Techno-Makeover of the Third Sector: Laura Arrillaga Andreessen Godmother of Silicon Valley Social Entrepreneurship

This presentation is a follow up to the one Jason, Lynn, and I did deconstructing the Joe Rogan / Marc Andreessen interview last month. You can watch that here. Laura Arrillaga, Marc’s wife, established policy infrastructure around data-driven philanthropy and social innovation in the Bay Area starting in the late 1990s through her ties to Stanford, SV2, the Hoover Institute, and the Silicon Valley Community Foundation. In the first half of the presentation I ended up spending a good deal of deal time analyzing the feature image of a paper Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen wrote for the Stanford Social Innovation Review on disruptive technology and how it exemplifies Jacob Moreno’s sociograms, Robert Hartman’s “Human Value Profile,” and Piritim Sorokin’s “Creative Altruism” combined with Theosophist Fritz Kunz’s insights into complexity theory and crystallography. The second half of the presentation uses quotes from the article to reveal the truth about the predatory nature of tech-driven “philanthropy,”

Slideshare here.