New Video! Greater Reset III Wrap Up – Opportunity Youth, Metaverse Labor

Jason Bosch and I had a long conversation last Saturday, a follow up to my first presentation on Derrick Broze’s support for child labor and child sovereignty.  This discussion features content from over 180 slides, which can be accessed here. In addition to addressing the Derrick Broze support for child labor issue, we cover several other contentious topics, including growing support for “early treatment” protocols in the resistance movement and pay for success finance for new uses for “repurposed drugs.” The second half of our conversation digs into the military origins of the video gaming industry, use of “serious games” for simulation and social control, tracking of education credentials on blockchain, and how skills badging fuels the creation of SIMs (substrate independent minds), a concept being advanced by transhumanists.

I’m planning to reunite with Jason and Lynn Davenport in Salt Lake City during the second half of March. We’re excited to do more field work together! See our Austin excursions here. Also on tap is attending the 2022 gathering of the Mormon Transhumanist Association. Their focus this year is on decentralization / blockchain. Should be interesting. Click the photo to see what other speakers they have lined up.

One of the top places on our transmutation list is Alta Ski Resort where the ARPANET was sketched out in 1968, and the Human Genome Project was planned in 1984. If you have any small natural offerings you’d like for me to take, you can mail them to me this month: Alison McDowell 852 N 24th St Philadelphia, PA 19130.

Be advised, this is a long presentation, just a little under five hours. You may want to break it into parts. The first section addresses Derrick Broze and the issue around child labor and gaming. The second part covers some of the speakers at the event and touches on issues around “early treatment” and pay for success finance of repurposed drugs. I then move on to civic gaming followed by impact investing in opportunity youth, education on blockchain, and advancement of transhumanism through mindfiles and skills-based mastery transcripts. I wish you stamina and hope you find it informative.

This is a time for clarity. Any resistance movement that is not prepared to protect children, especially vulnerable ones, from digital predation has lost its way. Few people know the things I know. It’s not because they aren’t smart, but rather their life experience hasn’t yet put these issues on their radar. I feel it is my responsibility to speak, to be an advance scout. I try to tell people what lies ahead and alert as to them where the traps are. I hold a moral compass as best I can. I know I can be pointed and prickly. Subtlety is not my strong suit, but you have to understand I feel we have so little time. For me the direct approach is best. We’re human; we make mistakes. We can learn and do better. The content of this presentation is a lot to hold. It’s heavy. Take your time. Absorb this information knowing that life stands with life. The dominators’ victory is not a foregone conclusion. Keepers of natural life will find a way.



7 thoughts on “New Video! Greater Reset III Wrap Up – Opportunity Youth, Metaverse Labor

  1. Michael Brownstein says:

    Thank you yet again, Alison, for all you do….Yes, it’s true not many people are aware of this — no surprise given the built-in distraction/destruction culture which people are carrying around in their heads. I’m reminded of the movie Don’t Look Up, I think Adam McKay wasn’t aware of the level of what he pulled off with it. It shows where we’re “at”

  2. Dan says:

    This is one of the most important discussions I have listened to over these past two years. Absolutely crucial analysis. I am stunned at how well this fits my sneaking suspicions about characters such as Robert Malone, Peter McCullough, etc.

  3. krista says:

    Greetings! We have connected before via email. I digitally sent you Grammy mantis’s secret recipe for the antidote as well as the poster for an outdoor street theater production of a medicine show I’m working on in rural Utah.

    I grew up near Alta ski resort and I know those mountains well. It’s about a 3 1/2 hour one way drive to you, but I would be willing to meet you and make offerings with you. As well as share more about the history of the area.

    If this is of interest, please do let me know. I can also share with you what is being done out here in the Utah Wild West as part of the resistance.

    Thank you kindly,

  4. Jeffrey+Strahl says:

    At almost five hours, this video is a huge time commitment, but totally worth it, jump right in. I’m about 2 hours in, real. Excellent explanation of how so many defenders of Broze tried to make the criticism be about a dislike of “libertarianism” rather than his approval of (digital) child labor, something which he has denied before reiterating it. As if he thinks we can’t understand what he is saying, or if he cannot see the contradiction. And the stuff out of RFK Jr’s book involving other “resistance” celebrities such as Robert Malone, Peter McCullough,… is hair raising. They are blatantly asserting that there has been a deadly pandemic raging around the world and that they have a strategy for dealing with it in a better way, and people, including many who know better than to say that there has been a pandemic, continue to support them. Celebrity culture, “resistance”-style, makes people unable to find their way out of a paper bag. People who are asymptomatic are to be tested and “treated,” even though they have no symptoms, even though there has never been a virus that’s actually been isolated, which makes one wonder what they are being “tested” for!! Not to mention tracing. Very disturbing.

  5. Amy Harlib says:

    BRAVA ALISON! I have been banned from Twitter for life for daring to share the truth about C-19 and 5G being part of the predator globalist technocrat elite agenda for total slavery. Keep up the good work!

  6. Cliff Gomes says:

    Wonderful Alison.
    You’re an amazing researcher and a powerful educator. I’ve learned so much following your work. Thank you for the effort, the determination, clarity, commitment and Im so very glad you’re here with us. Big hug!

  7. Denny Kirk says:

    Thank you Alison and Jason. Both of you are amazing people.

    The sadest and most disturbing thing for me is to realize that our whole humanity is being threatened. The most sacred aspect of our lives, our spirituality, is slowly being erased by greed and corporate violence. Since there will be No Room for spirituality in the future it will also mean that there will be No Room for Love as well.

    Alison, you are a light and a guide toward Truth. Thank you and Peace.

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