Hey Liberation Lovers – Register for “The Next Big Thing XVIII” Today!

The following tongue-in-cheek post was written by a dear friend who shared it with me to cheer me up. They agreed to let me share it with you. It really cuts through the BS.

Please share far and wide.

May 2022 be the year of clear, coherent thinking!


Happy New Year, and welcome to the Year 2024!

We would like to invite you to attend the 18th iteration of our amazing, once-in-a-lifetime LIBERATION EVENT and to join with other amazing, like-minded individuals to become part of our amazing growing community of amazing LIBERATION LOVERS!

Our upcoming amazing virtual event is called:


Sign up for the Early Bird Platinum Package and get a special discounted rate of only $300K.
(Or 300,000 BTC, we know, it sucks about that recent Bitcoin price crash, doesn’t it?)

Enjoy expert speakers on the following amazing topics:

digital child labor: a growing form of self-expression and discovery for pre-teens

revisiting the concepts of “agency,” “self-sovereign,” and “consensual” (and redefining, if necessary)

universal crypto/blockchain technology/CBDC/UBI

decentralized, secure, interoperable full-spectrum surveillance (via drone surfboards, where necessary)

secretly advancing the WHO/WEF/UN’s agenda (whatever they currently advocate, at any given moment) while publicly pretending to oppose them

gaming/VR/AR/military encroachment on society–including poor black, brown, and “reservation” kids–and passing it off as “in the best interest of the kids and their families”

12-year olds: how to support your favela family on $1/day via 12-hour shifts of “first-person shooter gaming” (with 1 bathroom/meal break included)

how to artificially generate demand for increased use of toxic, unproven pharmaceuticals to “treat” non-existent viruses

the ethics of withholding compulsory “diagnostic” QR, blockchain-based daily testing

how to silence critics with vicious insults, ad hominem, obfuscation, and/or by “circling the wagons”

We welcome you, and all of the other amazing members of our amazing community to “Liberation Land,” where the dream endures, ad infinitum (ad nauseum?), now in our 5th Year of bringing you the most amazing liberation-related content.


Are we liberated yet?

There is only one way to find out.

We hope you will join us.

In truth, solidarity, ascension, light and love,

Liberation Land Co-Hosts (and their sponsors, WEF/WHO/UN/etc.)


If that leaves you chuckling, as it did me, but also feeling like you need a shower, the words of John Trudell are a potent antidote.

I couldn’t embed the original from Jaguar Bird’s 2018 work, so I screenshot it and uploaded it to the blog. It is an excellent compilation and well worth sharing. You can find the original here.



5 thoughts on “Hey Liberation Lovers – Register for “The Next Big Thing XVIII” Today!

  1. Simone Streeter says:

    This was so cathartic, please thank your friend for me.

    I am not a close follower of yours, but after reading your post with Derrick Broze’s statements on ‘child sovereignty,’ I called and left a voicemail for Catherine Austin Fitts. I’m a mother, and grandmother, and work for a bank. I have big decisions to make in the near future, I think.

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