Ritual Gaming and 53 Degree Podcast Debut – Synthetic Pretenders Part 4B

This is Part 4-B in the Synthetic Pretenders series examining the proposed CaliforniaTrust Framework within the context of synthetic biology, eugenics, and the Spanish mission system. 

Part One: Scientific Management, Robo-Bees, and Digital Babies

Part Two: Apocalypse, Mind Files, and Interplanetary Promises

Part Three: Radio-Eugenics and Holographic Twins

Part Four: Ritual Gaming and Berggruen’s Transformation of the Human

I know a lot of folks appreciate it when I do shorter talks, and this one is right around an hour. It’s the first episode of Raul Diego’s 53 Degree podcast in affiliation with Silicon Icarus, and Leo and I had a great time with it. Our discussion expands upon some of the themes I shared in yesterday’s post, “Ritual Gaming and Berggruen’s Transformation of the Human.”

There’s a relatively small number of us working to interrogate emergent systems of techno-enclosure in the context of digital colonization. I encourage you to subscribe to Raul’s channel’s Silicon Icarus where this episode is located and Inspired Ground, his other channel featuring an intriguing selection of street musicians and updates for his upcoming documentary “In the Beginning Was The Song” that explores the murky flip side of Austin’s music scene during pandemic lockdowns. Support his work here and here.

Leo Saraceno, an expert in blockchain technologies, has joined Raul and me in critiquing its applications, especially in the social finance arena. In this podcast we discuss the push to tokenize and gamify life and our relationships with nature to make social “transactions” more visible to the machine. Central to this discussion is Curve Lab’s “Interspecies Game” of Oracles and Sigils and the recent LED-lighting of the Queen’s Jubilee Beacon, the “Tree of Trees.”

Episode No.1 Summary – Featuring Alison McDowell and Leo Saraceno.

In this episode, Alison McDowell and Leo Saraceno discuss the implications of “interspecies currency” and bio-informational engineering in the context of efforts to gamify our interaction with nature in the emerging data economy. Alison and Leo break down the systems, symbols and organizations involved in this must-watch, maiden episode of the 53˚ Degree.

Episode No.1

Chapters: 0:00

Intro 1:16 Decentralization

2:30 Giraffes on the Blockchain

5:15 Sensors in the Grass 13:10

The Queen’s DNA 18:00

Deutsche Telekom

Pink 24:58

Track & Trace & Stake 31:10

Oracles and Sigils 36:10

Pseudo Religion 41:45

Colonial Garden Tools 54:41

Data Ownership vs Data Privacy 1:00:29

Lord of the (Data) Flies 1:11:40

Re-Minting Eugenics Show Notes:

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Alison McDowell

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Leo Saraceno

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