Jason Bosch Hosts Alison in Denver, CO March 30 7pm at Skytheory


Welcome to the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The world’s global order is being radically transitioned but into what? Every aspect of society is being ripped apart and rebuilt.  Come learn about the new system being installed and its implications with mother and researcher Alison McDowell and host Jason Bosch of ArgusFest.

I’ve spent over 20 years studying power trying to understand why we’re in such a difficult situation and why things keep getting worse. Learning about the monetary system was a huge leap forward in my understanding and more recently, learning about the “Fourth Industrial Revolution” has been another major jump in my process. Alison McDowell has played a significant role furthering my understanding. In my view, the research she is doing and the connections she is making are absolutely critical to comprehend if we are to truly resist what is coming. While many are focused on certain aspects and implementations of this “Great Reset,” few are looking at this new system as a whole and how the parts interconnect. Many are even unwittingly promoting alternative paths marketed as liberation but still lead towards the same outcome. It is my hope that conversations on these topics expand. This discussion with Alison is a great opportunity to connect with others and to explore more in depth the challenges we are all facing today and in the coming years. I hope you will join us.

Under the cover of covid, climate crisis, economic crash, and military conflict, a new digital empire is being constructed around us. Even the concept and design of money itself is being replaced. In this new empire, abundance and freeDOM will mostly only exist in digital space. What privileges you are granted, digitally or physically, will be determined by your ability to compete and your willingness to comply with A.I. enforced rules and mandates. Witnessing profound injustices in her home town of Philadelphia led Alison to research this new digital system of domination. She will be sharing her experiences and knowledge as well as taking your questions.

Wednesday, March 30th

7:00 PM


3435 Wynkoop St.

Denver, CO 80216

The Lot at Rhino – use alley entrance. Park on the street or at Zeppelin Station.

Food will be provided by Phoenician Kabob.

The event is free but donations are greatly appreciated.


4 thoughts on “Jason Bosch Hosts Alison in Denver, CO March 30 7pm at Skytheory

  1. Stephaney+Kipple says:

    Hello Alison,

    Thank you for the work that you do! Just wanted to point out some highlights from https://www.worldgovernmentsummit.org/events/2022/agenda that I thought that you should be aware of. “AI Powering Child Safety” “SDGs for Every Child” “Infrastructure of Tomorrow: How Governments Can Build Safe, Smart and Digital Havens” . The agenda provided me with a nauseated physical reaction. Thought I would share. Can’t wait to hear more about your Santa Barbara work. I hope that you can make it out here to Silicon Valley someday for a teach-in.

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