Eve’s Fabulous Social Impact Finance Zine – Please Share!

For years I’d hoped someone with an artistic inclination would come along to translate themes of cybernetic control, empire, and global finance into a format that was more accessible to the general public than my long-form essays and presentations. Yesterday that dream came true. I met Eve at an info-picket outside the Philadelphia School District last year. In the months that followed she distilled an incredible amount of information into a visually-rich and evocative eighteen-page zine on smart contract life, social impact finance, and the Internet of Everything. I hope you will consider saving this PDF, sharing it with your networks, and perhaps even printing hard copies.

This information needs to be in wide circulation. Click here for a link to print or share Eve’s “New Normal” at best quality, or here for a lower-resolution PDF you should be able to send by email.

Now translated into Japanese! Compressed PDF here. Better quality here.

Jason and I made a video this week talking about it.

Thank you Eve.
































14 thoughts on “Eve’s Fabulous Social Impact Finance Zine – Please Share!

  1. Guido says:

    I can’t send the PDF through the email. The file size is too large at 38.MB
    Would be great if it were just a hare below 25MB.
    Other than that, it is freaking fabulous !!
    I am going to forward the email to everyone, that way they can download it themselves, but without “Cloud” service, they won’t be able to spread it through email either.

  2. Michael says:

    Thank you, Alison and Eve, for your brilliant collaboration which has produced something easily digestible by even the simplest minds (such as mine!). They say one picture is worth a thousand words and here’s the tangible proof. Great stuff!

  3. Ryan says:

    This is really useful. I am grateful to Eve for creating it. I’ll share it as far and wide as I can. Thank you, Eve.

  4. Petra Bucenieks says:

    Certainly worth 1111101000 words. But we need a director’s cut à la Gene Roddenberry — featuring the Zeta ETs bringing their silicon based digital technology to the planet’s resident Repti Controllers which enabled trapping human souls in the Metaverse, aka the Alien Mind Matrix.

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