John Trudell’s “Peace” – We are not “files.”

This week someone described me as a file that had been closed, annotated, and archived. In this (relatively) short video I compare the cybernetic circle with the dynamic spiral. Promises of stability and homeostasis are set against uncertainty with possibility. It draws upon themes I raised today in my discussions with Jason and Leo on parametric insurance contracts and risk profiling Mother Nature. I try to make the case for the spiral as we make our way to a hopefully less transactional and more reciprocal future. I did this as a clearing of any intentions, conscious or unconscious, meant to contain me in digital amber. I am a dynamic, evolving force, and I have more waves to make before my time is up.

I also read from John Trudell’s poetry book “Lines From A Mined Mind.”

The poem I read was “Peace,” but not Ervin Laszlo’s homeostatic variety, an authentic peace from the heart.



Word thought consciousness

Only way to live


Man woman brother sister

Remember caring love



People leading kind lives

Leaders aren’t leader people are


Embrace obligations to truth

Give each generation strong hoops



Our relations all of life

Harmony in all living things


Proclamation is not enough

Our responsibility  emancipate earth



Our balance   channel our flow

Determination in human energy

PeacePast is current to future

We are stronger than we appear



Warmaker so far out of balance

He can’t help but fall


We come from the beginning

A world with no end



PS – A bit on the crystal peridot or olivine.

“Peridot is a popular stone for protection against difficulties and negativity. It is also often used to strengthen and purify the physical and energetic bodies. Peridot is considered a very joyful, warm, friendly stone that can ease anger and jealousy as well as encourage open-heartedness. It is also a stone of abundance and gratitude, and can help us to acknowledge and invite abundance, both material and spiritual, in our lives. Peridot is also helpful when it comes to recognizing patterns that have been causing blocks, so that you can move past them. In addition, peridot can help you to trust your own inner voice and become less attached to the guidance of others outside of you.”

2 thoughts on “John Trudell’s “Peace” – We are not “files.”

  1. kocotube01 začasni says:

    My eyes say it: Sin!
    I stays in my eyes

    I love my car now.
    When small, I’d love bikes.
    Next love of mine shall be
    … artie called Dykes;

    all-seeing and knowing
    while breathlessly heartless,
    … yet endlessly “loving”.

    What of its gender? Mine artie’s, my my!
    If she is, or he is, or they`ll ruse my sigh?

    It shan’t be a thinker, thus won’t be … a I.

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