Mount Lemmon Photo Essay – Plus, Part 3 “We” Read Aloud

This is a follow-up to this morning’s post. Spent a lovely day on Mount Lemmon making hearts and reading from Yevgeny’s Zamyatin’s 1921 novel “We.” The top of the mountain was enveloped in clouds with strong winds. Things got calmer as I worked my way back down the range, taking in the varied ecosystems. Enjoy!

Radio Ridge, Half-Mile from the University of Arizona’s Sky Center, Heart in the Foreground

Heart outlined with the Ti leaf lei gifted to me by my friend is inside the white rock outline. Also note Eve’s shells from Satellite Beach, Florida.

Feathers blowing in the strong wind.

What are you listening to? Today I transmitted love.

Listening to Robin Wall Kimmerer’s “Gathering Moss,” and observing moss on the Butterfly Trail.

Look! Someone else had created a stone heart here. I added to it.

Hearts cut from papery bark held down by tiny stones. Eucalyptus leaves and Nandina berries and marigold petals (the ancestors) between.

Last stop. Last daylight.

Down the mountain with the succulents and grasses.


I narrate some of the photos between the readings in Part 3. Part 1 and Part 2 of “We” here and here.

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