulging lifestyles. By giving everyone a million at the start of their life would ensure fair play starting position for everyone and destroy any need for vertical social mobility and horizontal exclusivity cartel associations.
    Maybe one additional feature of such individualized currency (“million with your number on it”) would be possibility of tracking the future use and movement of money you’ve spent. To see what your money is doing out in the real world is very “regulatory” on its own.
    As I’ve said, a very bizarre idea on the first glance and second, ….but what if…?

    If there are to be 10 billion people on the Earth by 2050`s (watch any of Hans Rosling`s presentation of world statistic), then all the currency in circulation would amount to 10 quadrillion. That amount would be more or less constant, since the global population’s exponential growth of 18th-20th centuries has already essentially leveled at future constant number of 10 billion people living on the planet. A million more ore less wouldn’t change anything.
    What really creates inflation are the Central banks creating new money by new loans (private and to governments) in amounts of new trillions. And interests on that money lent. And all the financial derivatives and future gambling financial investments. That all would be gone. Together with stocks. Money/currency would be the only “stock”.
    John Doe’s million would be created only by his birth, no other reason for creating money would be allowed. So, if the population will have leveled at 10 billion people around 2050, then amount of money in circulation should be relatively constant.
    And then … the question for every individual to answer awaits:
    What kind of a world do you want to live in? What will you do to realize that future?
    After asking those questions, it is your individual “free choice to develop” that future with your money’s influence. Money as a future creating tool, a tool that is today reserved only for the “chosen” ones (rich monopolists), who regularly reset the (Monopoly game) system by creating financial crises and property/resources acquisition.
    Oh, if you are wondering what would become of today’s billionaires and trillionaires, Earl John Doe the III`s? …Well…they would still have a million of their own after the reset, just like all the others.

    This is my what if…EVERY MILLIONAIRE? story. If it doesn’t resonate with you, please, move on to others. Or add to it.
    P.S .: People who cherish freedom should run away from UBI – universal basic income – that is tied to your social credit score (“value”) and is meant to enslave you permanently and fully. If money is to be given (must be printed) for free to everyone, than it should come in one big chunk and not as monthly allowances.

  10. Walter J Smith says:

    Gregory Bateson spelled out in 1975 how our human epistemology has been increasingly for centuries crashing into our evolution. As if to prove part of that ‘status quo conservative’ epistemology, some comments indicate a radical unwillingness to even consider that looking only backwards may not help us all we need to be helped taking our next steps. Having presented the basic constitution of the Great Reset now taking that old epistemology to even more backward-looking insanity, it is charming to see those backward lookers insist they are doing the better science. For the talk by Bateson, go here: It was delivered in 1975, in New York, as part of the Lindisfarne Lectures: Those are now kept at Schumacher University, London. Let us be patient with the backwards fixations; they, too, need the space to learn how to turn their heads away from tools and theories and concepts that now prove themselves insurmountably destructive.

  11. Holly Wiley says:

    Thank God for Alison McDowell.. We need to get her work out to EVERYONE.. they are using technology to control us.. Alison, have u ever heard of reverse speech?? The CIA invited David Oates to give a lecture and they literally kicked him out of the country because he discovered their codeword for Desert Storm which was Simone he has a YouTube channel and I don’t think he’s very hard to get a hold of. I believe that this tactic is something that we could use against them, knowing their next move.. David Oates latest video has all of the documents and everything in that video he’s been doing it for years it is his baby. And I recently did a reverse speech on Joe and you can clearly hear him say that somebody is a loser and a jerk. I just think we really need to do what Dan Bongino says to do to use their tactics against them Thank u

  12. David says:

    Brilliant piece. Thank you. I appreciate reading others’ take on it because I have listened and read Alison’s work multiple times until it clicked, but it is still a little tricky to explain to other people.

    Speaking of sharing Alison’s work with other people, I did so with a friend who is a grade 3 teacher and father of two very young girls. What he wrote back after watching Alison’s second presentation in Utah, the Life on the Ledger video she made, and reading her Blockchain Education article will be hard to swallow for most of us, but it is not surprising to me (knowing him well). I am sharing this to help like-minded folks like us understand an example of the mindset of one person we are trying to “reach”. I am not sharing this to hurt anyone’s feelings or troll for an emotional response, but acknowledge his opinion is certainly capable of triggering such responses. I would like to use it as feedback that we can use to strategically alter our approach. Here it is:

    “McDowell talks about shit she has no understanding of. And then draws a ton of lines. She is the dunning Kruger effect.
    As for being authentic. I don’t think that has any bearing if you are in over your head.

    She has little understanding of what blockchain is and the power it creates to retain our privacy not catalog it. Defi or decentralized finance will free us from the “oligarchs” allowable by peer to peer connection and trading of finances and skills without government intermediaries. She poopoos having to continually learn and update your skills to be relevant. She scares people away from UBI which will allow people to do passion work and not joe jobs to pay the bills.

    Government will accrue data. Yes. That is what it does. It’s not always for Nefarious purposes. What society do we want? An 18th century one where freedom and privacy are maxed out but it is pretty much you are on your fucking own, you have to work to live and it’s a cruel world baby or do we want the future (it’s inevitable anyway) of smart societies where based on data and real world actions of people our hospitals, schools, supermarkets, energy use, everything is consistently being improved to be more efficient allowing us more and more leisure time? Humanity is ever progressing. Even if we are serfs, rising tides lift all boats and it has never been better to be one. I just see McDowell as a conspiracy minded Luddite but I have only watched that one video and read a few wrench in the gears articles. Maybe there is something there but I’m not gonna sift it out.

    The truth is you better put some of your eggs in the blockchain basket cause it is the future and you may as well reap some if the financial rewards that go with it. The tech revolution will make people a lot of cash. Take a look at the market cap of all those crypto companies Binance, Cardano, etherium, and more. They are ready to sky rocket and the layer 2 solution coming next year for etherium will just improve the processing power of everything 100 fold. I don’t understand it all but it will be huge. Can’t fight it.

  13. Holly wiley says:

    Alison, I shared this to the smartest person I know and he has over 530,000 subs on YouTube it is my favorite channel suspicious observers Ben Davidson, He said with claims like this that he would like to see some links and over 100 NASA scientist and professors watch his channel

  14. Gezzah Potts says:

    Two words Alison: Thank You. I must admit, I’m a bit of a technophobe, and struggle to understand technological terms, however I am very aware of the technofascist horror the 0.01% have planned for us, viz the Great Reset and Fourth Industrial Revolution, and this article spelt it out crystal clear for me.
    Vaccine passports are now being rolled out – even in places like Manitoba.
    I can see what’s coming. It’s literally on the horizon now.

  15. tasykes says:

    “Holding freedom and liberty to ransom by making our inalienable rights including property ownership, education, banking, work, travel, housing and special movement and access privileges conditional on the acceptance of medical interventions with potentially devastating consequences for our health, personal agency and bodily autonomy”

    Pray for those trapped by the expanded lockdown in the UK. We are not separate in this struggle by borders.

  16. con says:

    Well, “they” thoroughly denigrate the old normal -which most people want back – while stampeding towards a new normal which they are careful not to define too clearly. This near future dystopian project seems more than likely, advanced in incremental steps.
    A shattering article – hope it can be made to fail. Thanks for drawing attention to it.

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